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Alternaturals, Inc.

Will be releasing a product line consisting of products containing hemp, medical marijuana, and many natural substances as alternatives to prescription drugs. 2oz liquid THC shot called 5 Hour High™. Formulated to enter the body though the cells and membranes in the mouth and throat but also to be digested, people consuming 5 Hour High™ will experience the effects of the marijuana fairly quickly, and those effects will last up to five hours, making 5 Hour High™ the most effective, easy to use, and convenient marijuana product in the world. 5 Hour High™ will only be sold in legally licensed dispensaries, in states where marijuana is legal, but it has the promise of being one of the companies most profitable products. Sombium™ is a highly potent sleep aid for those with trouble sleeping. Focamine™ also comes in a capsule and targets ADHD, problems with concentration, and mild memory loss.
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