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Industry News

9/20 6:41pm
ATTBF Extracts

Abattis Prepares for Growth in Extracts

9/20 6:30pm

Jeff Sessions Slams Marijuana Legalization (Again)

9/20 6:09pm


hat's the relationship between Bedrocan Canada Inc. (wholly owned by CGC) and Bedrocan Netherlands? I know Bedrocan Netherlands exports to Germany. Is that also the case with Bedrocan Canada, or Canopy only exports to Germany Tweed products? submitted by /u/blaett [link] [comments]
9/20 5:46pm

These Stocks Pay You to Own Them

ividend paying stocks are often appealing to investors, especially ones from companies which consistently increased their dividends.
9/20 5:44pm

List of Late Stage Applicants

know Health Canada has a dated list - does anyone have an updated one or can name some tickers and will compile one :) Thanks! submitted by /u/ManH0lenspector [link] [comments]
9/20 5:36pm
CSE:MDM Financial Statements

Sept 7: Marapharm Announces Amended and Restated Financial Statements and MD&A and Clarifies Previous Disclosure

9/20 5:35pm

Ontario proposing pot prices between $8 and $13

9/20 5:26pm

where can i buy aurora cannabis stocks

nyone? submitted by /u/guinc [link] [comments]
9/20 4:52pm

Mackie Research Initiates Coverage on Four Canadian LPs: ABCN, ACB, CMED, HVST

9/20 4:38pm
Cannabis, News

Sunset Island Group (OTCQB: SIGO) announces agreement to add an additional 32,000 sq. Ft. of grow space

ttps:// Tis particular ticker doesn't appear very often on tis sub. 4,671,771 O/S. Teir current 10-k looks bleak but mostly because tey just sold teir first arvest in August. Anyone else playing tis? submitted by /u/pennystockplayer [link] [comments]
9/20 4:36pm

Newbie Question About FIRE

hy would companies purchase FIRE product and sell it if they grow their own product, like why would ACB need FIRE product if ACB has there own supply? submitted by /u/Mattman3010 [link] [comments]
9/20 2:39pm

Ontario to price weed at $10/gram

9/20 2:28pm

Canopy Growth Divests Mettrum Facility and Will Supply Labor-Union Backed LP

9/20 2:06pm
^MMJ Cannabis, Distribution, Investors, Medical Marijuana

MedReleaf Announces Inclusion to the North American Marijuana Index and Horizon's Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF BY Canada NewsWire — 7:30 AM ET 09/20/2017

ARKHA, ON, Sept. 20, 2017 /CNW/ - edReleaf Corp. ( EDFF Loading... Loading... ) ("edReleaf" or the "Company"), Canada's first and only ISO 9001 and ICH-GP certified cannabis producer, today announced that it has been added to the North American arijuana Index (the "Index") as part of its quarterly rebalancing, and by extension, included in the Horizon edical arijuana Life Sciences ETF ("HJ"). "edReleaf's ( EDFF ) addition to the North American arijuana Index is a recognition of our position as one of the industry's largest and most respected cannabis producers. We have achieved this position through our relentless focus on serving our patients and we will continue to focus on driving growth and profitability in our business to create long-term shareholder value," said Neil Closner, CEO of edReleaf ( EDFF Loading... Loading... ). "Our inclusion in Horizon's edical arijuana Life Sciences ETF provides another avenue for investors to participate in our growth." The HJ is the world's first exchange-traded fund to offer direct exposure to the performance of a basket of North American publicly listed companies with significant business activities in the cannabis industry. The HJ seeks to replicate, to the extent possible, the performance of the Index, net of expenses. It is important to note that that HJ may not hold all of the constituent names in the Index. Constituents of the Index are listed on North America's public equity markets with business activities that include biopharmaceuticals, medical manufacturing, distribution, bioproducts and other ancillary businesses to the cannabis industry. To be eligible for inclusion a stock must meet minimum asset and liquidity thresholds, and no single stock may exceed 10% of the weight of the Index when rebalanced. submitted by /u/terflit [link] [comments]
9/20 1:46pm
^MMJ Medical Marijuana

MedReleaf Announces Inclusion to the North American Marijuana Index and Horizon's Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF

9/20 12:16pm

Hydropothecary says 'We got the kosher shit.'

9/20 12:14pm

Supreme Completes Sale with Emerald Health Botanicals Inc.

9/20 11:37am
Enters, Media

ABcann Global Enters Its Growth Phase (Exclusive Interview) -- CFN Media

9/20 10:30am

Genesis Electronics Group Inc. (OTC-Pink: GEGI), Sister Company of Inca Worldwide (OTC-Pink: QEDN), Announces Cash Flow Strategy

URBO, Colombia, Sept. 20, 2017-- Genesis Electronics Group Inc., announces a plan to create cash flow and become profitable. Juan David Perez Schile, CEO, states,“ Most mining companies focus on exploration, ...
9/20 10:18am

Couche-Tard lobbying for stores in BC, realizes that the Quebec govt. is following Ontario and New Brunswick on the path to failure.

9/20 10:03am

Namaste Announces Product Acquisition Agreement With Aphria Inc.

9/20 10:02am

Couche-Tard still wants to sell pot in its Quebec depanneurs

9/20 9:58am

1 Marijuana Stock Experiencing Record Breaking Growth

9/20 9:30am
QEDN Production, Testing

Inca Worldwide (OTC-Pink:QEDN) Completes Testing on Chickens

URBO, Colombia, Sept. 20, 2017-- Inca Worldwide Inc. announces it has completed its first test of its protein on chickens. he first test was on farming chickens and it was found to increase production ...
9/20 9:11am

Sell Johnson & Johnson because of its 'stretched' valuation: Goldman

oldman Sachs lowers its rating for Johnson & Johnson to sell from neutral.
9/20 9:00am
CNAB Cannabis, Media, Science, Pharmaceuticals

CFN Media Exclusive Interview with United Cannabis: Developing Anti-Inflammatory Pharmaceuticals

FN Media Group , the leading creative agency and digital media network dedicated to legal cannabis, announces the publication of an exclusive interview with United annabis orp.'s hief Science Officer ...
9/20 9:00am

Abbott Hosts Conference Call for Third-Quarter Earnings

BBOTT PRK, Ill., Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- bbott (NYSE: BT) will announce its third-quarter 2017 financial results on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 , before the market opens. The announcement will ...
9/20 8:59am
CBD, Distribution, Organic, Products

UPDATE -- BluDog:Pop Craft Premium Organic CBD Popsicles Update!

ARAOTA, Fla., ept. 20, 2017-- BluDog Products LLC, a subsidiary of International Consolidated Companies, Inc., and Pop Craft develop Premium Organic CBD Popsicles for National distribution UPDATE.. ...
9/20 8:37am

Emerald Health Therapeutics’ Scientific Advisors Publish Research Discovery of THCA Cannabinoid’s Neuroprotective Treatment Potential