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Green Growth Holdings, Inc.

Attracting quality Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Partnerships to build its "Ecosystem" operational methodology. Kickin' Grass LLP operates as a holding company buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate in Utah to agricultural-related companies, currently owns and leases a 13,000 (thirteen thousand) square foot commercial warehouse building. Clean 1st LLC produces, markets, and distributes an antimicrobial liquid solution entitled Cannabis Clean that is a complete grow room cleaning system. Finalizing sales/licensing/distribution agreements with several companies that offer products and services to include; Indoor Cultivation Supplies for both Cannabis and Traditional Food Crops to include customized growing racking and irrigation systems; Next Generation WIFI control systems for indoor cultivation that monitors and automatically controls air flow - temperature - humidity levels and irrigation; Modified and customized shipping containers for use as Grow Rooms; Producer of High Efficiency/Low Heat Grow Lighting Systems. In negotiations to acquire two Canadian companies; an established Hemp Cultivator seeking to expand its operations and a Cannabis Cultivator who is fully expecting to be approved within the next two months by Health Canada and should be revenue producing by late 2015/early 2016. In early stages of discussions to include HEMP Infused Alcohol Beverages that will be imported from Canada and distributed through a strategic partner that is a licensed Beverage Alcohol Importer/Distributor. Green Growth Holdings Inc. seeks to create value and inspire optimism by partnering with industry specific companies that share our vision of Green Growth. We value time and skills. Our overall objective is to focus on activities that provide comprehensive consultation resulting in positive growth for our company and our partners.
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