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Erin Resources Limited

Develop and supply high quality, non-psychoactive Cannabinoid resin extract (“CBD”) to the growing European cosmetics and medical markets. Acquired 100% of the issued capital of Israeli based medical and cosmetic cannabis company, MGC Global Limited (MGC). MGC is an Israel based medical and cosmetics cannabis company, formed in early 2015 to specifically target the global potential of the fast growing medical and cosmetic cannabis markets utilising their industry experience, contacts and exclusive access to a unique CBD genetics strain. MGC holds unique genetics consisting of a strain of “Cannabis Sativa” which comprises of very low Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) at below 0.3% and a very high Cannabidiol (CBD) content in excess of 13%. Due to the unique composition of MGC’s genetics and the competitive advantage of licensing and growing its proprietary strain under a Sativa license, MGC has the potential to operate legally and distribute this unique CBD resin product in over 30 countries globally. MGC are currently advanced in the process to secure a license to grow and produce its unique Cannabis Sativa product in the EU. Once secured, such a license will allow MGC to produce large volumes of CBD resin, to be exported throughout Europe initially and potentially to other global markets in the longer term. Furthermore, discussions are underway for a commercial off take agreement between MGC and a large European distributor to supply CBD resin at attractive current market rates. Skin care is an initial priority market for MGC, as Sativa based products have superior effectiveness given they can penetrate three layers of skin. The CBD business model of MGC is highly scalable with respect to future production volumes and critically requires only low capital investment to support rapid growth. MGC Pharmaceuticals (MGC) granted key commercial licenses to grow, process, import and export Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp) and its products, including Cannabidoil (CBD) resin in Slovenia, Europe. MGC becomes the first ASX related vehicle to be granted a Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp) growing license and licences to sell CBD resin into the European Union (EU). First company in Slovenia to have a license to extract CBD resin on site and sell direct into EU.
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