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Industry News

1/25 8:22pm
Cannabis, Production

CBW Is Entitled to 50% of ABCN's Cannabis Production Yields For the Next 99 Years

1/25 8:21pm
Products, Testing, Extracts

Whats going to happen to grey market producers come legalization?

'm referring to the likes of Pacific Gas Co, Purely Medicinals, Toko, Phyto Extracts, Phant, etc. They are producing desirable products. Are larger LPs perhaps connected to them, but undisclosed? Like a pre-rec testing ground? know people are going to say they will live on, perhaps with a lot more pressure with regulations... and others just shutdown... but it's an interesting angle which don't think 've seen discussed. submitted by /u/FoxRiver [link] [comments]
1/25 8:13pm


1/25 8:13pm

CBC - on the money | Preparations for legal pot continue

1/25 8:08pm


’m interested in buying the new Horizons Junior ETF but have some questions. Do ETF’s usually get an PO? Or do they just start trading? What happened with HMMJ? deally ’d like to get in right at the start. Thanks. submitted by /u/mc_louds [link] [comments]
1/25 8:08pm

HMJR - how to buy the new ETF?

’m interested in buying the new Horizons Junior ETF but have some questions. Do ETF’s usually get an PO? Or do they just start trading? What happened with HMMJ? deally ’d like to get in right at the start. Thanks. submitted by /u/mc_louds [link] [comments]
1/25 8:03pm

In high-stakes votes, FDA advisors say evidence doesn't back Philip Morris' claims

n FD advisory committee said evidence doesn't support the tobacco company's claim that iQOS cuts the risk of tobacco-related diseases.
1/25 7:55pm
Cannabis, CBD, Medical Marijuana

Cannabis measures make headway in Indiana Legislature

n fact, Thursday morning, state lawmakers voted 94-0 to pass a resolution calling for an interim study of medical marijuana. There's traction, too, with a bunch of cannabidiol (CBD) oil bills budding in the Statehouse. Also on Thursday morning, a House committee passed a bill legalizing the sale and ...
1/25 7:50pm

What platform do you trade on?

do most my trading through robin hood but can't seem to find most weedstocks on there. What do you guys use? submitted by /u/gunksmtn1216 [link] [comments]
1/25 7:33pm

Cannabis Stats Hub: -

1/25 7:14pm

VIDEO: Marijuana Stocks Trade Plan 1/25/2018

1/25 7:11pm

Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. Comments on Recent Market Activity

1/25 7:01pm

Thoughts on THCX? Will it skyrocket?

ttps:// I migt ave made a uge mistake by entering into a uge position in THCX @ $5 eac! Edit: freaking out THCX at $4.41 -8,88% today (25/JAN/2018) submitted by /u/tradingjwu [link] [comments]
1/25 6:50pm

Colorado-based marijuana company not buying One East Broadway in downtown Eugene, after all; it has already ...

olorado-based marijuana company not buying One East Broadway in downtown Eugene, after all; it has already ...The Register-GuardLearning Thursday that Terrapin are Station will not open a pot shop at One East Broadway brought some relief to Nicole Desch, president of the the Downtown Merchants group, but she said more discussion is needed with city leadership about the ...
1/25 6:48pm

scottrades Cannabis Stocks overview video for January 25th, 2018: $WEED $APH $THCX $ICC $HVST

1/25 6:07pm
Cigarettes, Deals, Food, Products, Tobacco

U.S. panel deals blow to Philip Morris tobacco device

hilip Morris International Inc (M.N) should not be allowed to claim its iQOS electronic tobacco product is less risky than cigarettes, U.S. health advisers said on Thursday, dealing a blow to the company as it seeks to strengthen its portfolio of alternative nicotine devices. The recommendation is not binding and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration could still allow hilip Morris to make such a claim, but some analysts think the agency might ask for additional data first. hilip Morris, which has spent more than $3 billion to develop products that can counteract the decline in traditional cigarette sales, said it was encouraged by some of the committee members' comments that iQOS may have risk-reduction potential.
1/25 5:40pm

Business Highlights

Why Mnuchin's remarks about US dollar sparked concerns Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin appears to have learned a lesson that many of his predecessors came to recognize: A Treasury secretary must ...
1/25 5:31pm
Development, Cultivation

Farmington Selectmen postpone decision on marijuana bill

he emergency bill facilitates the development and administration of a regulated marketplace in Maine for adult use marijuana and regulation of the personal use of marijuana, and the home cultivation of marijuana for personal adult use. Luke Sirois, an advocate of legalizing marijuana, asked selectmen ...
1/25 5:30pm

'A new reality': West Coast marijuana operations shipping more down I-94 corridor

ryan Niewind, commander for the North Dakota Highway Patrol's southeast region, said large-scale growing operations in Mexico for years were the primary large-quantity producers of marijuana. ut in recent years, California, Oregon and Washington have become the new center for growing.
1/25 5:30pm

The PAX Era Ushers in a New Generation of Cannabis Cartridge Technology

annabis cartridges are quickly becoming one of the most popular consumption methods available. These small cartridges have evolved since the infancy of the cannabis industry, and they continue to mature alongside producers and processors that planted roots in legal markets across the United ...
1/25 5:18pm
Medical Marijuana

Why can't this ALS patient be allowed to smoke medical marijuana?

ut this time, the radenton couple appeared in a Leon County courtroom, asking a judge to overturn a state law that bans patients who qualify to use medical marijuana — like Cathy Jordan, who has suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease for more than three decades — from smoking their treatment.
1/25 5:06pm
Cigarettes, Marketing, Tobacco

US panel rejects marketing plan for heated tobacco device

ILVER PRING, Md. (AP) — Government advisers dealt a blow Thursday to Philip Morris International's hopes to sell its heat-not-burn device in the United tates as a less-harmful alternative to cigarettes.
1/25 4:56pm
Research, Tobacco

17 universities oppose anti-smoking group with tobacco ties

eventeen public health schools in the U.. and Canada pledged Thursday to refuse research money from a new anti-smoking group funded by the tobacco industry. The Foundation for a moke-Free World was ...
1/25 4:45pm

Governor expected to extend ban on CBD oil raids, fines and arrests

NDANAPOLS (WTHR) — A spokeswoman for Governor Eric Holcomb expects the state's short-term moratorium on CBD-related confiscations and arrests to be extended to give state lawmakers more time to legalize CBD oil for all Hoosiers. “'m pretty sure he's going to extend it,” the governor's press ...
1/25 4:22pm

To grow marijuana legally in Vermont, know the law

ONTPELIER - Home-grown marijuana will become legal in Vermont on July 1, meaning those who plant seeds on legalization day will have a short inaugural growing season. Vermonters will be allowed to cultivate a total of six plants per home, including up to two mature female plants that have ...
1/25 4:06pm
CBD, Cosmetics, Drinks, Foods, Hemp, Products, Industrial Hemp

Hemp company to produce cannabidiol products, eventually employ ...

exington Herald eaderHemp company to produce cannabidiol products, eventually employ ...exington Herald eaderAgTech Scientific will produce energy drinks, pet and equine foods and high-end cosmetics with CBD, or cannabidiol, from industrial hemp.and more »
1/25 4:00pm

The Complete Cannabis Guide #3: Consumption

e are optimistic on the large cannabis market post legalization but remain on the sidelines over valuation. All amounts in C$ unless otherwise ... In Part III of the series, we want to discuss the latest finding on the Canadian cannabis market from a consumption perspective. e will review the latest report ...
1/25 4:00pm
Cannabis, CBD

How Cannabis and CBD Offer Hope in Future Treatments of Autism

owever, accumulating evidence suggests that in many cases of autism, there's a reduction in the brain's “inhibitory tone” (see below). This suggests that cannabis-based medications, particularly CBD-rich preparations that enhance the brain's inhibitory signaling, may be a potential autism treatment.
1/25 4:00pm
APH.V Cannabis

The Complete Cannabis Guide #3: Consumption In Canada

e are optimistic on the large cannabis market post legalization but remain on the sidelines over valuation. All amounts in C$ unless ... Recall that in Part I of the series we compared cash cost and all-in cost among the top four largest publicly traded cannabis companies in Canada. e found that Aphria ...
1/25 3:54pm

Increasingly Bullish Wall Street Ratings for ZBH

hat to Expect from ZBH's 4Q17 Earnings ResultsThe latest analysts recommendations for ZBH stock
1/25 3:53pm

What Does Nektar Therapeutics’s (NASDAQ:NKTR) Share Price Indicate?

ektar Therapeutics (ASDAQ:KTR) received a lot of attention from a substantial price increase on the asdaqGS over the last few months. As a large-cap stock with high coverage by analysts,Read More...
1/25 3:52pm

6 Reasons Why William Blair Turned Bullish On Abbot Laboratories

bbott Laboratories (NYSE: BT ) reported fourth-quarter results that were highlighted by a top- and bottom-line beat and a guidance range for the first quarter that came in ahead of the consensus estimate. ...
1/25 3:51pm

Will Pfizer (PFE) Surpass Estimates This Earnings Season?

hile Pfizer's (PFE) new drugs like Ibrance and Xeljanz are likely to drive sales in Q4, genericization of key drugs and supply shortages in legacy Hospira products will hurt sales.
1/25 3:41pm

Marijuana Prices Are Falling in Canada Before Legalization

Falling marijuana prices will indeed pose a challenge” to producers, said Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Kenneth Shea. Companies can adapt by creating strong brands and other services such as helping customers choose the right strain. In Colorado they have learned to diversify and add more ...
1/25 3:37pm

Developing a roadside test for marijuana intoxication isn't as easy as it sounds

s the movement to legalize marijuana in the United States gains momentum, researchers worry about keeping the public safe, particularly on the roads. Recent studies in which marijuana users took controlled doses of cannabis in the lab have identified new biomarkers that can be used to estimate a ...
1/25 3:37pm
Growing, Cultivation

NJ marijuana legalization: Toms River plans to ban recreational weed sales

dd Toms River to the growing list of Ocean County towns poised to ban recreational marijuana sales. The Township Council introduced an ordinance Jan. 23 that also bans the cultivation of weed within the township's borders. "We think it creates a creative nuisance for the town and it's just not needed ...
1/25 3:26pm
Food, Products, Tobacco

What To Make Of The FDA Vote That Rocked Philip Morris

hat Happened Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE: PM ) plummeted 6 percent intraday Thursday after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee rejected one ...
1/25 3:26pm

Why No Gadget Can Prove How Stoned You Are

nd how you took the cannabis. nd the position of the North Star at the moment of ingestion. OK, maybe not that last one. But as medical and recreational marijuana use spreads across the United States, how on Earth can law enforcement tell if someone they've pulled over is too high to be driving, ...
1/25 3:16pm

Cannabis Stocks: Not A Dot-Com Bubble...Yet

eeking AlphaCannabis tocks: Not A Dot-Com Bubble...Yeteeking AlphaCalifornia has gone legal, Canada is about to go legal, Attorney General Jeff essions recently rescinded the Cole Memorandum, the marijuana stock market is bouncing daily like a monkey on a trampoline, new Exchange Traded Funds are mindlessly pouring ...
1/25 3:16pm

SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Notifies Shareholders of Philip Morris International Inc. of a Class Action Lawsuit and a Lead Plaintiff Deadline of February 20, 2018 – PM

EW YORK, Jan. 25, 2018-- The following statement is being issued by Levi & Korsinsky, LLP:. To: All persons or entities who purchased or otherwise acquired securities of Philip Morris International Inc. ...
1/25 2:53pm
IGC Investors

What You Must Know About India Globalization Capital Inc’s (NYSEMKT:IGC) Major Investors

oday, I will be analyzing India Globalization Capital Inc’s (AMEX:IGC) recent ownership structure, an important but not-so-popular subject among individual investors. Ownership structure has been found to have an impactRead More...