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Industry News

5/23 2:15pm

LDS after may 31th

i all 1st post here, so sorry if it not 100% up to your standards. I write to you guys because I dont understad why so little positive posts are made about this stock. It is, in my noobish investor head, the most undervaluated cannabis stock right now. Their CEO gave a 90 minutes interview on Equity Guru yesterday ( Ceo on EG may22nd ) and it is obvious to me that the 66 mil cap is ridiculously small in regard of what they have acheived and where they will be revenue wise in may- june-july. Once the warrant shorting madness ends by may 31th, i believe this stock will yeild great ROI. Why am i almost the only one on this board to think so? What am i missing/overlooking? submitted by /u/Alem77 [link] [comments]
5/23 2:11pm
Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, Production

SF Brewery Ordered to Stop Cannabis Beer Production

he SoMa brewers at Black Hammer were among the first to sell CBD-infused beer, made with the non-psychoactive hemp-derived ingredient that's a ...
5/23 2:00pm

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. CEO George Scorsis on Acquiring U.S. Cannabis Companies

5/23 2:00pm

March adult-use marijuana sales top $41 million, largest month since legal sales began

arch set a new record for adult-use marijuana sales, with sales coming in just above $41 million for the month, helping to push total marijuana tax ...
5/23 1:53pm

Cara Therapeutics and Vifor Fresenius Medical Care Renal Pharma (VFMCRP) Enter into Ex-U.S. Licensing Agreement to Commercialize KORSUVA™ Injection in Dialysis Patients with Pruritus

5/23 1:48pm

Nevada recreational marijuana sales reach $41M in March

customer shops for marijuana at the Exhale Nevada dispensary, Friday, pril 20, 2018, in Las Vegas. pril 20, or 4/20, is the numerical code for ...
5/23 1:43pm
Cannabis, Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana legal on college campuses, Arizona Supreme Court rules

yan Lewis of one the employee of Mohave Green's Choice Cannabis indoor grow operation, located at undisclosed location in Mohave Valley a ...
5/23 1:29pm
Cannabis, CBD, Hemp

7-Eleven Says It Won't Be Selling CBD, Contrary To Claims From CBD Company (CORRECTION)

BD is one of the non-psychoactive ingredients found in the cannabis or hemp plant; it doesn't produce the high associated with marijuana. But it has ...
5/23 1:26pm

'Weed Country' couple facing federal charges after marijuana, hash oil seized in Tennessee

t. Chris ong with Jackson-Madison County Metro Narcotics said Metro Narcotics received an anonymous tip about marijuana being made at a ...
5/23 1:17pm

Golden Leaf Holdings (CSE: GLH) CEO William Simpson

5/23 1:16pm

Khiron to Commence Trading on TSX Venture Exchange

5/23 1:01pm
APH.V, ASX:CMY Deals, Financing

Who's Raised The Most $$$? A Discussion In Leg Work

am going to start by breaking down APH but would love the community to contribute. think that the market in general does not understand how much capital has been already raised by the big 3 to date. There is mind-blowing amounts of capital already injected into these companies, that there really should be no stopping them once cash flow starts pouring in.The amount of time it would take for companies in other countries to raise any decent sum of money and build out, the big 3 will already be eating their lunch. Chime in but here's my knowledge of Aphria's raises, based on closing dates: Raises/Bought Deals: Aug 18 2016 - $34,500,000 Nov 11 2016 - $35,000,00 Feb 24 2017 - $57,500,000 Apr 17 2017 - $100,000,000 Nov 7 2017 - $92,000,144 Jan 3 2018 - $115,000,201 Total = $434 Million + Nuuvera Raises/Bought Deals $70,000,000 Seed Financing $20,000,000 Raise $52,000,000 Final Bought Deal Before Being Acquired Total = $144 Million GRAND TOTAL FOR APHRA & APHRA NTERNATONAL = $578 Million Raised To Date w/ 209 Million Shares Out This does not include what Aphria raised before going public, which was likely a few mill, as well as deals such as Broken Coast which was $220 million in stock value. The grand total one is mind blowing, and shows you how little the market is valuing the leg work Aphria has put in. Would love for somebody to do Canopy & Aurora and measure it against the total shares out, Aurora's might take a bit of time to compile Medreleafs & Cannimed submitted by /u/enice5555 [link] [comments]
5/23 1:00pm

FYI: Invetment App 'Stash' offers users the option to buy the 'MJ' ETF

5/23 12:54pm
Development, Management, Research

Here's Why The Marijuana ETF Could Be A Short-Covering Idea

A key development for the US Marijuana industry came on April 13th, when President Trump confirmed he had promised Colorado Senator Cory Gardner that US AG Jeff Sessions revocation of the Cole memo will not affect the state's legal Marijuana industry,” said IHS Markit in a recent research note. That was a very timely update, with the combined market cap for Marijuana related stocks hitting a 2018 low on April 9th. Home to over $380 million in assets under management, MJ tracks the Prime Alternative Harvest Index.
5/23 12:07pm
Cannabis, Growers

Cultivating cannabis

ot long ago, cannabis growers learned their trade mainly by trial and error, passing along tips to others behind a veil of secrecy. But with expanding ...
5/23 12:03pm

Women look to make mark on male-dominated cannabis industry

orth Bay Business JournalWomen look to make mark on male-dominated cannabis industryorth Bay Business JournalThe trade publication Marijuana Business Daily surveyed 567 senior executives, company founders and those with ownership stakes in marijuana businesses, and found the percentage of women in executive roles fell from 36 percent in 2015 to 27 percent in ...and more »
5/23 11:55am
Cannabis, CBD

SF's Black Hammer Brewing ordered to stop making CBD beer

wner Jim Furman pours beer at Black Hammer Brewing in SoMa. He has been ordered to stop making the brewery's signature cannabis beer.
5/23 11:46am

Why the Mission Statement and Business Plan for a Cannabis Business Are Unique

ntrepreneurWhy the Mission Statement and Business Plan for a Cannabis Business Are Uniquentrepreneur... a Cannabis Business. We seek to promote financial inclusion through cannabis. In previous articles, we've looked into numerous aspects of getting into the marijuana industry, including questions you should ask yourself before jumping in, where to ...
5/23 11:35am
CARA South Korea Investment

Cara Therapeutics Shares Jump On Licensing Deal For Pruritis Treatment

ara said it has licensed worldwide rights — except in the U.S., Japan and South Korea — to commercialize Korsuva injection with VFMRP, a joint venture between Vifor Pharma and Fresenius Medical are AG & o. (ADR) (NYSE: FMS). The deal provides for a $50-million upfront cash payment to ara and an equity investment of $20 million via share sales at $17 apiece.
5/23 11:25am

Quinsam Capital Corp (CSE: QCA) CEO Roger Dent

5/23 11:09am
Medical Marijuana

stop the "Sin" tax on medical Marijuana

5/23 11:00am
Cannabis, Research

Cannabis Consumers Dissatisfied With Onscreen Representation, Survey Shows

new survey suggests it's high time for television companies to rethink the stoner stereotype. New York strategic research agency Miner & Co.
5/23 10:54am

Canada House Wellness (CHV)/Abba Medix get some seeds in the ground

5/23 10:45am

A Canopy investment over Aurora

5/23 10:31am
Investment, Investment Firm

Analysts Favor a ‘Buy’ Rating for Altria

an Altria Reverse Its Downward Momentum? Of the 15 analysts that follow Altria Group (MO), 73.3% favor a “buy,” and the remaining 26.7% favor a “hold.” None of the analysts favor a “sell” option. On April 30, RB apital upgraded the stock from “sector perform” to “outperform.” The investment firm has set a target price at $65, which represents a return potential of 16.8%.
5/23 10:30am

2018 Farm Bill (hemp legalization) to get second vote on June 22nd

5/23 10:21am

Namaste Technologies is Poised for Robust Growth with its Cannabis Accessories

5/23 10:03am

Silicon Valley's latest big idea is Tupperware parties for marijuana

istani: What it means is, obviously, we've legalized marijuana in California. And, someone, like myself, who is a little more on the straight and narrow ...
5/23 9:44am

Invictus Reflects on Major Milestones Including 2 Sales Licenses under ACMPR

5/23 9:17am

Don’t Underestimate The Green Organic Dutchman (TSX: TGOD)

5/23 9:08am
Alcohol, Cannabis

Four takeaways as Big Alcohol makes another foray into Canada’s cannabis market

5/23 9:02am

Benzinga Pro's 5 Stocks To Watch Today

ach day, the Benzinga Pro news team highlights several stocks with Trading Idea potential. Be the first to see them by becoming a Benzinga Pro user ! Tiffany & Co. (NYS: TIF ) stock was trading higher ...
5/23 9:02am

Does Altria’s Dividend Yield Look Attractive?

an Altria Reverse Its Downward Momentum? On May 17, Altria Group (MO) announced dividends of $0.70 per share, which will be paid on July 10, to shareholders on record as of June 15, 2018. The dividends were announced at a payout ratio of 70.0% and a dividend yield of 5.0% given the stock price of $55.64 as of May 21.
5/23 9:00am

Newest Generation of Leading Heart Stent is Now Approved in the U.S. for People with Coronary Artery Disease

XIENCE Sierra™, the newest generation of XIENCE drugeluting stents, received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval XIENCE stents are among the mostwidely used and studied stents in the ...
5/23 8:56am

Evolab in Canadian Marijuana Partnership That Could Go Global

olorado marijuana extraction company Evolab has partnered with one of anada's heavily funded public pot companies, according to a joint ...
5/23 8:50am

Matica Engages Greenhouse Designer and Top Security Consultant

5/23 8:35am
CARA Investment, Investors

Investors Are Undervaluing Cara Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:CARA) By 26%

oday I will be providing a simple run-through of the discounted cash flows (DCF) method to estimate the attractiveness of Cara herapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:CARA) as an investment opportunity. If youRead More...
5/23 8:34am

Knalysis Technologies Forges Partnership with New Frontier Data

5/23 8:33am

NanoSphere Health Sciences Wins Prestigious Frost & Sullivan 2018 Technology Innovation Award

5/23 8:32am
Cannabis, Financing

Namaste Announces Definitive Agreement to Commercialize Needle-Free Injector Technology for Medical Cannabis With Inolife R&D Inc. and Participates as Lead Order in Financing Round