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Industry News

1/23 8:41pm
Cannabis, Medical Marijuana

Yolo County readies new medical marijuana tax for June ballot

olo County supervisors voted Tuesday to put a proposed medical marijuana tax on the June 5 ballot, indicating support from board members who previously were at odds with the cannabis industry. The proposal would put a 4 percent tax on the gross receipts of marijuana grown in the county and sold ...
1/23 7:52pm

Thoughts on Aurora.

'm trying to act like my own Maruijana ETF, but want to go big on one of the big ones. like Auroras expansive deals in Europe, consider them for this. At least for a couple of years until Greece, Germany, taly, Australia, denmark, those who'll get in on the ball, gets up their own productions. But that's more of a gamble than stable medical maruijana in Canada or being well prepared for the big bang in July. Any thoughts on this? deas? submitted by /u/Bobloblawblablabla [link] [comments]
1/23 7:47pm

Just Kush’s Mission, Liberty Leaf Vision

1/23 7:45pm

Vancouver Crackdown: Cops Bust Open-Air Cannabis Market Outside Vancouver Art Gallery

ancouver authorities' laissez-faire attitude toward the city's bustling grey-market cannabis scene has long been the stuff of legend. Whereas Toronto police execute regular raids and busts, ancouver law enforcement has typically been happy to look the other way—a dynamic I saw in action at this ...
1/23 7:31pm
Medical Marijuana

Gov. Phil Murphy Orders Review Of NJ's Medical Marijuana Program

RENON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Gov. Phil Murphy on uesday called for making it easier for New Jersey residents to use its medical marijuana program, which he said has been “stifled” during the past eight years, and ordered a review aimed at removing regulations. he Democrat signed an ...
1/23 7:14pm

QCC BOSS unit buyers

an anybody tell me who's purchased Q's boss units? I can't seem to find that info anywhere. submitted by /u/rodinator1123 [link] [comments]
1/23 7:11pm

ACB-CMED - can someone explain the dilution concern?

ccording to web.tmxmoney, urora has ~450m shares outstanding and CMED at ~24m shares outstanding. With the merger, would there then be ~475m shares outstanding? t which point, given the current market caps of these two companies, would make CB worth ~$16 a share. ssuming CMED is overvalued 2x and is worth half of what it is, adding market cap and then dividing by shares outstanding would still leave CB trading at $15. Of course you can say 'well CB is super overvalued right now too, not just CMED' though with the current numbers and given that CMED has a tiny amount of shares outstanding compared to CB, I don't understand the dilution argument. Then again maybe I just don't get dilution. Looking to get more info because I'm thinking of dumping my 2k CB shares at open tmw. submitted by /u/B3yondL [link] [comments]
1/23 7:00pm
Cannabis, Dispensaries

Public hearing sees support for Westminster cannabis dispensary

ayor Joe Dominick oversaw a public hearing before the Westminster Common Council on onday night for zoning to allow a medical cannabis dispensary to open in Westminster. Currently, there are no dispensaries operating in the county. Following the hearing, the council agreed unanimously to ...
1/23 6:53pm
CBD, Distribution

A Senate committee in Indiana has given approval to legislation that would legalize the possession, use and distribution of CBD oil

1/23 6:53pm

Do you think ACB will(6,953billion) exceed WEED (7,028billion) ... ?

1/23 6:45pm
Medical Marijuana

In big change from Chris Christie, new NJ governor orders medical marijuana expansion

1/23 6:41pm
Medical Marijuana

Kentucky House leader offers mixed opinion on medical marijuana

he top Republican in Kentucky's House of Representatives offered a mixed opinion on the issue of medical marijuana uesday, the day advocates chose to meet with their lawmakers. "My concern about medical marijuana has always been with the insinuation that it's medically sound, and I've always ...
1/23 6:21pm

DeKalb considers cutting penalties for marijuana possession

larkston in 2016 became the first city in Georgia to relax marijuana laws, making possession of less than an ounce of marijuana no longer punishable by jail time. Last year in October, the Atlanta ity ouncil voted unanimously in favor of a similar change, reducing fines for possessing small amounts ...
1/23 5:52pm
Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Products

Gov. Murphy signals support for expanded access to medical marijuana

he governor was also receptive to finding ways to offer edible cannabis products to patients and said he would consider increasing the amount of marijuana that can be purchased at one time. Murphy signed an executive order directing state Department of Health the Board of Medical Examiners to ...
1/23 5:30pm

Researchers analyzed more than a dozen studies on how marijuana affects your heart — here's ...

esearchers have looked at more than a dozen studies on marijuana's effect on the heart, and their takeaway is far from conclusive. That finding contradicts a study published in August that claimed marijuana users faced a threefold higher risk of dying from hypertension than nonusers. The August study ...
1/23 4:33pm

NJ marijuana legalization: Old Bridge Township Council looks to ban sales

LD BRIDGE - Township officials are hoping to come up with an ordinance that, if approved by the council, would ban the sale of recreational marijuana in ld Bridge, should it be legalized in the state. “As many of you are aware, one of Gov. Murphy's number one campaign promises was he was going ...
1/23 4:11pm
Cannabis, Growing, Soil

Introduction to Growing Cannabis with Aquaponics

quaponics is a growing technique that takes two efficient systems and combines them to work symbiotically with each other: quaculture is the process of farming fish (such as tilapia, koi, or bluegill) or shellfish, while hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. When the two are combined, ...
1/23 3:48pm
Medical Marijuana

Murphy Starts to Expand Access to Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

he new executive order directs the New Jersey Department of Health to conduct a 60-day study of the state's medical marijuana program with a focus on how to increase access to it. he review will seek to lift restrictions on doctors in the state who prescribe the drug, review the number of conditions the ...
1/23 3:26pm
Drug Testing, Testing

Marijuana in the workplace

AN DIEGO (KUI) – Here in an Diego, and across the tate, recreational marijuana is being sold and used legally. But this new law does not necessarily change the legal status between employers and employees when it comes to drug testing and employment. You can still be fired for drug use in ...
1/23 3:15pm
Medical Marijuana

Phil Murphy orders expansion of medical marijuana in New Jersey

ew Jersey is among the 29 states that allow marijuana to be prescribed for medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis, according to the ational Conference of State Legislatures. In ew Jersey, medical marijuana is most commonly prescribed to people with ...
1/05 2:34am
Investing, Media, News

Thoughts on the day (Jan4th)

he more I think about it, the more I think the US news (Sessions and then responses in media) is a coincidental blessing in disguise. Smart US $$, of which there must be lots with people seeing what kinds of gains are possible in this Can weedstock market, will shift even more so to Can stocks. I would guess that those with OC listings will do particularly well. We all recognized that a correction was due and I believe it came, irrespective of the US news but then was initially bolstered by it. hing is, I think it's going to help temper the correction amd fuel further growth (and thus trading/investing opportunity). All in all, after going through the last 1.5y of volatility, I'm finally finding it easier to sit back, buy more in dips (even if I don't catch the bottom) and realize that when these crazy days happen, in most cases nothing of any significance has really changed. I've trusted my dd and instincts on this sector so far and it has paid off in spades. Added MJN today and will be adding more with any further dip. he number of times I fretted over pennies these last 1.5y and as a result missed out on literally thousands of dollars is depressing in retrospect. MJN will go up. And way up. For that matter I think most of the sector will continue to go up. Cronos just happens to be the company I'm most comfortable with and the returns have strengthened my opinion. I could very easily be wrong and we could be facing a weeks-long correction/burst. I can't see it but it's definitely possible. Going out on a limb with some honest thoughts and very curious how tomorrow and following days will play out. Obviously just some of my thoughts and would love to hear other reasoned takes after this most interesting day. submitted by /u/comoxlandia [link] [comments]
1/05 1:30am

Out of loop here. What is happening to TD? I can't buy stocks but I can buy ETFs.

ile submied by /u/DownloadMoreInerne [link] [commens]
1/05 1:20am

Double down on $MPX or nah?

1/05 1:19am

Maricann (MARI) napkin math

ttps:// Tis is a link from a previous Reddit tread to get a little bit of info for new or interested MARI investors. I’m seeing a lot of people talking about MARI lately. Here’s wat I know about tem, anyone wo knows more please correct any of my mistakes. But it’s some real quick napkin mat. Planned expansion of 90,000kg for rec. 160,000,000 total sare count. So as of close today 160million x $2.88 = $460,800,000 market cap. 1kg=1000g Say a profit of even $0.50 per gram (I tink around $1.00 per gram will be wat tese companies make.) 90,000kg x 1000g x $0.50 = $45,000,000 profit $45,000,000 profit x P/E ratio of 20 = $900,000,000 market cap. $900,000,000/160,000,000= $5.625 per sare Now let’s say we ave a P/E ratio of 25 for a growt industry and use a profit margin increase to $0.85/gram. 90,000kg x 1000g x $0.85 = $76,500,000 profit $76,500,000 x P/E ratio of 25 = $1,912,500,000 market cap $1,912,500,000/160,000,000 sares = $11.95/sare Always remember tere is most likely going to be dilution added to tis and tese numbers can be dynamic. I definitely would like anyone wo knows more to comment so. Tis is a community were we can build off eac oter’s DD and it would be wonderful to be corrected on any mistakes. submitted by /u/unkerinatrenc [link] [comments]
1/05 1:18am

GLTA Longs

1/05 12:35am

Daily Discussion, [January 05, 2018]

his thread is for daily discussion. Please discuss ONLY weed stocks in this thread. Comments unrelated to weed stocks may be removed. New to Reddit? Read his New to r/weedstocks? Read his Want to start trading? Read his Use the search bar before asking any question. All questions that can be answered by these resources may be removed. hank you. submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]
1/04 11:54pm
Cannabis, Distribution, Medical Marijuana, Production

Feds will or will not have negative effect on u.s. marijuana in near future?

o Change in Federal Cannabis Enforcement Expected by iAnthus Capital: I realize the state's have been allowed to control under their own terms but is it possible attorney general will go the extra mile to make medical marijuana distribution/production more of a hassle? submitted by /u/-walkingonair- [link] [comments]
1/04 11:45pm


iterally up 311 % on aurora and 105% on canopy, should I keep holding on these two industry leaders? When does everyone think that these will correct themselves if at all, just trying to get other opinions submitted by /u/DonPurchenzo [link] [comments]
1/04 11:27pm
Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana might get legalized in Utah.

1/04 11:01pm

U.S. prosecutor in Dallas to be top Nevada federal prosecutor

essions announced on Wednesday a new top federal prosecutor for Nevada. One day before rescinding the Cole memo. The top federal prosecutor for Northern California just resigned as well and essions will get to appoint a temporary replacement for that position- IDK what this means, but I don't like it. I still think there will be too much political backlash for going after state recreational marijuana, but I feel the community should be aware of this. submitted by /u/Ibetfatmanbet [link] [comments]
1/04 10:52pm

As we march into 2018, here's a look at the most popular marijuana strains on the market

1/04 10:43pm

Q&A: What does Sessions' policy mean for the future of weed?

1/04 10:33pm
Cannabis, Investment

Sessions-Proof Cannabis Investment Strategy

1/04 10:30pm

Revive Therapeutics Announces Update on its Collaboration Agreement with Health Canada Licensed Dealer for Medical Cannabis...

1/04 10:18pm
Cannabis, Investors

Cannabis investors enemy #2 happy about Sessions decision..

1/04 9:48pm

Cannaroyalty responds to Sessions

1/04 9:35pm

Thought's on a n00bs MJ Portfolio

aven't been in this for long, but after a lot of DD and waiting around for the dips and what not, these are my current holdings. I'm curious to know what you guys think, if you think I should add something or increase my holdings for something, etc. I'd really appreciate it as I'm still in Uni and learning the ropes still. Thanks. MARI - 16.10% QCC - 13.80% MPX - 12.90% OGI - 8.70% TCX - 7.20% LS - 6.30% IP - 6.00% GL - 2.90% Others - 26% submitted by /u/RDewani [link] [comments]
1/04 9:34pm

Ianthus Capital responds to Sessions

1/04 9:27pm

How Ridiculous Are These Valuations?

ow retarded are the valuations in this industry right now? MedReleaf fell 9% today. Why is that relevant? MedReleaf does 0, and hasn't planned on doing any business in the US. AND has publicly stated as much for months now. Given the 9% selloff today, or 269 Million market cap loss, how educated do you think the average investor is in these companies? ow much of this market cap is pure, uneducated and uninformed FOMO MOMO? Edit: FOMO MOMO = Fear of missing out momentum. submitted by /u/xGlor [link] [comments]
1/04 9:25pm

Canadian Exchange

ooking for a good canadian exchange, interested in investing in TSE and the only one I’ve seen so far is QuestTrade. submitted by /u/bri_guy13 [link] [comments]
1/04 8:56pm

GLH CEO William Simpson quoted "We are pushing full force forward,"

1/04 8:56pm

Video: What’s driving the madness in the marijuana stocks Publisher James West from Midas Letter has details on the surge in marijuana stocks.

1/04 8:48pm

Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 1/4/2018 by

1/04 8:30pm

Rate My Weed Portfolio

ust started building a portfolio for weed. I'm a small investor so have some gambly positions in here as well. Would you guys shift any of the %? What positions would you add to as I have more $ to invest? I'm considering adding iAnthus as my next addition. WEED @ 27% APH @ 24% ACB @ 18% MARI @ 18% MPX @ 12% submitted by /u/Muthafuckaaaaa [link] [comments]
11/04 10:03pm

Terra Tech Corp reminder could flip this for a profit

11/04 9:35pm

MedReleaf: Declaring intention to be qualified under National Instrument 44-101 short form prospectus distributions

11/04 7:31pm

My weed stocks rate of return. Missed out on Cronos over a year ago, still not bad.

ttps:// submitted by /u/TallVanGuy [link] [comments]
11/04 5:38pm

Morningstars analysis on Canopy Growth Corporation along with an updated "Fair Value" of 20.44 CAD

11/04 5:12pm

Choose your own custom flair to celebrate r/weedstocks 20,000 subscribers!

i r/weedstocks, We'll be taking custom flair requests this weekend in celebration of reaching 20,000 users. Please post your requested flair in the comments below and the moderator team will update them as soon as possible. Your custom flair will appear to the right of your username whenever you make a post or comment in r/weedstocks. We've also added a new standard flair "r/weedstocks 20,000", which you can find on the sidebar. Stay tuned for more to come on our celebration of 20,000 subscribers! Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already! submitted by /u/nopolarbears [link] [comments]
11/04 5:09pm

My Take: My estimated Stock Price for July 2019

ock price for WEED in July 2019: What do you guys think? submitted by /u/Oshcat [link] [comments]