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Novus Acquisition & Development Corp.

Providing turnkey operations through methods of acquiring real property, equipment, Healthcare market positioning, Research and Development in Pharma (cannabis compounding) and Intellectual Property then lease back to the cultivators, dispensaries along with other ancillary business products and services to assist MMJ licensors in their business needs. Goals include - Procure and/or create federally recognized software to track seed to sale and more - Sign agreements with DNA Testing and Cannabis Compound laboratories for product development - Purchase land and develop growing facilities for leasing purposes and potential R&D. The business model approach is primary development in Healthcare, Pharma, Physicians Education, Compliance, Security/Law Enforcement and the Business Development aspects.
Company Overview
Real Estate Acquisitions,
Real Estate Development,
Grow Facility Leases,
Seed To Sale Tracking,
Intellectual Property
Vertical Integration
Stock Overview