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Cannabis Stocks News

6/21 9:57am

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. Provides an Update on its American Medical Cannabis Operations

6/21 9:00am

Abbott Hosts Conference Call for Second-Quarter Earnings

BBOTT PRK, Ill., June 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- bbott (NYSE: BT) will announce its second-quarter 2017 financial results on Thursday, July 20, 2017 , before the market opens. The announcement will ...
6/21 8:30am
INCC Enters

INCC Enters Into an Exclusive License Agreement for a CBD Formulation Focused on Enhancing Cognitive Function in Adults

ARAOTA, Florida , June 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- International Consolidated Companies, Inc. (INCC) announced today it entered into an exclusive license agreement with CBD Medicinals, LLC for a patent ...
6/21 8:00am

Amfil Technologies Inc. Announces Shareholder Dividend From Subsidiary Spin-Off

mfil Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that it has decided to spin-off the Interloc-Kings Inc. subsidiary into a new public entity, leaving Snakes & Lattes Inc. and GROzone as subsidiaries of mfil ...
6/21 7:00am

Cara Therapeutics Reports Continuation of Phase 3 Trial of I.V. CR845 in Postoperative Pain Following Interim Assessment

Trial will continue to test two doses of CR845 and aims to enroll up to 450 patients. Both doses of CR845 well tolerated. Trial completion expected in the fourth quarter of 2017.
6/21 12:11am

Tweed Softgels, what's the math here...

ttps:// Wy are 60 pills at 2.5 mg eac, equal to 5 grams....if you times 2.5mg x 60 you get 150 mg...not 5 grams. Mat is te same for 15 x 10 mg = 150 mg. Is tere some kind of exponential mat science ere I'm missing. submitted by /u/brockodilus [link] [comments]
6/20 3:33pm

UMBRAL Energy Corp

his 5 cent marijuana play is now a 75 percent majority holder of a stage 5 applicant, when do you think we will see some news in regards to the progression ? hanks submitted by /u/Ericbett00 [link] [comments]
6/20 2:47pm

BLDV conference call at 3pm est

12-432-3011 Code 62410 submitted by /u/Schnitzled [link] [comments]
6/20 2:35pm

Vodis Announces $5 Million Private Placement Financing (Cannacord)

6/20 12:19pm

Axe Exploration Begin Exploration Works on Unique Project

xe Exploration Inc. announces the beginning of a prospecting campaign on the Unique project. The project is located approximately 20 Km North East of the city of Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec.
6/20 11:28am

J&J-AbbVie's Imbruvica Positive in Follow-up Lymphoma Study

ohnson & ohnson (N) announced a three-year follow-up data from a late stage study, evaluating its cancer drug Imbruvica against Pfizer's Torisel for treatment of patients with relapsed or refractory mantle cell lymphoma (MCL).
6/20 9:30am

Jones Soda Introduces New 7-Eleven® Promo and Regional Programs to Kick Off Summer Selling Season

Branding, Marketing
ones Soda Co. , a leader in the premium soda category and known for its unique branding and innovative marketing, today announced in continued collaboration with 7-Eleven, Inc.
6/20 8:32am

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE:MYM) to Build One of World's Largest Greenhouse (1.5 Million Square Feet) Cannabis Growing Facilities in Weedon, Quebec

Cannabis, Facilities, Growing, Growing Facilities, Nutraceuticals
6/20 8:30am

United Cannabis Corporation Signs Letter of Intent with Louisiana Company to Assist Efforts to Secure License for Therapeutic Marijuana Operation

Cannabis, Extraction, Processing, Products, Cultivation
ompany to Provide Its Expertise with Regard to ultivation, Processing, Extraction, and Manufacturing of Medical annabis Products DENVER, O / AESSWIRE / June 20, 2017 / United annabis orporation ...
6/20 7:57am

DirectView's CEO Issues Midyear Corporate Update for Shareholders

Development, Security
he most significant development, as was announced in late April, was the completion of the acquisition of Video Surveillance, LLC and ApexCCV, LLC, two exas-based video security and surveillance companies. In fact, I believe we are well on our way to reaching our goal of ending 2017 at a $7 million annual revenue run rate with our current operations.
6/20 7:11am

Better Buy: Pfizer Inc. vs. AbbVie Inc.

hese two big pharma stocks have a lot in common, but which is the better stock pick right now?
6/20 6:43am

Does CGC have a problem converting harvests to saleable Finished Goods?

Beverages, Edibles, Growing, Investors, Management, Production, Products, Research, Staffing, Testing, Tracking
Sorryufell4it asked me to post some of my research on CGC. I am not sure if he will like this, as it is a researched look at FACTS that point to tangible issues at CGC, that hopefully for shareholders have been resolved in Q1. Or are at least showing progress to resolution in Q1. So if you don't like this, take it up with him, as he asked for it.] So I had mentioned in my previous post that I thought there could be another bigger inventory problem at CGC, in addition to the "missing inventory" of 979 KGs. (BTW, I found Q1 harvest numbers and for F2017 YTD 1,321 kgs are "missing" from Closing Inventories in Q1, Q2 and Q3). Almost 15 years ago my wife bought a Beagle puppy. (You only get a Beagle once. They are reincarnated goats.) When it was a puppy if it was worried or scared about something close by it always would look the other way, figuring by looking away from the potential issue it would make it simply disappear. So if you are worried about something I might disclose, that could turn out to be just be a memory if Q4 evidences a reversal of trend, be like a Beagle puppy and look away. That issue is converting Harvest to saleable inventory. I am pretty positive that the institutionals and sophisticated investors (ones that spread multiple data points and look critically for trends and anomalies, not the clowns that offer their opinion without ever reading the MDA, the Notes to Financials, and think guessing next weeks SP constitutes thoughtful debate) picked this up in Q3. So it is likely partially priced in. "Partially" as Joe Retail is a massive player in CGC and most other MJ stocks, and most Retail confine their knowledge to press releases.] The math below isn't as obvious as the "missing inventory" math, so those that couldn't follow that math should probably stop reading. In Q3 conference call Linton kept referring to being "sales constrained due to lack of inventory". The store outages in Dec/16 and Jan/17, Linton attributed to this point too. But since the end of Q3 Fiscal 2016 CGC had had a tremendous amount of inventory ($22 million plus for past 5 Q's) relative to sales, just NOT A LOT of Finished Goods inventory. In Q2 F2017, CGC changed how they reported inventory in their notes. This likely coincides with HC changing what they asked LPs for in their quarterly inventory reporting data. CGC broke bud inventory into Work in Process Inventory (WIP) and Finished Goods Inventory (FG). They have been doing this for oil since Q4 2016. So how the process flows is harvested inventory goes from being a Biological Assets into WIP inventory at harvest (along with its ride through the income statement as a credit to COGS via GoB). It is dried for about a week and then passes through trimming, curing and QA/QC, which takes another 3 weeks. So 4 weeks from harvest to saleable inventory. (Aphria takes 5 weeks as irradiation takes a week extra, as they ship it to Oshawa and back for this process). When it passes QA/QC it becomes saleable FG Inventory. Oil takes a similar length of time. In Q3 F2017, CGC started with $21.7 million in WIP, largely bud (Oil WIP was only $4.8 million). In order to be really conservative, let's assume it was all harvested on the VERY last day of Q2. So during Q3, which is 12 weeks long, being "sales constrained" as they were, they would have converted as much of that starting WIP to FG. But they didn't. Having 12 weeks to complete a 4 week process, they converted LESS THAN HALF of bud and oil WIP to FG. As per the PR for Q3: "Revenue growth was limited by the available product mix for sale; supply was limited in the quarter by the Company's rigorous procedures to fully test the record harvest and approve the extensive product released for sale subsequent to quarter end." I find this statement very confusing: The "record harvest" was in Q3, they had $21.7 million Q2 WIP Inventory and $7.2 in FG, MORE THAN ENOUGH at end of Q2 to service Q3 sales almost THREE times over. The record harvest should have no bearing on Q3 sales, especially if it was in the last month of Q3, because that was never going to be available for sale by end of Q3. I get that they have "rigorous procedures to fully test the record harvest", but they had PLENTY of WIP from beginning of Q3 that could have been processed, that they chose not to process. Unless what they had in inventory in Q2 the market just wasn't interested in buying, which is a different kind of problem. Thus the "limited by available product mix for sale" might mean that the unprocessed WIP from Q2 might have saleability issues. Here is the math to prove out the WIP Conversion issue: Bud. Oil. Total FG Q2. $5,467. $1,662. $7,129 Plus WIP Q2. $16,890. $4,844. $21,734 Less FG Q3. -$4,792. -$3,040. -$7,832 Less *Sales Q3. -$8,582. -$1,170. -$9,752 WIP that could have been FG. $8,983. $2,296. $11,279 % WIP not transferred to FG. 53%. 47%. 52% FG COULD have been at Q3. $13,775. $5,336. $19,111 (*Sales: I should be using COGS but as COGS were within $200,000 of sales revenue for Q3 it was immaterial, and Sales makes it easier to follow. COGS almost equalling Sales is due to GoB.) Now this FG problem extended into Q4 F2017, with Linton indicating they were "sales constrained" in Jan/17 before $1 million sales day Feb 1, 2017. Posters reported multiple outages in March/17 too. Keep in mind that any harvest in the first two months of Q3 should have been available by end of Jan/17. And any harvest before Feb/17 should have been available by beginning of March/17. They had $48 million in WIP at Dec/16, of which $11 million was unprocessed WIP from Q2 harvests. It is almost unfathomable that they had outages in March/17. They had 20 weeks to process the $11 million in Q2 WIP, and AT LEAST 8 weeks (8 weeks assumes Harvest was on the VERY last day of Q3) to process $37 million Q3 harvested WIP. Again, harvest to finished goods should take 4 weeks. I can see rigorous testing adding a week (so 5 weeks), but they had 12 weeks during Q3 and 8 additional weeks during the first two months of Q4. CGC shows FG for 2016 year end, Q2 and Q3 2017 (Q1 they don't). It has decreased in each period ($7.8, $5.5 and $4.8 million, respectively), whereas total inventory has increased. For a rapidly growing company this is not an optimal sign. Simply put, a growth company should process as much WIP to FG as they can to stock the shelves. I believe, but cannot be certain as Q1 doesn't have the WIP FG breakdown, this problem extends to Q4 2016 WIP. That $11 million in unprocessed WIP at end of Q2 could be from harvests pre Q2. By way of comparison, MedReleaf did over $10 million in sales Q end Dec/16 while only carrying $6 million in TOTAL inventory, of which $4 million was FG. CGC did under $10 million in sales in Q ending Dec/16 and finished with $51 million in inventory, of which $8 million was FG. MedReleaf was FAR more efficient in that Q in capital deployed for inventory versus sales. So what's up? Harvest isn't making it to FG so it's either: They don't have the equipment to process the harvest, They don't have the staffing levels in QA/QC, or Is there a "problem" with the harvests? (The "problem" may be short term, so don't lose it) If it was points 1 and 2 that would mean planning was very poor, as they knew these harvest levels were coming. So I don't think it is 1 or 2. I checked any postings they had for QA/QC jobs when I noticed this. There was none. If they didn't have adequate QA/QC staffing, they wouldn't likely invite other LPs to Main Street. And CGC has not shown a propensity to pinch pennies, so they likely have all the equipment necessary to process the harvests. (BTW.... the machines are either HBLC that have 45 runs a day and cost approx $100k or UPLC that have 135 runs a day and cost approx $400k... There are people on these forums that have exceptional intel on how the grow process works, conversion process, and equipment used.. and I got this last item from one of them.) That leaves a problem with the harvest themselves. Did they grow inventory that no one wants to buy so they haven't processed it? (Also known as "slow moving inventory"). How long will it take to sell this slow moving inventory if it is indeed saleable? This applies more so to the Q2 WIP of $11 million that wasn't processed to FG in Q3. The fate of this inventory likely requires inquiry. Has it been sold? (Getting inventory $ figures broken down for WIP and FG BY the Q harvested would be GREAT info.) Did they produce a bunch of edibles and beverages? If so, should that have been expensed through R&D? They do have to report to HC quarterly products produced other than bud and oil. (I looked that up after "missing inventory". They also have to report destroyed and waste inventory to HC.) Do they have a problem producing saleable medical grade inventory? Is some of the unconverted WIP inventory not medical grade? If so, can it be sold into rec? Did they bring 4 LPs to Main Street because they cannot produce enough saleable medical grade inventory from their own harvests to keep their current AND future patients fulfilled from their own harvests? I would not have as much issue with the Craft Grow strategy if they were selling their quarterly harvest. But they aren't. They make less money selling other LP product. They don't turn over their inventory selling others products, so they are unnecessarily tying up capital in inventory, capital that could be used to increase production. They have as much as one bought deal in $$'s just in inventory. They do have AMPLE WIP Inventory if converted to easily service patient base. Their closest peer by sales, does not need the CGC level of inventory to service a greater sales volume... There are just so many Biz 101 things that makes this move quizzical. The Apple Store doesn't sell Samsung phones.] Are products "flying off the shelves" NOW because sales have increased OR because they still have a WIP conversion problem? It could be a combination. It might not. But Q4 results may give you direction. They had this problem in Q3, the numbers bear that out. Anecdotally, they had this problem in Q4 based on Linton's own comments on Q3 CC about the period before the $1 million sales day. The big Q is: have they fixed it? I actually found this issue before the "missing inventory". This issue led me to the "missing inventory". So the issue, or the "what", is saleable inventory. The "where" is QA/QC, as that is harvest conversion point to FG. The "why" is what shareholders should figure out. Because the "why" determines if it is a transitional issue or a lingering issue. Growing MMJ, NOT SELLING MJ, is the fundamental premise of this enterprise. The "missing inventory" ("missing" inventory for the first 3Qs is greater than kgs sold in Q3, so it is not insignificant), coupled with this WIP Conversion issue should have you at least questioning IF there is a problem with the harvests. And if there is, what exactly is it? And when does management expect it to be remedied? It is not like they aren't producing a good amount of saleable MMJ. They are without debate. But they seem to need to produce quite a lot inventory to get a smaller saleable amount. This impacts productivity and efficiency. When you are carrying a small amount of inventory this is not a huge issue. But when you are stockpiling $50 million in inventory (likely $70 million plus after Q4) this is a very sizeable concern. Especially, when you have already sucked almost all the profit out of the inventory at the point GoB was taken. Inventory profits have already been taken once at harvest. You don't get to take profit AGAIN when you sell it. So if there is an inventory problem the "dig out" period, because of IFRS, is going to take longer. This, unless proven else wise, is a problem and/or potential problem that affects the profitability of the enterprise, and ergo impacts share price. You can dismiss me if you like. But my math and accounting are sound on both of these issues. If you have other interpretations, i am all ears. Please debate it. That is the purpose of the post. I don't have a financial stake in the outcome. I have never shorted a stock, as markets can out wait fundamentals and I am a fundamental investor. But if you are a Beagle puppy you could always look away. Maybe that'll fix it. Given how poorly IR responded to "missing inventory", I am not inclined to suggest you contact them about WIP Conversion. But if you do, I am interested in their reply. i would put the Q to them this way: in Q3 Why did you choose not to convert all of Q2 WIP inventory to Finished Goods Inventory, given you indicated your were "sales constrained"? Could you provide me with a $ breakdown of WIP and FG Inventory by Q it was harvested in?] Or if you know one of the Analysts covering CGC ask them. Q4 will be telling: hopefully the harvest conversion issue is in the rear view mirror. The industry needs the bell cow to show progress on more than sales. I have shared this with a number of CGC longs that I respect. And their replies were admirable (I am paraphrasing): "Well I'd rather they have this problem now and get it sorted out by rec.". That is a good attitude to have. If you care... These are the items I'll be following for in Q4 release: Sales: are they tracking to +20% QoQ on combined basis. WIP to FG conversion ratio, is it materially improving? $ value of converted WIP. If you want $20 million plus in sales in Q1 F2018 you want to see at least $20 million plus in Q4 of WIP converted. $30 million would be optimal. $ value of Unconverted WIP from Q3. FG $ inventory versus Q4 sales. "Missing" Inventory: is it still occurring? Has it been addressed? This could be nothing, but it needs an explanation because it is a material amount. Any inventory write-down other than $800,000 for Mettrum. Is Adjusted EBITDA improving QoQ and YoY? What is the trend? Adjusted Product Contribution. Do they finally provide a "bridge" to Gross Margin? Has waste inventory been factored in? SGA: are they greater than sales still? Is there any mention in conference call about expense reduction? Is the IFRS $ adjustment for EBITDA and Adjusted Product Contribution the same amount? Last Q EBITDA adjustment was $14 million and Adjusted Product Contribution was $10 million. Every other LP that does the adjustment the IFRS $$ adjustments are IDENTICAL, and I cannot fathom a reason for them to be different. Will intangibles and goodwill have write-downs? Is per patient consumption down for 6th straight q. What is market share by KG using HC data? Should be around 20% using combined CGC Mettrum. Comments by the executives. I was very put off by the "sales constrained" being blamed on Q3 record harvest when it had little to zero bearing on Q3 sales. If they grew saleable product in Q2 they wouldn't have been sales constrained in Q3. More comments like this that seem to obfuscate a problem versus address it would have me questioning executives. GoBlue submitted by /u/GoBlueCdn link] comments]
6/19 6:05pm

Aphria is now up to 100k sq.ft. = 8,000 kgs/yr.

6/19 4:15pm

As Clovis Oncology Soars, This Big Pharma Stock Clears New Buy Zone

bbVie shows improving price performance, earning an upgrade to its IBD Relative Strength Rating
6/19 4:11pm

Aphria's clarification on their LiUNA deal

6/19 2:49pm

ETFs with exposure to AbbVie, Inc. : June 19, 2017

ategories: ETFs Yahoo Financelick here to see latest analysis ETFs with exposure to AbbVie, Inc. Here are 5 ETFs with the largest exposure to ABBV-US. omparing the performance and risk of AbbVie, Inc. with the ETFs that have exposure to it gives us some ETF choices that could give us similar returns with lower volatility. Ticker Fund Name ... Read more (Read more...)
6/19 11:51am

Abbott Laboratories :ABT-US: Earnings Analysis: Q1, 2017 By the Numbers : June 19, 2017

ategories: Yahoo FinanceGet free summary analysis Abbott Laboratories reports financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2017. We analyze the earnings along side the following peers of Abbott Laboratories – Pfizer Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Hologic, Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb ompany, AstraZeneca PL, Mylan N.V., Medtronic plc, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and Boston Scientific orporation (PFE-US, JNJ-US, ... Read more (Read more...)
6/19 11:00am


Medical Marijuana, Research, Strains
evada company, recently pushing for research grant at LSU. They are trying to patent certain strains of marijuana and sell it to medical marijuana industry. They have groweries in evada currently being harvested. Will begin first revenue stream in July. One of two marijuana companies in US that report to the SEC. They have investor reports on their website. Give it a look. What do you think? Any advice? First post here, but I lurk often. So if I fucked the rules, excuse me. submitted by /u/redline_headline [link] [comments]
6/19 11:00am

$GBLX - GrowBlox {Medical Marijuana}

Medical Marijuana, Research, Strains
evada company, recently pushing for research grant at LSU. They are trying to patent certain strains of marijuana and sell it to medical marijuana industry. They have groweries in evada currently being harvested. Will begin first revenue stream in July. One of two marijuana companies in US that report to the SEC. They have investor reports on their website. Give it a look. What do you think? Any advice? First post here, but I lurk often. So if I fucked the rules, excuse me. submitted by /u/redline_headline [link] [comments]
6/19 10:28am

AbbVie (ABBV) Stock Hits 52-Week High: More Room to Run?

bbVie Inc. (BBV) shares hit a 52-week high of $71.12 on Friday before eventually closing at $71.05.
6/19 6:18am

First Bitcoin Capital Corp Installing Automated Check-Cashing and Bitcoin ATMs Into California High Traffic Markets.

ANCOUER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 19, 2017 / First Bitcoin Capital Corp (OTC: BITCF) and Simple Automated Money, Inc. (SAMCO) announced today that SAMCO will provide automated check-cashing kiosks through ...
6/18 11:01am

AbbVie Stock Just Hit a 52-Week High: Here's Why It Should Go Even Higher

an AbbVie stock's momentum continue? The signs point to yes.
6/18 7:44am

Tweed about to launch softgels and craftgrow strains

Production, Strains
ttps:// Te craft grow strains include 3 strains from Island garden and 3 softgels submitted by /u/FaCureMoter [link] [comments]
6/17 11:57pm

Tweed Mainstreet's first craft grow strains in production. Sensi Star, Wappa, and CBD Shark Shock.

CBD, Production, Strains
6/17 11:50pm

Tweed Black label capsules. 3 types.

6/17 9:07pm

Southwestern union, medical pot grower [Aphria] team up for worker benefits package

6/17 11:18am

Breaking Bad , What if Supreme bought Srna ?

omething just came to me , Bechtel one of the new board members over at RNA is also one of the biggest stake holders in upreme. Maybe RNA and upreme Merged ( LOL) but shiztnitz that would be awesome submitted by /u/Marijillionaire [link] [comments]
6/17 12:29am

Aphria sold assets

heard that Aphria sold assets to manipulate their earnings.. Where can you find this on the quarterly report? submitted by /u/-am-ocean [link] [comments]
6/16 7:10pm
CANV SEC Charges

SEC Charges Poster Boy Of Pot Penny Stock Bubble With Fraud

he Securities & Exchange Commission filed fraud charges against CannaVest, now known as CV Sciences, and its CEO, Michael Mona, Jr.
6/16 6:46pm

Anyone know broker to buy Canadian stocks?

ey guys, I'm Englis currently living in australia. Does anyone know any brokers (including online) tat will allow my to buy on te Canadian excange. I'm oping to buy THC BioMed International asapppppppppppppppp lol Tanks so muc xxxx submitted by /u/mellymoneymaker [link] [comments]
6/16 3:23pm

ETFs with exposure to Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. : June 16, 2017

ategories: ETFs Yahoo Financelick here to see latest analysis ETFs with exposure to Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Here are 5 ETFs with the largest exposure to ARNA-US. omparing the performance and risk of Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. with the ETFs that have exposure to it gives us some ETF choices that could give us similar returns with lower volatility. Ticker ... Read more (Read more...)
6/16 11:42am

Earth Science Tech, Inc. :ETST-US: Earnings Analysis: Q4, 2017 By the Numbers : June 16, 2017

ategories: Yahoo FinanceGet free summary analysis Earth Science Tech, Inc. reports financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2017. Highlights Summary numbers: Revenues of USD 0.12 million, Net Earnings of USD -0.74 million. Gross margins widened from 45.59% to 53.98% compared to the same period last year, operating (EBITDA) margins now -586.53% from 49.58%. Narrowing of ... Read more (Read more...)
6/16 11:19am

ACOL and their Future?

COL have been on a good streak lately. I just broke even on them today. What do you guys think of the future? Could a partnership with Shoppers be in the works? Should I get out now? ny thoughts appreciated. submitted by /u/throwaweigh13 [link] [comments]
6/16 10:54am

Tetra will be attending next week, the largest pharmaceutical convention called Bio International

6/16 10:38am
GLAG Acquisitions

Gala Global Inc. Names Dr. Maqsood Rehman as COO

Acquisitions, Biotechnology, Development, Financing, Investments
NHEIM, Calif., June 16, 2017-- Gala Global, Inc., a publicly-traded development firm specializing in equity investments, debt financing and mergers and acquisitions in the biotechnology industry, has ...
6/16 9:40am

AlumiFuel Acquires Logistics Company

lumiFuel Power Corporation today announced that it has acquired Owen Logistics, LLC , an asset based carrier specializing in blanket wrap and final mile white glove delivery to its clients.
6/16 9:34am

AbbVie, Inc. :ABBV-US: Earnings Analysis: Q1, 2017 By the Numbers : June 16, 2017

ategories: Yahoo FinanceGet free summary analysis AbbVie, Inc. reports financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2017. We analyze the earnings along side the following peers of AbbVie, Inc. – Amgen Inc., Pfizer Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb ompany, Eli Lilly and ompany, Gilead Sciences, Inc., Biogen Inc., GlaxoSmithKline plc Sponsored ADR, Astrazeneca PL Sponsored ADR and Neurocrine ... Read more (Read more...)
6/16 8:36am

Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. breached its 50 day moving average in a Bearish Manner : ARNA-US : June 16, 2017

ategories: ETFs Yahoo FinanceGet full apitalube analysis *Disclaimer : This is as of previous day’s closing price. Technical Indicators Below is a quick look at 5 technical indicators for Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. More studies are available on the Technical hart. Indicator Signal losing Price above/below 50 Day Moving Average Bearish losing Price above/below 200 Day Moving Average Bearish ... Read more (Read more...)
6/16 8:00am

Biotech Industry Showing Signs of a Revival in 2017: Today's Research on Adamis Pharmaceuticals and Arena Pharmaceuticals

Research, Pharmaceuticals
EW YORK, Y / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2017 / The Biotech Industry has continued to outperform the broader markets till now in 2017. Biotech companies appear to be benefiting from a speedier FDA approval ...
6/16 6:30am

NetworkNewsWire Announces Publication that Highlights Notable Public Companies in the Alzheimer's Disease Treatment Market

etworkewsWire , a multifaceted financial news and publishing company, today announces the publication of an editorial featuring India Globalization Capital, Inc. , an W client positioned as a first ...
6/15 11:09am

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.B) Stock Is Still a Treasured Buy

Growing, Investment, Investors
rom struggling local textile company to world-renowned outperforming investment vehicle, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK.B) has come a long way, growing earnings at an astonishing rate all the while. Many investors still see risk with Warren Buffett now 86 years old and and Charlie Munger 93. Just as with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), there is undoubtedly key man risk.
6/15 10:43am

3 Stocks With Better Dividends Than CVS Health Corporation

VS Health is a great dividend stock. AbbVie, Gilead Sciences, and Pfizer are even better.