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Breathe Ecig Corp

CBD e-cigarette. Research and development company in Knoxville, Tennessee with the mission to develop a better e-cigarette than was available on the market from both a socially responsible and flavor perspective. Now holding multiple patents (pending) for its groundbreaking product, Breathe OTCQB (BVAP), is not your typical e-cig manufacturer. With a commitment to remaining socially responsible through innovative product development, consumer outreach and education, Breathe is the first socially responsible company in the vaporization industry. agreement to co-develop and co-commercialize a new cannabidiol (CBD) e-cigarette. This new product will utilize Breathe's patent pending, proprietary device that dispenses a measured and consistent amount of active ingredient per puff and that also features an optional childproofing device. Tauriga will be responsible for the active ingredient and will source and qualify the CBD oil and will formulate the contents of the pre-filled cartridges and refill units. Tauriga and Breathe will share the net profits equally from the CBD e-cigarette product line. “ We also have the ability to quickly expand our CBD e-cigarette product line by incorporating Breathe's organic and natural flavors and advanced vapors developed in an FDA-certified factory."
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