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Cape Lambert Resources Limited

Largest shareholder in IGS with a 24.7% stake. IGS has a 85% interest in Winter Garden Biosciences which is an advanced developer of mass market non-synthetic cannabis products, and is focused on the production of cannabis extracts, derivatives, delivery systems and related intellectual property for sale into the rapidly growing international marketplace for therapeutic medicinal cannabis products. Winter Garden's primary business revenues will be generated from the production and sale of high-potency cannabinoid extracts, specifically cannabidiol (CBD) based extractions. Winter Garden is able to use non-synthesized heirloom hemp and cannabis varieties to produce high-potency extractions, highest purity products that are quantitatively and qualitatively measured and standardised beyond any formulation currently on the market. Another important WG production characteristic is that extracts possess unaltered chemical, terpine and flavonoid profiles conferring significant additional benefits not present in synthetically produced CBDs. WG expects to have an average concentration of 30% CBD by weight. By comparison, North American CBD extracts average less than 20% CBD by weight due to regulatory restrictions on hemp and cannabis production. Winter Garden is fully licensed to export cannabinoid products, including its high-potency CBD extracts. The Company plans to primarily target wholesale distribution partners which have developed CBD based product lines in the United States, Canada and Europe. This includes pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, in addition to companies focused on the marijuana marketplace. Winter Garden will also look at making its products available to retail consumers in North America and Europe which will supplement its wholesale revenues. Winter Garden Biosciences ("Winter Garden" or "WG") operational plans for 2015/2016. WG is a Uruguayan biosciences and pharmaceutical company in which IGS has agreed to acquire an 85% interest (refer ASX announcement dated 1 May 2015). Julian Strauss, the founder of Winter Garden, stated: "The funding received through the proposed acquisition with IGS allows us to immediately begin cultivating our heirloom genetics on over 20 hectares of company owned land, with annual yields from two growing seasons at over 100 kilograms per hectare." Winter Garden is currently in negotiations with global CBD distribution companies regarding distribution agreements for its cannabinoid products and will update the market in due course should these negotiations proceed to a formal outcome. Cape Lambert Resources Limited (ASX: CFE) (Cape Lambert) is an Australian domiciled, fully funded, mineral development company. Cape Lambert has interests in several exploration and mining companies, providing exposure to iron ore, copper, gold, uranium, manganese, lithium and lead-silver-zinc assets in Australia, Europe, Africa and South America.
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