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High Hampton Holdings Corp.

The Herbal Clone Bank Inc. (THC Bank), will provide a full range of services to Licensed Producers (LPs) in the Medical Marihuana sector, with the goal of enhancing profit margins and the LP’s bottom line. Specific services provided include propagation, direct cultivation and sale of purebred cultivars; cloning; and marihuana strain storage. A wholly owned subsidiary of THC Bank, Advanced Greenhouse Technologies (AGT), has ongoing sales of an exclusive brand of greenhouses particularly designed for the industry. It is contemplated that upon a successful conclusion of this transaction, the principals of the target company will join the board of Infinity. THC Bank applied to Health Canada for its LP under the Medical Marihuana Purpose Regulations (MMPR) in November 2013. Cultivates medical marijuana in Canada. Utilizing existing horticultural methods THC Bank provides purebred cultivars ( vegetative state plants) to Licensed Producers, consistent strains of Marihuana at any stage up to flowering. Design and provide leading-edge turnkey greenhouse packages that meet Health Canada security requirements . Harnois — North America largest greenhouse manufacturer: Distribution rights, modern, high-tech customizable greenhouses, turnkey, leading-edge, greenhouse technology, exclusive access to manufacturer
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