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CannLabs, Inc.

Leader in cannabis innovation, science and technology, is a trusted testing service for an ever-expanding base of clients. In addition to testing, the company offers real-time data analytics, product benchmarking capabilities, cultivation advice and education, and consulting and reformulation services. solutions provider with intellectual property, proprietary cloud-based analytics and scientific methods to serve the cannabis industry. Through Carbon Bond Holdings Inc., CannLabs provides laboratories with the necessary business intelligence technology and other solutions required to serve the cannabis industry, and these include the first state-licensed laboratory in Denver, Colorado. CannLabs enables growers, dispensaries and edible makers to implement best practices while furthering product advancements. In addition, the CannLabs website allows consumers to easily locate certified tested products to meet their specific needs. CannLabs has been at the forefront of educating the public, in addition to state and local governments as more states legalize marijuana for various uses. The Company provides client education around safe cultivation, identifying contamination problems, consulting on legal cases and the reformulation of cannabis products, throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Company plans to license their solutions to new labs and other cannabis companies in states and provinces as legislation and testing mandates for legalization are approved. This will allow the Company to further scale its data analytics and consulting business across a broader geographic area. In addition, the CannLabs team will focus on research and development which will further drive value for their customers and provide incremental revenue opportunity. 12-month exclusive national agreement to provide testing services for Dixie Elixirs and Edibles, one of America’s first revolutionaries in THC-infused edibles, topicals and tinctures. “We are dedicated to helping companies ensure their cannabis products meet all mandated requirements for health and safety plus so much more including consulting,” said Genifer Murray, CEO of CannLabs. “Dixie is well-known for its outstanding products and has been testing with us for years, well before testing was mandated. They know that through testing with CannLabs, their customers can continue to be assured that what they purchase consistently meets the high quality standards Dixie has established.”
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