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Industry News


7/10 10:49am

Canopy Rivers Prepares to Go Public After Raising $104 Million

7/10 10:25am

Quinsam Provides Favourable Q2 Update on Investments

7/10 10:16am

Lineage Announces $10 Million Convertible Debenture Offering

7/10 9:54am
Hedge Fund

Navy Capital Appoints Experienced Hedge Fund Exec. as President and CFO

7/10 9:53am

Data Shows Increasing Importance of the Cannabis Supply Chain

7/10 9:12am

Nutritional High and NeutriSci to Launch Cannabis-Infused Nu Energy Tablets July 11th

7/10 8:59am

MGCLF/MGC appears to be very close to European GMP status

ith the cannepil coming to Australia very soon after GMP and other divisions of the company starting to pickup momentum GMP status would add some fuel to the fire here. cert no.=450-14/2018-1 country=slovenia submitted by /u/dbodeenisudm [link] [comments]
7/10 8:56am

FSD Pharma Announces Collaboration and Profit Sharing Agreement with Canntab for Production and Market of Oral Dose Delivery Platforms

7/10 8:54am
Facilities, Products

Provincial Supply Agreements with LPs

hat are the details of these supply agreements? Are the LPs locked in to these quantities (are they guaranteed sales)? hat price is each province paying? hat products are going to be available? How are the taxes working? Is there a table that summarizes what each of the LPs have been awarded? Are LPs actually going to be able to meet the comittments they made (most seem like their facilities are still under construction)? Based on what I been reading, it's seeming like the rec market is going to be pretty tough - especially Quebec - if they're buying for $4 per gram and LPs have to pay a $1 tax on that it's going to get pretty tough to survive (let alone compete) . *Sorry if this is a repost, just been reading a lot of excitement over Alberta signing supply agreements and I'm having trouble understanding why everyone's so excited. Seems like the LPs can barely make a profit with a direct to consumer model in the current market, so they're going to get destroyed in the rec market? submitted by /u/middaymintyfresh [link] [comments]
7/10 8:54am

Capital Ideas TV, Planet 13: Building the Largest Dispensary in the World (in Las Vegas).

7/10 8:52am

EVIO Inc. Expands Signed Lease Agreement For Palm Desert Facility

7/10 8:46am

CV Sciences, Inc. to Host Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Investor Day on August 4, 2018 in San Diego, California

7/10 8:41am

Cannvas Introduces Cannvas Creative, Cannvas Data, and Cannvas Connect

7/10 8:41am

Cannvas Introduces Cannvas Creative, Cannvas Data, and Cannvas Connect - Independent Divisions With Multiple Sources of Revenue

7/10 8:40am


7/10 8:38am
Colombia Cannabis

MYM to Acquire 49% Stake in Colombian Cannabis Company, Colombia Organica

7/10 8:37am

Cannvas Introduces Cannvas Creative, Cannvas Data and Cannvas Connect - Independent Divisions with Multiple Sources of Revenue

7/10 8:17am

Kalytera Therapeutics Announces Short Form Prospectus Offering of Units

7/10 8:14am

Choom™ Announces the Appointment of Director of Sales

7/10 8:00am

Medical Therapeutics Moving Forward with New Office Location with Established 2700 Patient Database

he Company expects this office location to grow rapidly by taking advantage of a 2700 patient database from a former competitor that went out of business due to its owner’s family and legal issues. his clinic was generating close to $ 2 Million ($1.8M) in revenue prior to closing two years ago. Medical herapeutics’ marketing division has been actively calling this patient database and has generated over 70 firm appointments to date with patients that are anxious to continue their therapy. Medical herapeutics’ male enhancement product offerings applied in a clinic setting have shown tremendous success. Medical herapeutics has been contacted by Primary Care Physicians (PCP) in this area who will refer their patients with Erectile Dysfunction and other male hormonal issues to this new facility. Generally, PCP’s only provide their patients with prescriptions for the name brand pills commonly associated with E.D. hese pills stop working for many patients and PCP’s will be happy to refer their patients to an alternative treatment. he side effects of the ordinary main stream ED medicines are contraindicative to their use.
7/10 7:51am

Former DAVIDsTEA CEO Joins True Leaf as Director

7/10 7:35am

Naturally Splendid Announces Prosnack Re-Branding and Purchase Order for National Convenience Store Chain

7/10 7:33am

Emblem inspires Canadians to Get Curious with the launch of new adult-use cannabis brand, Symbl