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Medipure Holdings Inc.

Biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and marketing novel cannabinoid-based prescription medicines through its subsidiary, Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc. Medipure is creating a network of strategic partnerships with extensive experience in developing cannabinoids, medicines containing controlled substances, as well as plant-based bioactive molecules into prescription pharmaceutical products. Medipure will bring novel prescription medicines to market, providing patients with serious conditions valuable solutions that make a real difference to quality of life. Medipure will also seek to maximize the value of developed products through rapid, cost-effective product development, addressing market needs, and establishing further strategic partnerships as the company matures. The Medipure Cannabinoid Research Centre will perform pharmaceutical research, licensed through the Narcotics Control Regulations and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and will be collaborating with appropriately licensed labs in academic and clinical settings in order to perform its cannabinoid R&D. Medipure has applied to Health Canada for a license to produce and distribute medical marijuana under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. The company has not yet received such a license and there is no guarantee that such a license will be granted to Medipure by Health Canada. However, the pharmaceutical research and development program at Medipure exists independently of a license for the production of marijuana. Filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") for a therapeutic formulation that treats anxiety through the combination of cannabinoids, which is the base of Medipure's MP-20X product line. Plans to develop a considerable portfolio of intellectual property. Objective is to develop more effective options for both doctors and patients - pharmaceutical medications that will not only be better tolerated by people with anxiety and other mood disorders, but also mitigate issues related to drug dependency that are often witnessed in currently available prescription drugs." Developed a proprietary production process and facility design, resulting from numerous trials with a focus on strain identification and development through breeding and cross breeding programs. Our proprietary production methodology is a result of over two decades of evaluating aeroponics, aquaponics, in-vitro, DWC and NFT technologies in optimizing growth cycles, and resulting in peak production in a closed environment. Controlled environments advance plant development, health, growth, flowering and fruiting for any given plant species and cultivars. Due to the sensitivity of the root systems, our methodology maintains optimal moisture and nutrition levels while assuring the root system has a consistent abundance of oxygen. The result of these advantages is that higher yields of high-quality production are obtained over an extended period of cropping. Our technical team has assessed the mycology, photochemical and genetic properties of numerous strains in the development of our cloning and breeding programs to optimize a strain spectrum, specific to an array of ailments and the development of pharmaceutical derivatives specifically tailored to treat various conditions and symptoms of patients.
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