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Cannabis Stocks News

6/11 6:54pm

Marapharm Ventures Inc. Closes Oversubscribed Financing

6/11 4:32pm

Canopy Growth provides operational update regarding licensing arrangement with Bedrocan International

6/11 10:24am

Easton Pharmaceuticals Announces That Easton and Its JV Partner, Alliance Group, Have Generated $40,000 in Revenues in the First Week of Operations

aston Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC: APH) Announces that aston and its JV partner 1124123 Ontario Limited (O/A - Alliance Group) generated $40,000 in in revenues in the first week of operations on its Georgina property. After the delivery of heavy machinery to the Georgina property, the company can disclose that operations have generated over $40,000 CDN in revenues in its first week of operations.
6/11 10:00am

Abbvie/Roche's Leukemia Drugs Combination Gets FDA Approval

bbVie (BBV) and Roche's (RHHBY) cancer drugs, Venclexta and Rituxan receive approval for combination use in second-line chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
6/11 9:08am

FastForward Innovations Limited completes the sale of all of its shares in Aphria Inc

6/11 9:08am

The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Bristol Myers, Merck, Roche, Lilly and AbbVie

he Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Bristol Myers, Merck, Roche, Lilly and AbbVie
6/11 8:00am

Innovative Lithium Extraction Technique, Summary of Testing

Extraction, Synthetic, Testing
ELOWNA, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2018 / Enertopia Corporation (ENRT) on the OTCQB and (TOP) on the CSE, (ENRT) (TOP.CN) (the "Company" or "Enertopia") is pleased to announce the following synthetic lithium brine testing update for the recovery of Lithium compounds by our technology partner, Genesis Water Technologies Inc. (GWT), a leader in specialized water treatment solutions. Over the past several months, GWT designed, built and tested a bench scale pilot plant to recover Li2CO3 from synthetic brine solutions created from Enertopia's Clayton Valley, Nevada project.
6/10 4:36pm

New Photos, An in-depth look into Aphria, Leamington

Alcohol, Cannabis, Cleaning, Development, Greenhouses, Growing, Investment, Investments, Investors, News, Production, Research, Security
phria - n in-depth look into operations in Leamington - New Photos Hello!!! Investors, Stoners, Businessman, Day Traders, Long Traders, and Due Diligence ficionados! I am here today to provide you with pictures from yesterday's excursion to Leamington, Ontario to check up on my investments. (Note: I am happy to see construction progressing) Here are the sites I visited yesterday... 225 Talbot Rd 239 Talbot Rd 245 Talbot Rd 265 Talbot Rd 269 Talbot Rd 512 Mersea Rd #8 336 Mersea Rd #3 Double Diamond Site on Hwy #77 N. of Leamington' Below is the investor deck where I got the addresses, take a look it also includes the cres of each site. Let's go through them one at a time... Please keep in mind, I am not an expert on greenhouse construction. I would like to open this discussion up to anyone who has insights on the subject. 225 Talbot Rd - 1 cre This site is still under development. The greenhouse frames and roof are up, the floor is still dirt but I expect this will change in a few weeks. My opinion is that this site will be up and running in 3 months based on the current progress. It's a small site so I assume it will be used for starting plants for the big greenhouses. Let's look at the pictures... Entrance - Front - - Greenhouse - - - 239 Talbot Rd - 5 cres I was impressed by the progress of this 5 acres site. The cameras had already been installed (I waved) and there were a few people (cleaning crew?) working on Saturday afternoon. The site looks about 2-3 months away from completion and appears to be very state of the art. The pictures... Entrance - Front - Greenhouse - - - 245 Talbot Rd - Office phria's office is located right on Talbot St, in close proximity to their grow. The one thing that stands out about the office's location to me, is the Tim Horton's drive through. The entrance to the drive through goes right past phria's office, which I'm sure sees a few thousand people everyday. The building that they are in is also under modernization and has a neat art piece right in the center. The construction is being carried out by Grossi Construction. Sign - Entrance - - Construction Permit - 265 Talbot Rd - 36 cres This was the only site with actual weed growing as far as I could tell. This was also the only place where a security guard approached me. He was a little suspicious of me, so I gave him my full name, and explained to him that I was an investor in the company and was conducting research for fellow investors (You!) He was able to confirm that Cannabis was growing and my nose was able to Verify that information. I didn't hang out here too long but it appears this site was owned by Cole Cacciavillani & F.M. Farms. Entrance - Front - Greenhouses - - - - - - - - - 269 Talbot Rd - 11 cres There was no official address at the road that I could see, and the site has not begun development it appears. However, according to the security guard I was parked on the empty lot of that site while I was taking pictures of the main site. So I will have to come back to this site on next month's trip to update my findings. 512 Mersea Rd #8 - 100 cres Did a couple drive-bys of this address because I was a little confused. There is a house at this address currently and it appears to be occupied. But judging by the other site's I visited, there were a few abandoned houses at the entrances. I believe that phria is after the 100 cre farm field behind the house itself. I didn't take any pictures because someone was living there and I wanted to respect their privacy. The field out back appears to be growing Winter Weat... I guess time will tell on this development. 336 Mersea Rd #3 - 16 cres So this is where things got interesting for me. I didn't realize how big 16 cres really was until now, but HOLY SMOKES this is very impressive. t first it seemed a little deceiving from the entrance way, because there is an abandoned house there and the actual greenhouse is at the back of the property. Let me tell you this, It's huge! I couldn't even fit the whole building into one frame on my camera when I was standing on top of a hill. I am very surprised at how close I got to the greenhouse, and I walked around inside as well and took some pictures. Truly in we of the progress that is being made here. I would say this site is 1-2 months away from plants in the ground. Oh and shades were installed in the ceiling to stop light from getting in (for the plants, but the construction workers use them too). Here are the pictures... Entrance - The Neighbor's Free Range Chickens - Greenhouse Exterior - - - Interior - - - - - - - - - Double Diamond Site - Hwy #77 N. of Leamington - 100 cres Last but definitely not least is the double diamond expansion. Right now there isn't a whole lot to see here. It's an empty field that has been leveled and it appears construction has just started. It will be very interesting to come back in a months time to see the construction progress. My thoughts are 8 - 10 months, but again I'm no expert on the subject. Please chime in if you are... nyways the site has a sign up for Double Diamond Farms on Hwy #77. It also has a construction entrance at an abandoned house on Mersea Rd #8. Here are the pictures... The Sign - The Field - - - Materials - - - Machinery - - Conclusion Based on my findings yesterday, I believe phria is in a very strong position coming into Legalization. However, the supply chain won't be fully up and running until March 2019 according to Vic. 20,000kg Per Month. Which means this is a good long term investment in my opinion. Still lots to look forward too regarding production, cost per gram, and recreational brands. Forget all the RUMORS (Diageo, Molson, ccusitions etc) They mean nothing until the news release comes out anyways, because that's all they are for now... RUMORS. Instead, focus on phria as a stand-alone company. No matter what, they WILL be growing a lot of Cannabis with or without the help of Big Pharma and lcohol Companies. The proof is in the developments that you see here. This is not a shell company, this is a boots to the ground operation that is achieving great accomplishments. Let's see what the future brings. It should be exciting. Note: I own 15,290 shares in phria and don't plan on selling until long after the global shift to Cannabis occurs. Which is a long way off. So I am LONG submitted by /u/eldogg [link] [comments]
6/10 10:07am
APH.V Acquisitions

Could Aphria be coming for Maricann? -

Acquisitions, Automation, Deals, Growing, Marketing, News
am writing this in hope of finding some more details. was digging through Aphria filings, and ended up in a different direction because noticed names tied to Maricann. The two names found tied up in Aphria filings were Paul Pathak (the now interim Chairman of Maricann), also David Danzinger from MNP (the new Auditor for Maricann announced last month). t was the article that am sure you all can remember regarding Ben Ward saying that someone/something is looking to take over Maricann being one of the reasons for the botched deal. t was also Paul Pathak the interim chairman who came out and nullified the statement. Lets start with Paul Pathak. He has connections dating back many years to the company who brought Aphria public. Delavaco Group. Paul Pathak was a senior director for a firm by the name of Fareport Capital nc. This was in the early 2000's. Now the significance of Fareport Capital nc, is that this is where the relationship begins with Delavaco (the number one firm Aphria uses for mergers and acquisitions). Fareport Capital was run by Andy Defrancesco from Delavaco. Now if you dont know about Delavaco they have been apart of Aphria deals since Aphrias inception. Delavaco was also apart of LHS, Nuuvera, SCYB. All these aphria connections were brought by Delavaco. So here is where things get a little interesting. Paul Pathak through his company Aumento Capital V Corporation formed WEEDMD. There are a few Aumento Capital corps run by Pathak and a man by the name of David Danziger. Mr. Danzinger ceased being an insider of WEEDMD December 01 2017. Paul Pathak still remains an insider of WEEDMD. WEEDMD was then in turn gobbled up by Hiku early this year. Aphria is an investor in Hiku. Now in regards to David Danzinger and why he stuck out to me as being a key piece is that he is Senior Vice President, Assurance & National Leader, Public Companies at MNP LLC Now for those of you who noticed last month. Maricann booted EY and Hired MNP LLC as their auditor. s this a coincidence? Mr. Pathak, and Mr. Danzinger work hand in hand at Aumento. Why was Mr. Pathak added as chairman to Maricann? Why was MNP hired as the new auditor? Why did Ben Ward say that someone was attempting to take over Maricann? Two of the underwriters of the botched deal (Clarus, and Cannacord) have close ties to both Delavaco (aphria), and Aumento. t also appears a man by the name of Roger Daher is along for these rides. (an insider at WEEDMD). Roger also appears to own 6 pharmasave pharmacies wanted to write this, in hope of others being able to shine some light on areas. ll add more as go along. Fareport Capital Sedi - (where the connection begins) WEEDMD (Aumento) - Aumento insiders - David Danzinger - May 25, 2018 British Columbia Securities Commission Alberta Securities Commission Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan Ontario Securities Commission Financial and Consumer Services Commission (New Brunswick) . Dear Sir/Madam: As required by section 4.11 of National nstrument 51-102, we have read the change of auditor notice of Maricann Group nc. dated May 16, 2018 The Ben Ward article that was redacted by Pathak - n an e-mail to The Globe, Paul Pathak, interim chair of Maricann, said the company had "nothing further to say" on Mr. Ward's comments to Stockhouse, citing a "quiet period." - Now for the question of WHY? - The Exclusive Mckesson pharmacy deal puts a big target on Maricann. imagine LHS would love to have a powerhouse connection with Mckesson in the USA. Roger Daher who seems to be joining these rides with Pathak owns/a partner of 6 Pharmasave pharmacies. *He is a Pharmacist and Owner or partner of 6 Pharmasave pharmacies in Ontario. Mr. Daher has been Owner of a Pharmasave pharmacy since 2000. He has worked in the pharmacy industry for 25 years and been a Licensed Pharmacist for 26 years. * Only thing is APHria needs a GMP certified growing space. hear APHRA is now just building out a GMP certified facility, with automation. (Maricann already has that). f Aph managed to book full access to all Mckesson pharmacies in Canada, along with USA (once legal). Mckesson is your number one partner to do it with. (this would allow Aphria to unload far more product at higher margins) People loved the Aphria shoppers deal. But in Reality Shoppers is small potatoes compared to Mckesson. Also Clay Horner who is special counsel to MARCANN was the one who lead the merger of Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart. Clay Horner has been apart of some of the biggest M&A in Canada. Maricann is the only way you get in to Mckesson. Further more know the APH crew have been spreading rumors of Diageo. Well Maricann has that connection also. Geoff Was head of marketing at Diageo for 7 years before joining Maricann. Before that he was a category manager at LCBO for a few years. submitted by /u/Cosmokramer111 [link] [comments]
6/10 9:40am

3 Reasons to Expect Smooth Sailing for AbbVie's Mission-Critical Candidate

verything's falling into place for AbbVie's next arthritis drug.
6/10 7:17am

Better Marijuana Stock: GW Pharmaceuticals vs. Cara Therapeutics

hich stock wins in a one-on-one battle between two biotechs with cannabinoid pipeline candidates?
6/10 7:08am

Smokeless delivery methods for 2019?

Cannabis, Delivery Methods, Research, Smokeless, Topicals, Patents
’m doing my Research for the next wave and looking to see what companies are focusing on new technology to produce other delivery methods for cannabis? Vaping, cannastrips, topicals, nanotechnology ect. What companies have patents pending or interesting product ideas on the horizon? submitted by /u/sowhatodds [link] [comments]
6/09 10:42am

Has anyone had any interest or luck finding stock that pays dividends?

Cannabis, Investing
have read about ABBV and have looked into COD. 'm a new to the subreddit and interested in investing in cannabis. know 'm wanting stock that pays in dividends. submitted by /u/meganahs [link] [comments]
6/08 2:55pm

AbbVie Announces U.S. FDA Approval of VENCLEXTA® (venetoclax tablets) in Combination with Rituximab as a Fixed Duration Treatment for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia or Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma Patients Who Have Received One Prior Therapy

In the MURANO Phase 3 clinical trial, the VENCLEXTA® (venetoclax tablets) plus rituximab combination showed a significant improvement in progressionfree survival (PFS) for relapsed/refractory (R/R) ...
6/08 2:50pm

Aphria Welcomes Passage of Bill C-45 in Senate, Ready to Meet Demand for Adult-Use Cannabis in Canada

6/08 11:53am

Cannabis Science’s University Scholarship Expo Begins This Weekend; Register Now at the Company’s Flagship Location: CBIS Cali Rx, 14006 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA

Cannabis, Development, Science
annabis Science, Inc. (BIS), a U.S. company specializing in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines, is pleased to announce that the ompany’s latest University Scholarship Expo will begin this weekend at ali RX, annabis Science’s flagship location.
6/08 10:15am

Abbott Declares 378th Consecutive Quarterly Dividend

BBOTT PRK, Ill., June 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The board of directors of bbott (BT) today declared a quarterly common dividend of 28 cents per share. This marks the 378th consecutive quarterly dividend to be paid by bbott since 1924. The cash dividend is payable ug. 15, 2018, to shareholders of record at the close of business on July 13, 2018.
6/08 10:06am

Aphria BMO Target Price

n May BMO Capital Markets "initiated coverage" of Aphria and Canopy and gave them target prices of $17 and $45 respectively. Do you think that the $17 target price for Aphria may have taken into account the recent bought deal? Or they didn't have access to this kind of information when the report came out and thus the $17 target will likely be revised? 'd love some thoughts on this. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/JimmyMcTrade [link] [comments]
6/08 9:14am

Bio-Rad Banks on Solid Global Scenario, Competition Rife

io-Rad (IO) delivers robust performance, primarily in North America, China and the Asia-Pacific region.
6/08 8:01am

See what the IHS Markit Score report has to say about Abbott Laboratories.

bbott Laboratories NYSE:BT
6/08 5:00am
BITCF Enters

First Bitcoin Capital Corp Enters Into Partnership Involving One of the Most Recognizable and Legendary eSports Brands: Updates Shareholders

EL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2018 / First Bitcoin Capital Corp (OC PINK:BICF), a prolific generator of more than 100 unique cryptocurrencies and developer of blockchain powered technologies is proud to announce that it has has reached an agreement with the mother of PHIZZURP ( known as @PHIZZURP_MOM) to license the rights to the brand PHIZZURP and PHIZZURP KO and other related intellectual properties. Phillip "Phizzurp" Klemenov (1992-2016) was a professional Call of Duty legendary player and a popular video game streamer. At the time of his tragic death he had over 70,000 subscribers on Youube and about 6,000,000 views on ( ) with more than 350,000 followers on witter.
6/07 8:42pm

Canadian Firm Aphria To Potentially buy Florida Medical Marijuana License Holder 3 Boys Farm

Medical Marijuana
6/07 5:46pm

High Hampton Holdings COO says acquisition opportunities in California look bright

6/07 3:00pm

Where Will Cara Therapeutics, Inc. Be in 5 Years?

ara Therapeutics is nearing an inflection point that could make it or break it over the next five years.
6/07 1:59pm

Global Biopharmaceutical Company, Ipsen Announces New Headquarters for North America will be located in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Development, Investment
DR: IPSEY), a global biopharmaceutical group, announced it will establish its North merican headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The announcement was made at the 2018 BIO International Convention in Boston with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC), an economic development investment agency dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the life sciences in Massachusetts. Ipsen will create its third global headquarters by consolidating its U.S. business in Cambridge, the leading global biotech hub.
6/07 9:39am

Vodis Pharmaceuticals Investor Update: LP application status, first crop in WA harvested: veganic + energy efficient 1.57 g/Watt

6/07 9:05am

Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA) Up 15.1% Since Earnings Report: Can It Continue?

rena Pharmaceuticals (RN) reported earnings 30 days ago. What's next for the stock? We take a look at earnings estimates for some clues.
6/07 8:55am

City of Coachella Ratifies Approval of Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for High Hampton’s CoachellaGro Operation to Cultivate Medicinal Cannabis

6/07 8:30am

Earth Science Tech, Inc. Shares Updates on its CBD Formula Patents and Medical Device Progress

CBD, Development, Research, Science, Testing, Patents
arth Science Tech, Inc. (TST) (“TST" or the “Company"), an innovative biotech company focused on the cannabidiol (CBD), nutraceutical and pharmaceutical fields, medical devices, as well as research and development, is pleased to share updates on its ongoing CBD formula patents and medical device progress. The first batch will be tested by the team, and in vitro testing will begin in summer 2019 to show the superior antioxidant activities and better anti-proliferative effects on breast cancer cells. arth Science Tech also shares its progress in the launch of the MSN-2 medical device and finalization of the last step before large scale deployment.
6/07 8:15am

City of Coachella Ratifies Approval of Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for High Hampton's CoachellaGro Operation to Cultivate Medicinal Cannabis

6/07 7:31am

Analyzing Nektar Therapeutics’ Operational Performance

Development, Research
ektar Therapeutics’ (KTR) cost of goods sold increased from $6.1 million in Q1 2017 to $6.6 million in Q1 2018. This increase was due to ektar’s clinical development of KTR-214, KTR-181, and KTR-262 and preclinical activities for KTR-255. ektar Therapeutics expects research and development expenses to increase significantly in fiscal 2018 as compared to fiscal 2017 mainly on account of the development of KTR-214 under its collaboration agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb.
6/07 7:08am

True Leaf Cannabis Cultivation Facility on Schedule for Fall 2018 Completion

Cannabis, Cultivation
6/07 6:01am

Leamington pot producer Aphria to build $55M extraction centre, boost production

Extraction, Production
6/06 11:56pm

acquisition rumored today for 3 Boys Farms, by Canadian company Aphria

6/06 11:21pm

Impact of Aphria's Bought Deal

lease Analyze I made a simple sheet to calculate the impact of the dilution vs the cash raised from the bought deal and its impact on the share price. Does this make sense and highlight the impact of the bought deal on Share rice properly? Held EV (Enterprise Value) constant and added new cash to get to an inferred Market Capitalization then divided Mkt Cap by Updated Shares Outstanding to get a Share rice that reflects the effects of the bought deal. Data from S& CapitalIQ. submitted by /u/BHaaks [link] [comments]
6/06 9:19pm


nteresting nk'd nsider report and the amount of insider selling that has been going on. Take a look between 10-12.50 in May submitted by /u/BigBurdBenches [link] [comments]