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Cannabis Stocks News

5/23 6:38pm

Resource: 2017 GMP Securities Cannabis Conference (4/20/2017) Company Presentations & Materials ABcann/ Aphria/ Aurora/ Beleave/ CanniMed/ Canopy/ Cronos Group/ Emblem Corp/ Hydropothecary/ Organigram/ Supreme

5/23 4:03pm

Tetra Bio-Pharma Signs Definitive Agreement for Two Products with Panag Pharma

5/23 11:23am

"Marapharm" Announces That in Addition to Medical Marijuana Licenses it is Applying for Recreational Licenses in Nevada

Medical Marijuana
5/23 7:49am

2017 GMP Cannabis Conference 4/20/2017 Company Presentations & Materials Aphria/ Aurora/ Beleave/ CanniMed / Canopy/ Cronos Group/ Emblem Corp/ Hydropothecary/ Organigram/ Supreme

5/23 6:53am

GB Sciences (GBLX) Files Patent Application for Chronic Pain and Heart Therapies using THC free ---Myrcene (Terpene) containing Medication

5/23 2:15am

The Marijuana Index

5/23 2:15am

The Marijuana Index - Canadian Index, US Index and North American Index

5/22 4:05pm


urprised no one has been talking about this. eems like it's ramping up to be the next OWCP submitted by /u/cheprekaun [link] [comments]
5/22 3:21pm

Leaf-sprayed nutrients no longer an option for licensed producers (7 acres, Remo Brands, Broken Coast)

5/21 6:28pm

Barron's Picks And Pans: Retail Stocks, Berkshire Hathaway And More

his weekend's Barron's cover story and a companion article take a look at retailers that can thrive despite big e-commerce competition. Other featured articles offer the prospects for Warren Buffett's ...
5/21 7:12am

Texas lawmakers clear way for Uber, Lyft return to major cities

exas governor Greg Abbott will sign in the next few days a bill that would shield ride-hailing firms Uber and Lyft from bruising battles over fingerprint background checks that led them to leave some of the state's most important markets. It clears the way for Lyft Inc to reenter Houston, where Uber echnologies Inc currently dominates, and for both to reenter Austin, Corpus Christi and Galveston.
5/20 10:00pm

The risks of 'The Big 3'

Cannabis, Development, Greenhouses, Growing, Investing, Management, Marketing, Production, Websites, Lights, Cultivation
o I'm just going to play devils advocate a bit on the big 3 and you guys can tell me what you think about these worries I have on each one. Full disclosure my weedstocks portfolio is about 80% Aphria and 20% upreme. (I think we all know upremes risks so I'll be skipping that one) Canopy: High cash burn rate with profitability not in sight All of their greenhouses are indoors and they are basically living in the past in terms of greenhouse tech. Indoor grows are the ways of olden times when growing was illegal and needed to be hidden. They are inherently more costly to run because they require more electricity for the lights and A/C needs to be constantly running even in Winter because of how much heat the lights produce. Canopy and Tweed more specifically seem to have the worst reviews from /r/canadients in terms of quality and customer service. Management seems to be all over the place. It's like the CEO has A.D.D and can't decide what they want to focus on. Aurora High cash burn rate and losing millions per quarter. Management is putting heavy spending on marketing when Recreational is still more than a year out and they already have more patients than they can handle. My real concern with them is that I don't trust management, they don't seem as forthcoming then others. For example they still haven't released total costs for Aurora ky project. And lets talk about Aurora ky project.....supposedly "The first 25 sea cans have arrived from the Netherlands with the pre-engineered modules, and assembly begins soon". And they "anticipate beginning cultivation at ky late summer this year." o they only just got the sea-cans but think they can begin cultivation by end of ummer? That just seems like a stretch to me. It took Aphria 6 months to get their approval from HC to begin production after completion of their latest expansion. Also don't they need an entire new site license because it's a new address? Another /r/ suggested it could add an additional 3 months into the licensing process. I'm skeptical on the RTI development, but I will admit if they can pull off a novel type of oil that preserves Tarpenes like they say it will, then it certainly will add to my faith in managements capabilities. Aphria Biggest concern here is they don't have anywhere near a good brand set up for recreational and don't seem to be working on it. Geared more towards medical market which will be see slower growth compared to the recreational. o what if they finish phase IV - have a ton of bud..and nobody wants it. Run by corporate execs who don't seem to understand the Cannabis culture. Consumers want to know strain lineage and have properly cured quality cannabis. Idk about you but if I was a customer looking up which company to buy weed from I would be going with Broken Coast or Aurora based brand and cool easy to use websites/app. On /r/canadients Aphria seems to rarely if ever come up as a recommendation for an LP. When they do come up - it isn't good things being said. They are investing heavily into the U. market which is a risky area at the moment given the Feds stance on Cannabis. submitted by /u/AboveBeyond14240 [link] [comments]
5/20 12:54pm

Madoff’s closest prison chum? Colombo crime-family boss, Carmine Persico Jr.

hortly after Bernie Madoff arrived in prison, at the start of a 150-year sentence, the mastermind behind the largest financial fraud in history was slapped in the face.
5/20 10:40am

Ringling Brothers Set for Final Curtain Call

irque du Soleil and Disney's parks are going strong.
5/20 8:33am

Low Cost Medical Cannabis

TV ROADCAST TIMES Aphria: CANADA: NN – Saturday May 20 @ 8:00pm, Sunday May 21 @ 9:30pm EST ell Express Vu – Saturday May 20 @ 8:00pm, Sunday May 21 @ 9:30pm EST Air Canada: TV seatback usiness Channel U.S. National: iz Television Network – Sun May 28 @ 10:00pm & 4:30pm PST, Sat June 3 @ 9:00pm PST The Episode of TV Explores 5 urgeoning Cannabis Companies submitted by /u/Sunny3999 [link] [comments]
5/19 12:46pm

It hasnt happened until its happened

Investors, Production
m a noob but Here's my take on why stocks fell after the first hearing for legalization The government: weed is getting legalized The masses: yaay. When exactly? The government: some time around july 2018 The masses: oh... lame. Dropped Thats pretty much it. n my opinion, future production is not "priced in" per se, ie what matters to investors is what tangibly exists. Saying canopy for example will produce 300,000 kg is like saying Aphria will make $25mill in revenue next year. ts just speculation, and the stock wont rise until theres tangible proof that such is the case. People are risk averse. Anything could happen between now and legalization. We could go to war, covil war could break out in the usa. The canadian housing market may crash. t's a long ways away, ie more than a year, so the interest has gone to other stocks that are actually making gains. So tl dr for investors it hasnt happened until its happened, or at least in the observable process of happening. predict the stocks will rise as we get close and the hype returns, starting 6 months from now. submitted by /u/gucc15 [link] [comments]
5/19 12:44pm

Cannabis Wheaton Appoints Industry Leading Master Grower From WEED

Branding, Cannabis, Consulting, Development, Distribution, Facilities, Genetics, Grower, Growers, Growing, Management, Production, Science, Cultivation
ttp:// VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - May 19, 2017) - Cannabis Weaton Income Corp. (TSX VENTURE: CBW)("Cannabis Weaton", "CW", or te "Company") is pleased to appoint Kevin Furet to te position of Cief Cultivation and Genetics Officer. Kevin will begin is duties at Cannabis Weaton effective September 1, 2017 in order to comply wit certain pre-existing contractual obligations. Until May 2017, Kevin served as te Master Grower for Canopy Growt Corporation and brings more tan 17 years of production tecnique, plant breeding and strain development experience to is new role wit Cannabis Weaton. At Canopy Growt Corporation Kevin oversaw cultivation for Tweed, Tweed Farms and Mettrum. Wile wit Tweed, Kevin also served as teir first Master Breeder, were e led a team of researcers in te creation of teir cannabis breeding facility, te first of its kind in Canada and te foundation for Tweed's Canadian-bred genetics. Prior to tis, Kevin founded several successful operations, including Indoor Garden Solutions. Kevin is an important addition to Cannabis Weaton's management team, wic is comprised of industry first-movers and leaders, wit a dept of knowledge in all areas of te cannabis industry from construction of world-class facilities, best in class cultivation practices and associated new tecnologies, retail distribution, branding identity creation, capital markets and regulatory expertise, all of wom are dedicated to creating value for CW's streaming partners and te cannabis industry as a wole. In is role at Cannabis Weaton, Kevin will be working wit te Company's partners to provide solutions for optimizing top quality growt and yields as well as consulting on te daily issues tat affect licensed producers, including bringing is expertise on breeding and genetics. Kevin Furet stated, "I've always believed tat tis industry values quality and innovation, and I've ad te opportunity to work alongside te best breeders and growers, wo like me are devoted to te art and te science of our industry. I've dedicated my career to ensuring tat Canadians ave access to safe, ig quality cannabis. Tis represents an opportunity for me to sare my knowledge rigt across Cannabis Weaton's national platform." Cuck Rifici, CEO of CW noted, "We couldn't be more pleased tat Kevin sared our vision and tat we are able to include a Master Grower of Kevin's caliber as part of our turnkey platform solution for our partners. Kevin's award-winning growing tecniques and breeding metods will provide an excellent sounding board for consultation and implementation of new ideas alongside our diverse set of partners. Te elp and support and new ideas tat come from te best people working togeter will no doubt ensure tat CW and its partners continue to be synonymous wit leading edge and top-tier production in te industry."‎ submitted by /u/RedditD52 [link] [comments]
5/19 11:12am

Laguna Blends Completes Acquisition of Isodiol and Announces Private Placement for up to $4,000,000 and Change of Director and Officer