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Compass Diversified Holdings

Manitoba Harvest is a pioneer and global leader in branded, hemp-based foods. The company's products are the fastest growing in the hemp food market and among the fastest growing in the natural foods industry. Manitoba Harvest's award-winning products are currently carried in about 7,000 retail stores across the U.S. and Canada. CODI's initial equity ownership in Manitoba Harvest as a result of the transaction will be approximately 87% on a primary basis. Mike Fata, CEO of Manitoba Harvest; Clif White Road Investments LLC, an existing shareholder; and certain other management team members will re-invest alongside CODI. Lazard Middle Market will act as the exclusive financial advisor to Manitoba Harvest. Manitoba Harvest has developed a strong and defensible market position with a loyal customer base and a substantial presence at major retail and online stores. We are confident that we can further grow market share and continue to offer new innovative hemp-based food products to our customers. “...We will continue to seek opportunities, taking advantage of our financial strength to acquire attractive businesses with a reason to exist that create significant value for our shareholders." CODI owns and manages a diverse family of established North American middle market businesses. Each of its current subsidiaries is a leader in its niche market. “We have increased the number of leading niche industrial and branded consumer businesses we own to 10.” CODI maintains controlling ownership interests in each of its subsidiaries in order to maximize its ability to impact long term cash flow generation and value. The Company provides both debt and equity capital for its subsidiaries, contributing to their financial and operating flexibility. CODI utilizes the cash flows generated by its subsidiaries to invest in the long-term growth of the Company and to make cash distributions to its shareholders. Our nine majority-owned subsidiaries are engaged in the following lines of business: The manufacture of quick-turn, small-run and production rigid printed circuit boards (Advanced Circuits); The design and manufacture of promotionally priced upholstered furniture (American Furniture Manufacturing); The design and manufacture of medical therapeutic support surfaces and other wound treatment devices (Anodyne Medical Device, also doing business and known as Tridien Medical); The manufacture of engineered magnetic solutions for a wide range of specialty applications and end-markets (Arnold Magnetic Technologies); The design and manufacture of personal hydration products for outdoor, recreation and military use (CamelBak Products); Environmental services for a variety of contaminated materials including soils, dredged material, hazardous waste and drill cuttings (Clean Earth); The design and marketing of wearable baby carriers, strollers and related products (Ergobaby); The design and manufacture of premium home and gun safes (Liberty Safe); and The manufacture and marketing of portable food warming fuel and creative table lighting solutions for the foodservice industry (SternoCandleLamp).
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