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AlumiFuel Power Corporation

To Analyze Requirements for Development of Optimized Renewable Energy System to Support Cannabis Cultivation. ...believe they have all requisite technologies in-house to field a system responsive to the needs of cannabis growers, while solving resultant power problems of local utilities. NovoFuel and Genport are conducting a funded analysis to determine the optimal configuration of renewable energy technologies and products to handle the power requirements of marijuana cultivation. The analysis will use sophisticated microgrid modeling tools to assess on and off-grid applications encompassing hydrogen fuel cells, large banks of lithium-ion batteries, solar and mini-wind power sources -- all integrated on a real-time basis by world-class energy management and control systems. Based on the study output, NovoFuel / Genport plan to develop a prototype "plug-and-play" system using NovoFuel / Genport products for installation and testing at a pre-determined location in the U.S. NovoFuel has established contacts in the marijuana growing industry and related electrical energy contractors in implementing this pilot program -- which has the potential to become the industry standard. NovoFuel / Genport expect to field a cost-effective solution with prices that are competitive with traditional fossil-fuel based power systems.
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