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Cannabis Stocks News

9/20 11:38pm

TMX Group’s Cannabis Woes Go Way Beyond CDS

9/20 9:07pm

$DIGP Digipath President, Todd Denkin Interviewed; Discusses the Cannabis Lab Business

9/20 6:41pm

Abattis Prepares for Growth in Extracts

9/20 6:09pm


hat's the relationship between Bedrocan Canada Inc. (wholly owned by CGC) and Bedrocan Netherlands? I know Bedrocan Netherlands exports to Germany. Is that also the case with Bedrocan Canada, or Canopy only exports to Germany Tweed products? submitted by /u/blaett [link] [comments]
9/20 5:36pm
CSE:MDM Financial Statements

Sept 7: Marapharm Announces Amended and Restated Financial Statements and MD&A and Clarifies Previous Disclosure

9/20 2:06pm

MedReleaf Announces Inclusion to the North American Marijuana Index and Horizon's Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF BY Canada NewsWire — 7:30 AM ET 09/20/2017

Cannabis, Distribution, Investors, Medical Marijuana
ARKHA, ON, Sept. 20, 2017 /CNW/ - edReleaf Corp. ( EDFF Loading... Loading... ) ("edReleaf" or the "Company"), Canada's first and only ISO 9001 and ICH-GP certified cannabis producer, today announced that it has been added to the North American arijuana Index (the "Index") as part of its quarterly rebalancing, and by extension, included in the Horizon edical arijuana Life Sciences ETF ("HJ"). "edReleaf's ( EDFF ) addition to the North American arijuana Index is a recognition of our position as one of the industry's largest and most respected cannabis producers. We have achieved this position through our relentless focus on serving our patients and we will continue to focus on driving growth and profitability in our business to create long-term shareholder value," said Neil Closner, CEO of edReleaf ( EDFF Loading... Loading... ). "Our inclusion in Horizon's edical arijuana Life Sciences ETF provides another avenue for investors to participate in our growth." The HJ is the world's first exchange-traded fund to offer direct exposure to the performance of a basket of North American publicly listed companies with significant business activities in the cannabis industry. The HJ seeks to replicate, to the extent possible, the performance of the Index, net of expenses. It is important to note that that HJ may not hold all of the constituent names in the Index. Constituents of the Index are listed on North America's public equity markets with business activities that include biopharmaceuticals, medical manufacturing, distribution, bioproducts and other ancillary businesses to the cannabis industry. To be eligible for inclusion a stock must meet minimum asset and liquidity thresholds, and no single stock may exceed 10% of the weight of the Index when rebalanced. submitted by /u/terflit [link] [comments]
9/20 1:46pm

MedReleaf Announces Inclusion to the North American Marijuana Index and Horizon's Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF

Medical Marijuana
9/20 10:30am

Genesis Electronics Group Inc. (OTC-Pink: GEGI), Sister Company of Inca Worldwide (OTC-Pink: QEDN), Announces Cash Flow Strategy

URBO, Colombia, Sept. 20, 2017-- Genesis Electronics Group Inc., announces a plan to create cash flow and become profitable. Juan David Perez Schile, CEO, states,“ Most mining companies focus on exploration, ...
9/20 10:03am

Namaste Announces Product Acquisition Agreement With Aphria Inc.

9/20 9:30am

Inca Worldwide (OTC-Pink:QEDN) Completes Testing on Chickens

Production, Testing
URBO, Colombia, Sept. 20, 2017-- Inca Worldwide Inc. announces it has completed its first test of its protein on chickens. he first test was on farming chickens and it was found to increase production ...
9/20 9:00am

CFN Media Exclusive Interview with United Cannabis: Developing Anti-Inflammatory Pharmaceuticals

Cannabis, Media, Science, Pharmaceuticals
FN Media Group , the leading creative agency and digital media network dedicated to legal cannabis, announces the publication of an exclusive interview with United annabis orp.'s hief Science Officer ...
9/20 9:00am

Abbott Hosts Conference Call for Third-Quarter Earnings

BBOTT PRK, Ill., Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- bbott (NYSE: BT) will announce its third-quarter 2017 financial results on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 , before the market opens. The announcement will ...
9/20 8:30am

Abattis Prepares for Growth in Extracts -- CFN Media

Bioceuticals, Cannabis, Media, Extracts
FN Media Group , the leading creative agency and digital media network dedicated to legal cannabis, announces the publication of an article discussing Abattis Bioceuticals orp. and why its proprietary ...
9/20 8:30am

Agritek Holdings, Inc. Announces Acquisition Of Performance Nutrition California Retail Location With eBay And Amazon Online Stores Adding In Excess Of $500,000 In Additional Gross Revenue And Product Sales For Company

Branding, Online Store, Real Estate
gritek Holdings, Inc., a fully integrated, active real estate investor for the medicinal sector and branding consultant today announced that the Company has executed an sset Purchase ...
9/20 8:26am

Tetra Bio-Pharma to engage in co-development and distribution partnership with major healthcare specialty distributor

Development, Distribution, Distributor
9/20 8:02am

See what the IHS Markit Score report has to say about AbbVie Inc.

bbVie Inc NYSE:BBV
9/20 8:01am

See what the IHS Markit Score report has to say about Abbott Laboratories.

bbott Laboratories NYSE:BT
9/20 8:00am

Alan Klitenic, Director of Investor Relations for, Discusses Recent CIIX News and Industry Trends in a New Audio Interview with

Investors, News
USTIN, Texas, Sept. 20, 2017--, Inc. and, the premier financial information website for Chinese-speaking investors in both the U.S. and China, and a well-known cannabidiol ...
9/19 4:38pm

Marapharm Ventures Inc. announces that the first plants are being grown in the Las Vegas, Nevada facility

9/19 2:44pm

Canopy Growth Corp. vs. Aphria Inc.: Profitability in an Ontario Recreational Marijuana Framework

9/19 10:15am

Axe Completes Works on the Unique Project and Made a New Gold Discovery

xe Exploration Inc. announce the discovery of a new showing on the Unique property. The project location is approximately 20 kilometers North-East of the town of Rouyn-Noranda.
9/19 8:45am

Earth Science Tech, Inc. Announces New Agreement with Axcelon Biopolymers Corp. for Distribution of Nanoderm™ Medical Device & Advances with Its MSN-2 Medical Device

Development, Distribution, Hemp, Research, Science
oral, FL, Sept. 19, 2017-- Earth Science Tech, Inc., an innovative biotech company that operates in the fields of hemp cannabinoid, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, medical device, research and development, ...
9/19 8:18am

Cannabis Science "Nanoparticle Drones to Target Lung Cancer with Radiosensitizers and Cannabinoids" Full Publication Released Today In Frontiers In Oncology

Cannabis, Development, Research, Science
annabis Science, Inc. , a U.S. company specializing in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines, announces the full publication of initial research results on using nanoparticle drones to target ...
9/19 8:00am

American Green Successfully Completes Transaction for the Purchase of Nipton, CA, Ahead of Schedule

oday American Green, Inc. has announced that after the necessary time to crystalize the first phase of its multi-year plan, it has started working in and around Nipton with locals and visiting specialists ...
9/18 5:41pm

DIGX Continues to Develop Strategic Growth Plan

ig-it Underground, Inc. recently unveiled part of its strategic growth plan as the Company continues to move forward at a tremendous pace. While the Company is obviously very excited about its record ...
9/18 1:06pm

Canopy Growth Corp. :TWMJF-US: Earnings Analysis: Q1, 2018 By the Numbers : September 18, 2017

ategories: Yahoo FinanceGet free summary analysis anopy Growth orp. reports financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2017. We analyze the earnings along side the following peers of anopy Growth orp. – anopy Growth orporation (WEED-A) that have also reported for this period. Highlights Summary numbers: Revenues of USD 11.80 million, Net Earnings of USD -3.22 ... Read more (Read more...)
9/15 6:03pm

ETFs with exposure to Canopy Growth Corp. : September 15, 2017

ategories: ETFs Yahoo Financelick here to see latest analysis ETFs with exposure to anopy Growth orp. Here are 5 ETFs with the largest exposure to TWMJF-US. omparing the performance and risk of anopy Growth orp. with the ETFs that have exposure to it gives us some ETF choices that could give us similar returns with lower volatility. Ticker ... Read more (Read more...)
9/06 9:01am

True Leaf Pet Expands Selling Power In-Store and Online

9/06 3:28am


Cannabis, News, Research
uddy finds himself in a dream of sorts as U.S. President Obama and Congress ask for his advice on legalizing Marijuana. Oh... yes he did… ©2016 uddyPlant All Rights Reserved. Home Stand Up Plantabilia I’m Just Saying uddyViews uddy Radio Legalize with uddy Ramblin’s by uddy Let Me Smoke First News So You Think You Know uddy It’s A Human uddy’s io Contact uddy brings to light the fact that a distant relative discovered marijuana and its medicinal properties. uddy comes up with a solution to the current frustration that we all have with the current government these days. playshapeimage_7_link_0 playshapeimage_8_link_0 uddy finds himself in a dream of sorts as U.S. President Obama and Congress ask for his advice on legalizing Marijuana Oh... yes he did… playshapeimage_10_link_0 uddy is asked to participate in some "Cannabis Research" by a scientific company so his input can be used for future standards and guidelines. What were they thinking? playshapeimage_12_link_0 playshapeimage_13_link_0 uddy talks about his non profit camp for wayward plants, “ Camp uddy Plant” and how it gives all the plants that were headed down the wrong road in life a second chance and a clean slate, once they graduate from uddy’s program. uddy smokes the right stuff this time as he meets a haunting celebrity and learns that he is more than just a name. playshapeimage_16_link_0 playshapeimage_17_link_0 Comedian and Cannabis Emissary UDDY PLANT holds a "Press Conference" about his recent decision to be the first human "Pot-reprenuer" on the planet Mars. It comes "highly" recommended to watch as uddy does what uddy does best…He "blazes" up, out and into history. Come save Mars with uddy and legalize Cannabis today.
9/05 8:38pm

WEED, ACB, and APH getting ready for fall run?

ll three are showing some interesting (and similar) signals if you subscribe to technical analysis. To be honest if you don't enough people do that it generates its own results. Things are getting incredibly tight for all 3 stocks. phria for example closed at 5.95, 50 day moving average support is 5.89 and 200 moving average 5.87. Bollenger bands tightening to 6.10 and 5.78. WEED finally closed above a strong 12 touch trend line on Thursday. It is pushing (slowly) towards 9.05 resistance and price action is starting to show a nice steady long-term uptrend. CB has seen similar tightening and is pushing upwards as well. MCD lines are about cross for all 3 stocks and it could happen for all 3 tommorow. This has been an excellent indicator for bullish action for these 3 stocks. Bollenger bands have significantly constricted for all 3 stocks. fter constriction there will be an expansion which means higher volatility (upwards or downwards)... PH, CB bands are getting tighter and Canopy's upper band is starting to lift which is bullish but still early. To be clear. Not saying you will be rich tommorow. I am saying we are propably in early stages of the sector lifting and will be lead by the big 3. Is it really a surprise, the hive mind has decided fall is the time for the sector to rise. submitted by /u/looks_like_salami [link] [comments]
9/05 6:32pm

Yield per plant

was reading the rehashed operational update from Maricann and they're happy to announce a yield of 79 grams per plant. Tweed had an average of 800 grams per plant (October harvest), so 10 times more: Harvested 5,264 kilograms in the quarter. The greenhouse summer harvest in October produced yields ranging from 300 grams to 2,900 grams per plant, with a weighted average yield of over 800 grams per plant") Source: 17Q3 MD&A Does anybody have numbers for other LPs? remember Aphria had a lower yield due to a light decrease at Leamington (dutch greenhouse) but don't have the number in grams per plants. don't even know how many plants they have. Also do you have any idea why the numbers are so different? My guess is that it depends on the strains they used, but that's a big difference. submitted by /u/skyfallboom [link] [comments]
9/05 5:58pm

This is Alan, CEO and co-founder of Tokyo Smoke. I'll be back tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6pm EST to answer your questions!

Cannabis, Deals, Management, Retail Stores
was asked to do an AMA so we are here! How about some context on Tokyo Smoke? Goal is to be the definitive retail lifestyle cannabis brand in the world Stores in Canada and v soon the USA (quick look at our most recent store, Completed Series A and most recently Series B (total raised ~$10M) Multiple licensing deals with LPs in Canada, and internationally Medicinal cannabis launched with Aphria this past August ( Both corporate and partner run retail stores Founded by father and son, --> My dad Lorne has spent the last 20 years in the Cannabis space in Canada, first co-founding Cannasat (the first public cannabis company in Canada) and then Cronos (originally Pharamacan) --> Me, spent 6 years at Google, was a management consultant before that Deeply knowledgable Board of Advisors across Retail, Cannabis, Product tl;dr we want to be the Starbucks of Cannabis PROOF: submitted by /u/casualized [link] [comments]
9/05 9:44am

Thoughts on True Leaf Medicine (:MJ)

ello, I am currently holding Canopy, Aurora, Aphria and Tree Leaf Medicine. I am looking to get rid of True Leaf and put the money towards these stocks. I'm waiting for True Leaf (MJ) to be license, hoping the stock will rise..but I'm really not sure when this will be...or should I just hold onto MJ long term because they are still making profits with their pet products... Any thought? submitted by /u/Mattman3010 [link] [comments]
9/04 1:31am

Puffin' with Pauly and Amy Mellen -

his time on Puffin' with Pauly we talk to Amy Mellen, a woman with an incredible story of life transformation. Amy sits down with us to talk about how she got off of major amounts of pharmaceuticals, lost 170 pounds, and more! Amy is a pretty inspiring person, and has some really great things to say...
8/04 1:09am
ERBB Pump and Dump

Any thoughts on $ERBB?

hey've apparently just come out with something new, and truthfully it seems to be insanely interesting: Not to mention, the price couldn't be more attractive ( Although, I do get a bit of a pump and dump feeling from the listing. houghts? submitted by /u/Little-Jellyfish [link] [comments]