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United Cannabis Corporation

Bio cannabinoid technologies company built on scientific research, product development, and implementation of its unique proprietary cannabinoid therapy program. Will enter into agreements with domestic & international partners seeking to benefit from our vast experience in the medical cannabis industry. With our consulting services, management and oversight we are capable of assisting any Cannabis oriented company on any scale. United Cannabis Corporation is now partnering domestically and internationally with local businessmen, entrepreneurs, scientists, and government agencies for the purpose of promoting Best Practices in Planning, Procedures, Governance and Patient Care. With access to a prolific catalog of award winning genetics (including over 15 unique CBD dominant strains) and coupled with our leadership & experience we are positioned to take any Cannabis Business through all of the steps for immediate success. proprietary full spectrum cannabinoid program A.C.T. Now (Advanced Cannabinoid Therapy), is a software based therapy guide for doctors, nurses, practitioners, and medical centers seeking to utilize the entire cannabis plant for medical applications. A.C.T Now recommends certified products with specific cannabinoid ratios, accurate dosage guides, and multiple delivery methods.
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