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Algae International Group, Inc.

First became interested in the cannabis opportunity last year while attempting to build a business to produce bio diesel from cold pressed algae oil. While the 'promise' of the cannabis market is great, the path to achieving the 'promise' is unclear. An incubator improves the odds of success in an early and rapidly evolving market by building multiple, complimentary businesses with an initial strategy to explore market opportunity rather than to attempt seizing market opportunity prematurely. Accordingly, the Company is starting with three incubated subsidiaries, and will continue to explore the introduction of additional complimentary subsidiaries. As subsidiaries develop to a viable stage of independence, the Company will spinoff such subsidiaries creating independent ROI opportunities for parent shareholders. ALGA CEO Ed Bollen has a unique background providing a strategic perspective on positioning the Company for a strategic entry into the U.S. hemp sector. Mr.Bollen's resume includes working with law enforcement elements and seeing illegal narcotics interdiction efforts up front and close. This point of view is invaluable when looking at the various hemp markets and in developing a business strategy to capitalize on the hemp legalization momentum at the 'State' level. Mr. Bollen's motto on entering the hemp industryhas been from day one, "as legislatively approved and within the law as set forth by the state and federal mandates". The largest legal hemp grower in the State of Vermont. American Seed & Oil subsequently expanded into medical marijuana cultivation gaining yet further insight into the Cultivators Co-Op strategy. The American Seed & Oil Company has recently announced the Dube Hemp Energy Drink, Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Foods, the EpiVape, and Hempster Clothing.
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