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Cynapsus Therapeutics Inc.

Co-developing a novel cannabinoid-based product, CAT 320, through a combination of Cannasat’s and IntelGenx’s proprietary drug delivery technologies. Cannasat will leverage IntelGenx’s significant experience in developing unique oral, sublingual, and transdermal formulations. CAT 320 is a product that targets the endocannabinoid system to treat mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. IntelGenx’s expertise will help address the challenges of achieving rapid onset, improving therapeutic efficacy, and minimizing the total dose required to treat disease conditions. Cannasat Therapeutics is researching the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and developing novel cannabinoid pharmaceutical products. Cannasat is pursuing two complementary business strategies. The first consists of development of novel cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products through application of drug delivery technologies to be introduced to the market through the traditional regulatory drug approval process. The second is to promote medicinal cannabis research and education with Cannasat's business partner, Prairie Plant Systems Inc., the sole government licensed grower and distributor of medicinal cannabis in Canada.
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