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Dundee Corporation

Dundee Agricultural Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dundee Corporation, holds a 38.97% interest in Urban Barns. Through its operating subsidiaries, Dundee Corporation is engaged in diverse business activities in the areas of its core competencies including investment advisory and corporate finance, energy, resources, agriculture, real estate and infrastructure. Dundee Corporation also holds, directly and indirectly, a portfolio of investments mostly in these core focus areas, as well as other select investments in both publicly listed and private companies. Urban Barns uses patent pending proprietary cubic farmingTM equipment to produce affordable vegetables in a secure and controlled indoor environment. By setting up subsidiary facilities and growing locally, Urban Barns can focus on supplying any community, irrespective of the regional climate, effectively reducing shipping times and related spoilage costs. Urban Barns plans to scale and cater to the demands of all major communities. The company's commitment to its consumers is reflected through its motto, "Purely Fresh, Naturally Tasty, and Completely Healthy".
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