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Monarch America, Inc.

Management of recreational and medical marijuana retail dispensaries, the management of licensed marijuana cultivation facilities, production and distribution of hemp and marijuana infused food & beverage and ancillary products. In addition, the Company focuses to provide management of retail and wholesale operations for grow stores. REM International and R.E.M Beverage. HBH focuses to provide service management and consulting services to the marijuana sector. HBH focuses to provide licensing and lease agreements for marijuana cultivation properties and equipment, marijuana testing laboratory facilities and C-Level management recruiting, contract employment, and staffing services. HBH Industries Incorporated (HBH) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Monarch America Inc. HBH will specialize in cultivation facility leasing, property management, and equipment leasing to the medical and recreational marijuana sector. Monarch America, Inc. brings sound management practice, operational systems and strict inventory controls to the most exciting business opportunity of the decade: Recreational and Medical Marijuana Sales. We are the Nation’s leading, fully integrated, full service management and consulting services provider to the marijuana sector The Big Tomato, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Monarch America, Inc., is a leading supplier of hydroponics & indoor gardening supplies for Denver, Colorado and the surrounding communities since May of 2001.
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