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Brazil Resources Inc.

Mr. Cowan has been retained to facilitate the Company entering into the rapidly expanding medical cannabis research and development industry. Cowan's valuable experience, knowledge, and relationships will be instrumental with completing negotiations with a privately-owned California group to acquire the rights to its intellectual property and to assemble a management team with expertise in the field. Cowan will also develop a comprehensive business plan to determine the level of financing required to develop new medical cannabis products. Works with World Authorities on phytocannabinoid science targeting critical illnesses. Adhering to scientific methodologies to develop, produce, and commercialize phytocannabinoid based pharmaceutical products. Mr. Cowan's archives also represent one of the most comprehensive resources for scholars studying the development of the medical cannabis controversy and marijuana reform movement from late 1997 to 2006. is now a part of, for which he will continue to contribute commentary. Emerging biotechnology leader specializing in the commercialization of medical cannabis-based pharmaceutical products. On October 20, 2008, Dynamic Alert Limited entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with Cannex Therapeutics LLC, a California limited liability company (“Cannex”), whereby Dynamic Alert agreed to purchase all of Cannex’s rights titles and interests in Cannex’s cannabis research and development business. The assets to be purchased includes but is not limited to Cannex’s website, client base, all hardware and software, intellectual property, billing system and all rights, properties, patents, trademarks and formulas pertaining to Cannex’s cannabis research and business. All assets to be acquired under this agreement are to free of all liabilities, contingent liabilities, encumbrances or obligations. Cannex agreed that following the sale of its assets to Dynamic Alert that neither it nor its affiliates will compete in the cannabis research and development business. Under the Asset Purchase Agreement, Dynamic agreed to issue to Cannex 1 million restricted shares of its common stock as consideration for the assets of Cannex. As a condition to the closing of the agreement with Cannex, Dynamic is to enter into management agreements with Mr. Steve W. Kubby and Dr. Richard Melamede whereby each are to be elected to the Board of Directors of Dynamic and Mr. Kubby will be named Dynamic’s President and dr. Melamede will be appointed as Director of Research & Development.
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