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Bedrocan Cannabis Corp.

Licensed producer under Canada's Marijuana for medical purposes regulations, engaged in importing and distributing pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis to registered patients in Canada. Bedrocan strives to develop and deliver the full medical potential of the cannabis plant to those in need worldwide.<br><br> Our Mission: To be a bridge between patients’ needs for cannabis and the quality standards of modern medicine.<br><br> Our Core Values<br><br> Regulatory Compliance<br><br> Our business activities are supported by licenses and standardized procedures that are in full compliance with the laws and regulations at every applicable level.<br><br>Commitment to Science <br><br> Our work is evidence-based and grounded in science. From cultivation techniques and developing new varieties, to clinical trials and studying patient preferences, advancing the scientific understanding of cannabis is the core of our work. We initiate our own research projects, pursue collaborations, and supply the tools for studies by independent scientists.<br><br> Sustainability<br><br> We are committed to social, environmental, and economic sustainability. <br><br> Social – We strive to foster a good quality of life for our employees and provide an open and accountable governance structure. Through education and engagement with the communities where we work, we promote connectedness and fairness among all stakeholders.<br><br> Environmental – We work to go above and beyond the highest environmental standards out of respect and consideration for our local and global communities. We use renewable energy sources, minimize product input, and recycle where we can.<br><br> Economic – We are focused on responsible, sustainable economic growth. Wherever possible, we strive to produce our products locally, strengthening the workforce and the bio-based economy of the region.<br><br> Transparent communication<br>We believe in open and respectful communication within our company and with our patients and stakeholders. All opinions have value, and we believe that dialogue and communication lead to cooperation and trust. Patients’ perspectives are important to us. In addition, people have a right to know about our work. We are always open to questions and comments, and encourage interaction with the public.<br><br> Quality <br><br> To us, quality means adhering to the highest regulatory standards for producing pharmaceutical plant products while respecting the expectations of users of our products. We breed our varieties to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. We take great care in plant cultivation and processing. Our products have a consistent composition and meet Health Canada’s requirements to be free from contamination, including pesticides, mold, bacteria, and heavy metals. History<br><br>In 2011, Bedrocan BV, a Dutch company, was invited to Ottawa by Health Canada to comment on Canada’s new regulations for medicinal cannabis, the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). Since the Netherlands has an established medicinal cannabis framework, we came away from this meeting with a sense that Canadian producers, patients, and healthcare professionals could benefit from the knowledge and experience Bedrocan BV had developed producing medicinal cannabis in Europe. We decided to look more closely into how we could provide Canadians access to high quality standardized medicinal cannabis. This led to our decision to work with Canadian management to establish a company in Canada to work under the newly established regulatory (MMPR) framework.<br><br>Bedrocan Canada is a joint venture between “Bedrocan BV” of the Netherlands and “Bedrocan Canada Inc”, a Canadian start-up with extensive knowledge and experience in the use of cannabis and cannabinoids in clinical practice.<br><br>Bedrocan Canada will contribute to the needs of Canadian patients by providing access to our varieties of standardized medicinal cannabis under a federally regulated environment, and by using science to address the real concerns of Canadian patients and health care practitioners. Bedrocan is about raising the expectations of what it means for cannabis to be truly “medicinal.” In this way, we will work together to bridge the gap with science to better serve the needs of patients and meet the regulatory demands of modern medicine. History in Europe<br><br>For over 10 years, Bedrocan BV has worked with universities, industry, government, and NGO partners in the Netherlands and around the world to conduct the genetic, botanical, chemical, and social research necessary to help cannabis meet the regulatory demands of modern medicine.<br><br>Bedrocan BV has its roots in the North of the Netherlands, an area with a long history of agricultural achievements. Founded in 1984, we first specialized in the indoor, standardized growth of vegetables and herbs. It wasn’t until the late 1990′s when we began our first experiments in growing medicinal-grade cannabis under federal license.<br><br>In 1998, the Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport noticed patients purchasing cannabis from popularly known “coffeeshops”, where recreational use has been tolerated since the 1970′s. The Minister was concerned over the lack of quality control, and believed the “bar” atmosphere did not serve the medical needs of patients. In response, she proposed an official program whereby pharmaceutical-grade cannabis could be prescribed by doctors and dispensed through pharmacies.<br><br>In 2003, after a thorough screening by Dutch authorities, Bedrocan BV was contracted by the Dutch Ministry of Health’s newly-formed Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC) to produce different strains for patients and researchers. Other European countries soon created similar programs and requested a regular supply of cannabis from the only source in Europe that met the required medical standards.<br><br>Today, the Dutch government remains the only source in the world for medicinal-grade cannabis that is exported for patient use in full compliance with international laws and regulations.
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