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Amazonas Florestal, Inc.

A fully-owned subsidiary titled Amazonas Hemp Ltd. in the State of Colorado, to be headquartered in Denver, that will be dedicated to gaining licensing to plant Hemp on properties that are available for leasing in the vicinity around the city of Pueblo beginning with a pilot project on a 100 acre tract. Amazonas’s CEO Pepper Stebbins, commented that, “We are very enthused to announce this new and exciting business direction that will lead to the addition of USA based assets to our expanding asset base. The planting of decent acreage of Hemp stateside would assure the company stateside revenue that has become a new goal for 2015 that company management is focused on achieving early in the year as this product is planted in late spring and harvest just before the first frost therefore preparations that include licensing, land prep, seed certifications, personnel, logistics and market security have to happen before early April for the business plan to work this year and not have to wait until the 2016 season for planting.” Ricardo Cortez, company Chairman stated that, “Hemp appears to have an enormous potential, the company would now be poised to profit from an activity that grows and brings to markets in the USA and overseas, a raw material now used in a wide variety of products (more than 500 already known worldwide) mostly health products, cosmetics, creams, some medicinal lotions, oils and fibers, many of which are beneficial to human health in one way or another.” Diversified forest product company focused on sustainable forestry practices. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, with timber operations in Brazil, our Company owns large tracks of rainforest land in the Brazilian State of Amazonas, Brazil. The Amazonas rainforest property has been in the families of our management and shareholders for over fifty-years. Amazonas management is committed to sustainable management of the forest and takes great pride in the unique position it has taken as a supplier of hardwood timber to a diversified worldwide customer base. A new subsidiary has been set up which should help the company with its new business direction – growing hemp in the state of Colorado. The management team announced that they are “very enthused” about the idea and said that all they need to do now is: acquire a license / prepare the land / go through the seed certification / process / hire personnel / set up the logistics. The Company changed its name from Ecologic Systems, Inc. to Amazonas Florestal, Ltd. (“AZFL”). AMZO currently owns 90,108 acres of virgin Rain Forest (141 square miles), known as Fazenda Jatuarana, located in Amazonas, Brazil. The AMZO business strategy will include the harvesting and extraction of timber, both from the Fazenda Jatuarana and third-party land, and the production of quality wood products such as lumber, flooring and decking, all while maintaining Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) practices.
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