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Artificial Life, Inc

MYRY partnership to deploy mobile medical applications to be used in the Medical Marijuana industry. "Our first quarter trip to Germany allowed the company the opportunity to connect with Artificial Life and identify this tremendous opportunity whereby Myriad will be building a new series of medical applications, starting with the medical cannabis sector," said Ivany. Artificial Life has seen tremendous success in the mobile app market and had great success in the mobile application sector where their apps have collectively reached over 70 million downloads. The foundation behind these mobile applications translate into a massive code repository whereby Myriad has formed a licensing agreement to utilize the code repository which also includes mobile core and development engines which complement our ongoing entry into the mobile gaming space. Myriad will save a significant amount of money on future developments and the company is extremely pleased with the opportunity to work with Artificial Life. We act as a global business network provider and facilitator for our investment companies, assisting them in their funding efforts, licensing, sales, production, and general business development activities. We also act as an investment scout identifying and analyzing investment targets for clients and help partners to develop their business globally with a strong focus on Asia.
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