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Industry News

9/19 11:22pm

Milford Voters Reject Marijuana Shops

ilford residents narrowly voted for legal marijuana on the statewide ballot last November, only to find town selectmen now leading the charge to keep ...
9/19 10:03pm

Bakersfield City Council to consider banning recreational marijuana sales

he Bakersfield City Council on Wednesday will consider a draft ordinance that would ban the sale of recreational marijuana within the city limits.
9/19 9:52pm
Facilities, Grow Facilities

Massachusetts town votes to ban recreational marijuana shops

eading to the polls in force Tuesday, voters backed a ban on recreational marijuana shops, grow facilities and laboratories in town, according to ...
9/19 9:18pm
Cannabis, Grower, Growing

Growing Clean Cannabis to Pass California's New Rules

ocal grower Joseph Snow has developed a natural farming method that he says will meet California's new mandate for cannabis to be free of ...
9/19 9:06pm

B.C. municipalities to vote on resolution asking for input on provincial cannabis-legalization plan

9/19 9:03pm

COMMENTARY: Trudeau needs a legal weed market by 2019 — and Wynne is happy to help

9/19 8:50pm

PQ on pot: Legal age should be 18, SAQ should offer marijuana warnings

9/19 8:22pm

Fairbanks' anti-commercial marijuana ballot measures likely to boost turnout for October election

ut observers say this year's city and borough elections may be different, because the two marijuana-related propositions on the ballots are likely to ...
9/19 8:10pm

Terra Tech Corp. Signs Second Craft Cultivator in State of California

9/19 8:00pm

Bill Blair on Global News "West Block" Discussing Legalization & Clarifying Policing Concerns

9/19 8:00pm
Growers, Medical Marijuana, Testing, Dispensaries

Lab to begin testing medical marijuana to meet expected demand from dispensaries, growers

ITTE ROCK (KATV) — The medical marijuana industry continues to take shape in Arkansas, with more than 300 applicants currently vying to ...
9/19 7:26pm
Medical Marijuana

University of Maryland pharmacy school cancels plans to train medical marijuana workers

hile marijuana has been legalized for medical purposes in Maryland, 28 other states and the District of Columbia, the administration of President ...
9/19 7:18pm

Who is your favourite PRIVATE LP?

here are many options nowadays in the public sector, and a crap shoot no doubt finding out who is over or under valued or what the future holds for anyone.. Who is your favourite PRIVAE licensed producer? and why? submitted by /u/-Hyre [link] [comments]
9/19 6:21pm

Mothers beg law firm to drop suit that could shut down marijuana program

on behalf of a marijuana grower, Keystone ReLeaf LLC, which in June failed to win one of 12 potentially lucrative permits to cultivate and process ...
9/19 6:15pm
Cannabis, Pharmaceuticals

Emerald Health Therapeutics Expands its Cannabis Supply with Purchase from Supreme Pharmaceuticals

9/19 6:08pm

InMed Retains Consultant Ben Paterson for Biosynthesis Development

9/19 5:44pm
Facilities, Medical Marijuana

Kalamazoo postpones consideration of medical marijuana ordinances

ALAMAZOO, MI -- alamazoo will postpone a decision on how it plans to react to new state laws governing medical marijuana facilities. Monday, City ...
9/19 5:33pm
Medical Marijuana, News

Pennsylvania's medical marijuana law may be drifting into monetary haze

en. Daylin Leach, D-Montgomery — who temporarily moonlighted as a medical marijuana lawyer — held a news conference in the state Capitol in ...
9/19 5:00pm
Hemp, Industrial Hemp

Congress May Finally Legalize Industrial Hemp This Year

bill to legalize industrial hemp throughout the country is making progress in the House of Representatives, increasing the likelihood that the U.S. will ...
9/19 4:48pm

Not so fast on marijuana lounges, Clark County Commission says

on't expect to be able to light up in a marijuana social club anytime soon in unincorporated Clark County. County commissioners on Tuesday ...
9/19 4:38pm

Marapharm Ventures Inc. announces that the first plants are being grown in the Las Vegas, Nevada facility

9/19 4:37pm

County commissioners pump the brakes on marijuana lounges

arijuana lounges won't be opening in Clark County any time soon, as commissioners decided unanimously today to put off addressing the issue until ...
9/19 4:26pm
Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana: Know the facts

edical marijuana has been approved in 28 states and the District of Columbia, but researchers are still trying to connect the dots as to how, and if, ...
9/19 4:04pm

Clark County slams the brakes on marijuana consumption lounges

AS VEGAS (KSNV NEWS3V) — Clark County commissioners slammed the brakes on marijuana consumption lounges during a hearing on ...
9/19 4:03pm

Oregon Update: Cannabis Audit Coming—and Jeff Sessions, too

he attorney general has, in recent months, leveled sharp criticism at Oregon's legal cannabis industry, alleging, among other claims, that the state is ...
9/19 3:52pm
Cannabis, News

Governments wisely moving to regulate marijuana

arijuana flowers bloom at Riverview Farms and onterey Cannabis Co., in the Salinas Valley, on ay 5. (Photo by Ray Chavez/Bay Area News ...
9/19 3:41pm
Medical Marijuana

Lawsuit seeking to derail Pa.'s medical marijuana program 'would harm patients,' advocates say

en. Daylin Leach, D-Montgomery County, along with representatives from Campaign for Compassion, a grassroots medical marijuana advocacy ...
9/19 3:35pm

B.C. keeps marijuana retail options open

9/19 3:35pm

B.C. keeps marijuana retail options open - Merritt Herald

9/19 3:22pm
Cannabis, Production

Ontario college to offer 1st post-secondary certificate in cannabis production

9/19 3:14pm

Roche (RHHBY) Announces Positive Data on Leukemia Drug

oche Holdings AG (HHBY) announced positive results from the phase III study, MUANO on leukemia drug Venclexta.
9/19 3:07pm
Development, Hemp

Hemp a highlight of Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado economic development summit

ason Lauve, also known as "Mister Hemp," speaks about hemp and its present and future economic value to industry at the Associated Governments ...
9/19 2:53pm

VPD Chief says Vancouver will be ready for legal pot

9/19 2:53pm

VPD Chief says Vancouver will be ready for legal pot - BC

9/19 2:44pm

Canopy Growth Corp. vs. Aphria Inc.: Profitability in an Ontario Recreational Marijuana Framework

9/19 2:43pm


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9/19 2:43pm

CPAC - 6pm ET - Watch Libs defend "legalization"

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9/19 2:11pm

Adult-Use Cannabis Is Legal but Very, Very Regulated.

on't ridicule government bureaucrats. After decades of marijuana being universally illegal, writing rules for a legalized cannabis industry is ...