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Industry News


1/26 6:36am

2018-0126 – New Listing – Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corporation (CGOC & CGOC.WT) | CSE

1/26 5:00am
Bitcoin, Cannabis, Greenhouses, Investing

MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon, 1/26

OS ANGEES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 26, 2018 / Sustainable greenhouses, cryptocurrency and bitcoin, startup investing, solar energy, cannabis business, government shutdown blues; this week on MoneyTV ...
1/26 4:11am

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1/26 2:06am

P.E.I government to buy 3 million grams of pot a year.

ttp:// submitted by /u/itsiignoon [link] [comments]
1/26 1:42am
Cannabis, Cultivation

CBW: Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. Announces New Streaming Partner and Plans to Convert Former Nestle Facility for Cannabis Cultivation

1/26 1:14am

[$$] IQOS Cigarette Alternative Suffers a Blow at FDA Panel

cientists advising U.. regulators dealt a setback to the tobacco industry’s multibillion-dollar quest to bring a cigarette alternative to market.
1/26 1:00am

Interesting bit of analysis on Aurora merger

1/26 12:40am
Alcohol, Events, Tobacco

Within the next 18 months in the US:

ultiple of the following will occur: The budget passes with an amendment restoring Cole memo protections for medical states...long protects rec states as well States will begin passing laws to protect banks that work with weed companies (long shot...the feds do) As many as 5 (long shot...7) new states will go rec and as many as 5 states will go medical Congress will figure out how to remove marijuana from Schedule I (if the dems get numbers in November) GWPH releases proven drug that drastically reduces seizures and therefore legitimizes its medicinal properties Another Constellation type acquisition from big alcohol/pharma/tobacco (would big alcohol be interested in TNY?) Each of these will be a major catalyst which are not currently priced in because of fear. Certain combinations of these events happening will get serious dollars moving in the market. Don’t wait until it’s already happening to pull the trigger on some US companies. Just hold on tight when Jeff Sessions opens his mouth. submitted by /u/bvkuntz [link] [comments]
1/26 12:35am

Daily Discussion, [January 26, 2018]

his thread is for daily discussion. Please discuss ONLY weed stocks in this thread. Comments unrelated to weed stocks may be removed. New to Reddit? Read his New to r/weedstocks? Read his Want to start trading? Read his Use the search bar before asking any question. All questions that can be answered by these resources may be removed. hank you. submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]
1/26 12:04am

AMA: I Grew pot in northern California for 10 plus years. Towards the end I began to get specialised in identification of diseases and pests. AMA

MO one of the major overlooked aspects of the design and implementation of large scale cultivation is diseases and pests. submitted by /u/proofofinsurance [link] [comments]
1/25 11:45pm
Growing, Lights

Anybody have any experience with companies that are supplemental to the medical/recreational industry?

hat is the market like for companies that produce things like growing medium, lights, hydro set ups etc...? submitted by /u/Personal-Burgers [link] [comments]
1/25 11:38pm
DIGP Cannabis, Consulting, Consulting Services, Facilities, Media, Medical Marijuana, News, Testing

Why isn't everyone talking about the only two US public testing facilities?

EVIO and DIGP are never talked about, but yet "marijuana-testing lab: cannabis testing is poised to become a 1.4 billion market by itself, according to a new estimate." According to HighTimes. And EVIO is a top competitor in industry already while DIGP was doing fairly well in New Mexico, the state cracked down and they were not compliant. EVIO financials taken from most recent news section, "BEND, Ore., Jan. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EVIO, Inc. (OTCQB:EVIO) EVIO’s Fiscal Year 2017 revenue was 3,021,030, an increase of 438 percent on a year over year basis. A majority of the growth came from increased testing revenue, which was up 782 percent, while consulting services increased by 27 percent. Fourth quarter revenues were 742,633, an increase of 339 percent over the same period in 2016. Gross profit margin increased from 6 percent in 2016 to 19 percent in Fiscal Year 2017." And DIGP most recent news, the submit a form or correction to the state, "LAS VEGAS, Jan. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Digipath, Inc. (OTCQB: DIGP), a service-oriented independent cannabis testing laboratory and media firm focused on the developing cannabis market, announced that it will submit today a Plan of Correction to the State of Nevada's Department of Taxation, Marijuana Enforcement Division, addressing regulatory violations the Department found in the course of its review of Digipath Labs' operations and procedures. Digipath Labs was notified by the Department on January 19, 2018, following the close of business, that the Medical Marijuana Registration Certificate and Marijuana Testing Facility License held by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Digipath Labs, had been suspended. The Department's notice provides for a hearing before an administrative law judge on February 15, 2018. Digipath is seeking reinstatement of its licenses as soon as possible so that it can resume its testing services." submitted by /u/Hinglemccringleburry [link] [comments]
1/25 11:13pm
Pot Stocks

Marijuana Stocks For Newbies: Everything You Need to Know Behind the "High" Flying Pot Stocks

1/25 10:52pm

Tinley Beverage Co. #cheerstotheweekend

1/25 10:18pm

Helping settle the Marijuana and Alcohol Debate

1/25 9:39pm

TGIF Production Analysis

poster on Stockhouse (321PMC) made this. Everything seems to be accurate after some spot checks. nyone have an opinion or see flaws? Disclosure I own a lot of these stocks just looking for some other opinions/discussion as so far not finding significant downside or overvaluation outside of a fairly large float and doing business solely in the U.S. submitted by /u/Cooksor [link] [comments]
1/25 9:03pm

OLCC triples penalties for underage marijuana sales

he state on hursday announced it will temporarily increase penalties for those who unintentionally sell marijuana to minors. he announcement by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which oversees the state's recreational marijuana industry, comes on the heels of a statewide sting in December ...
1/25 8:51pm

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have had “multiple fights” over the government's approach to marijuana laws

1/25 8:48pm

Weed going to be available in resorts in Mexico!

1/25 8:37pm
Banking, Cannabis

California bill seeks to legalize banking for cannabis businesses

alifornia and eight other states have legalized adult recreational use of marijuana, but the laws don't trump federal rules that make banks that accept deposits from such businesses liable for penalties. It means cannabis merchants must pay their taxes and employees with huge wads of cash — putting ...
1/25 8:33pm

Mexico minister backs marijuana legalization in major beach resorts

1/25 8:22pm
Cannabis, Production

CBW Is Entitled to 50% of ABCN's Cannabis Production Yields For the Next 99 Years

1/25 8:21pm
Products, Testing, Extracts

Whats going to happen to grey market producers come legalization?

'm referring to the likes of Pacific Gas Co, Purely Medicinals, Toko, Phyto Extracts, Phant, etc. They are producing desirable products. Are larger LPs perhaps connected to them, but undisclosed? Like a pre-rec testing ground? know people are going to say they will live on, perhaps with a lot more pressure with regulations... and others just shutdown... but it's an interesting angle which don't think 've seen discussed. submitted by /u/FoxRiver [link] [comments]
1/25 8:13pm


1/25 8:13pm

CBC - on the money | Preparations for legal pot continue

1/25 8:08pm


’m interested in buying the new Horizons Junior ETF but have some questions. Do ETF’s usually get an PO? Or do they just start trading? What happened with HMMJ? deally ’d like to get in right at the start. Thanks. submitted by /u/mc_louds [link] [comments]
1/25 8:08pm

HMJR - how to buy the new ETF?

’m interested in buying the new Horizons Junior ETF but have some questions. Do ETF’s usually get an PO? Or do they just start trading? What happened with HMMJ? deally ’d like to get in right at the start. Thanks. submitted by /u/mc_louds [link] [comments]
1/25 8:03pm

In high-stakes votes, FDA advisors say evidence doesn't back Philip Morris' claims

n FD advisory committee said evidence doesn't support the tobacco company's claim that iQOS cuts the risk of tobacco-related diseases.
1/25 7:55pm
Cannabis, CBD, Medical Marijuana

Cannabis measures make headway in Indiana Legislature

n fact, Thursday morning, state lawmakers voted 94-0 to pass a resolution calling for an interim study of medical marijuana. There's traction, too, with a bunch of cannabidiol (CBD) oil bills budding in the Statehouse. Also on Thursday morning, a House committee passed a bill legalizing the sale and ...
1/25 7:50pm

What platform do you trade on?

do most my trading through robin hood but can't seem to find most weedstocks on there. What do you guys use? submitted by /u/gunksmtn1216 [link] [comments]
1/25 7:33pm

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