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Buildablock Corp.

Added a "virtual boutique" dedicated to Medical and Adult Use Marijuana products and services to its innovative, proprietary "Crowd-Buying / Crowd-Selling" platform (group discounts, wish lists, online negotiations), Gary Oberman, BABL's President, stated, "We believe to be the first online Crowd-Buying/Crowd-Selling platform focused on the legal adult and recreational use marijuana retailers located in Colorado and Washington State, as well as head shops and medical marijuana dispensaries in the various states where those activities are legal. Also, we are striving to position ourselves as first online co-op, as a means of leveling the playing field such that the industries' little guys will be better able to compete with the big boys." Mr. Oberman also noted that he expects that, with BABL's current team, the company will be able to generate significant revenues and capture significant market share from this new area of opportunity, given the explosive growth in the various aspects of the marijuana industry.
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