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Kaneh Bosm BioTechnolgy Inc.

Eyeing such massive potential revenues the ‘Cannabis Dream Team’ at Kaneh Bosm BioTechnology has structured 3 key verticals to earn a share of those growing revenues. Through assessing our core competencies and the market’s requirements, the executives at Kaneh Bosm elected to pursue an automated Cannabis retail system, the BioCanna ADM, a massive greenhouse flagship Cannabis production center, and a Cannabis production facility engineering and construction division, Kaneh Bosm EPC. BioCanna ADM kiosks: The BioCanna ADM retail system offers a solution to many of the concerns related to controlling access to ensure that only properly identified and qualified clients can obtain marijuana products. With strict regulations in place throughout the North American Cannabis market the BioCanna ADM could offer Cannabis retailers a means to meet and surpass regulated requirements. Signed a non-binding LOI with the Penticton Indian Band Development Corporation ("PIB") for the development of a Joint Venture partnership to pursue a Licensed Producer ("LP") application under Health Canada's Medical Marijuana Production Regulations ("MMPR"). Exploring medical Cannabis opportunities in production and distribution in Canada, USA, and South America. BC Chronic is pleased to inform the public that we are analyzing multiple flagship production locations and are in discussions with several operating groups. Cannabinoid's (CBC's) is a fast growing sector of the medical Marijuana industry that is driven by the high therapeutic potential of this group of natural chemicals to treat major diseases. Our aim is to provide a better way of life for our patiences and users worldwide.
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