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Avalanche International Corp.

Manufacturer and distributor of eLiquids for the burgeoning eVapor marketplace. The Company manufactures its signature brand of eLiquid, Smith and Ramsay, a line that features all natural flavors and will be produced in an environment formerly FDA approved. The Company's goal is to maintain a high standard of quality including to always insure that the environment, processes and procedures continue to meet or exceed guidelines of the FDA, and are in line with ISO and cGMP standards. Avalanche International Corporation is a Nevada corporation and holding company currently with one wholly owned subsidiary, Smith and Ramsay Brands, LLC AVLP is working to position itself deeply in the eVapor segment of the Vape marketplace with plans to emerge as a market leader in a sector that has made it a requirement of retailers and others to offer a variety of flavors, nicotine levels and other attributes to produce a unique and customized experience for the consumer. The Company's thesis is as the market expands and matures there will be a natural increasing consumer demand for better quality products and an even broader variety of flavors and aromas appetizing to the growing and diverse audience. This same diverse audience will seek the same conveniences that other marketplaces have and is poised to exploit that future demand. “we look forward to working with other brands to capture market share, grow our consumer base which brings added exposure to any product line and expand the reach of what Vape Nation will consider to be great products and the best values available for the vape community,”
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