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Industry News

7/24 9:05pm
Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco

Do you think there'll ever be a $100B+ cannabis company?

o you think this industry will get to the point of huge global giants like tobacco, pharma, alcohol etc.? submitted by /u/CanopyGains [link] [comments]
7/24 8:45pm
Medical Marijuana, Products

Could job protection for medical marijuana patients happen in California?

he newest medical marijuana dispensary will have its grand opening in Santa Ana on Saturday. Hundreds of products are displayed like these ...
7/24 7:39pm

Wasn't there a spreadsheet showing current/planned growing capacity?

thought there was one linked here. Anyone know/have one that's up to date? submitted by /u/sark666 [link] [comments]
7/24 7:37pm

Online Portals Guide Australian Doctors Through Medical Cannabis Maze

octors in Australia aren't big prescribers of medical cannabis—not yet, at least. One of the main reasons is a complex prescription process, which ...
7/24 7:25pm
Cannabis, Consultations, Medical Marijuana, News, Strains, Training, Dispensaries, Recreational Cannabis

Cannabis consultations fuel debate over who sells it

et the bun fight commence. In the left corner weighing in at 800 lbs is the liquor control gorillas. And in the right corner weighing 150 lbs soaking wet is the guys who want to run dispensaries. Source: Cannabis consultations fuel debate over who gets to sell recreational pot Charlotte County residents weighed in on pot legislation Monday By Ben Silcox, CBC News Posted: Jul 24, 2017 5:32 PM AT ast Updated: Jul 24, 2017 5:33 PM AT Charlotte County resident Stephen Fenity wants independent dispensaries to have the right to sell recreational marijuana in 2018. Charlotte County resident Stephen Fenity wants independent dispensaries to have the right to sell recreational marijuana in 2018. (Ben Silcox/CBC) Email A community centre in St. Stephen heard conflicting opinions echo through its halls Monday morning on who should be allowed to sell recreational cannabis. The select committee on cannabis is touring New Brunswick to hear the public's thoughts on how and where to distribute marijuana when it's legalized next July — whether it be privatized, sold through a Crown corporation, or through pharmacies. "I have over 600 people alone in Charlotte County who are prescribed users," said Stephen Fenity, a Charlotte County resident who is opening a dispensary. "Every single one that I've spoken to on a personal level that are friends of mine don't want to purchase anywhere else but from an independent dispensary." The committee, composed of eight MAs, heard conflicting opinions on where rural New Brunswick should be able to get their recreational pot next year. But hearing each side is part of the objective, according to the committee's leader. "What matters is listening to New Brunswickers, making sure their point of view is heard and it will be considered when it comes to legislation this fall," said Benoit Bourque, head of the committee and iberal MA for Kent South. cannabis consultation New Brunswick's select committee on cannabis consists of eight MAs from the province. (Ben Silcox/CBC) Going independent ​A report issued in June 2017 by a provincial working group recommended a Crown corporation have the rights to sell and distribute marijuana in New Brunswick for recreational purposes. "We already feel that ANB can provide these services to New Brunswickers," - Denis Brun Fenity, who said he was opening up his independent marijuana dispensary later Monday, disagreed with the recommendation. "When you ask what kind of training does someone have in a liquor store in my experience it boils down to how to use a cash register," he said. "I won't hire a person on my staff who doesn't have a prescription. I won't hire a person who hasn't done the budtender's course so they know the difference in the strains." Denis Brun, coordinator for the union that represents NB iquor employees, disagreed. He said NB iquor has the infrastructure to be the Crown corporation that handles the selling of recreational pot. "We already feel that ANB can provide these services to New Brunswickers," Brun said. "It is the best way to ensure that the public health and safety of all the citizens of New Brunswick is prioritized and protected." Denis Brun Denis Brun, provincial coordinator for the union that represents NB iquor employees. (Ben Silcox/CBC) Brun said allowing private companies to sell marijuana runs the risk of allowing profit to come before safety. Pharmacies that already carry medical marijuana also present issues when it comes to recreational sale, he said. "If it were sold in pharmacy, we run the risk of conflating the medical and recreational consumption of cannabis," he said. Hearing out New Brunswickers Bourque declined comment on where he falls on the issue, saying the consultations are a time for the public to offer options and ideas, not politicians. "My job is to really look at all of them and once we take them all, it'll give us a better idea of what's going on in the heads of New Brunswickers," he said. Benoit Bourque Benoit Bourque, MA for Kent County is heading up the select committee on cannabis. (Ben Silcox/CBC) Bourque said while opinions like Fenity's clashed with provincial recommendations, they are welcome at the hearings, and may still be influential when New Brunswick decides on its policy. "I think what he brings out is very pertinent in the sense that he's obviously very knowledgeable on medical marijuana," he said. "But of course they are his opinions, and we'll hear varying opinions in the coming days." St. Stephen was the first in a full week of consultations for the committee, which will include Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton. submitted by /u/Raffymon [link] [comments]
7/24 7:20pm
Acquisitions, Acquisitions, Beverages, Biotechnology, Cannabis, Foods, Growing, Production, Products, Research, Patents, Pharmaceuticals

US Patent Office Issuing Cannabis Patents

his is a bit dry, but there might be money in these patents one day. Source: US Patent Office Issuing Cannabis Patents o A Growing Market Julie Weed , CONRIBUOR I cover the legal marijuana industry and its entrepreneurs Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Among the host of uncertainties they face, cannabis industry entrepreneurs might wonder if they can patent marijuana products -- after all, they are still illegal at the federal level. It may come as a relief then, to find out that the US Patent Office has been issuing cannabis-related patents since 1942. Nearly 1,500 cannabis patent applications have been filed, more than half in the last 25 years. About half of the requests were approved and some of those have expired, leaving about 500 currently active cannabis-related patents. David Cohen, PhD, an independent patent agent in Oakland, California, works with medical device and cannabis patents. Here, we ask him what types of patents are being issued, who’s filing for them and where the biggest opportunities in cannabis-patenting may be. Contact him at What areas should a potential cannabis patent filer explore? here are three large and partially overlapping categories: (1) cannabis compositions, drug formulations, and methods of preparation, (2) characterization of cannabis compounds in terms of how they engage with human endocannabinoid receptors, and (3) methods of treating diseases with cannabinoids. Who’s active in this area now? Dozens of small and midsized companies have been filing patent applications, and they account for the current rate of growth in this space. What about Big Pharma? Philip Morris? Nothing from Philip Morris. Early on, big pharmaceutical companies, universities, and research institutes were leading the charge, but their collective activity actually peaked in 2006-2007, and has been steadily declining since then. Why isn’t the pharmaceutical industry more active now? I see this as a wave of innovation that crested and is now subsiding, a common pattern. he role of hormone and neurotransmitter receptors began to be appreciated in the 1970’s by academics and the pharmaceutical industry, and has since become a critical to understanding the physiology of a drug. When discovered in the 1990’s that cannabinoid compounds interacted with the so-named endocannabinoid receptors present in cells of the human body, a large pharmaceutical discovery machine was already in high gear. he industry has vast expertise in chemistry, and quickly figured out the main compounds, how to extract them, and how to make them. he pharmaceutical industry can get back into it quickly if they want to, particularly by making acquisitions. Have questions about the legal status of cannabis had an effect on patent activity? he Dept. of Justice’s view of cannabis has had little apparent effect on patent activity. Some of the basic work on the medical potential of cannabinoids, in fact, was patented by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services (US 6,630,507) in 2003. I don’t believe that the legal status of cannabis has constrained pharmaceutical industry patenting, but the opening of markets by legalization and by the entry of cannabinoids into medical practice could very well stimulate new activity. Where are there the biggest opportunities for those who want to file patents in the cannabis industry? Small and midsize companies have spotted various opportunities. he three subject matter categories noted earlier are still active, particularly the therapeutic use of cannabinoids. New niches and areas of specialization have opened up, such as (1) specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles and formulations that have more efficient biological availability for use in beverages, foods, and medicine, and (2) industrial scale fermentation approaches to production (i.e., not plant-based) that can potentially deliver specific, quality-assured cannabinoid profiles. I am not aware of any patent infringement lawsuits filed by big pharma against smaller companies to curtail their innovative or commercial activity. Can cannabis plants being patented? Yes, this is presently a small area of activity, but may also represent opportunity. Plants can be patented in two ways, by way of “utility patents” (like 95% of all patents) or by way of a separate “plant patent” category. Utility patents are much stronger; plant patents are narrowly focused on a single “parent” plant and its direct descendants. By my count, there are currently only 5 US plant patent cases (4 pending applications, 1 issued patent), and 11 utility plant-directed patent cases (8 pending applications, 3 issued patents). wo companies are currently the main players in plants: the plant-focused Biotechnology Institute (Los Angeles CA) has 3 issued patents as well as 2 pending applications, and GW Pharmaceuticals (UK) has two plant-focused applications. GW is notable for having the largest cannabis-directed portfolio (80+ US cases) of all companies in the space, and is particularly focused on methods of treating diseases. submitted by /u/Raffymon [link] [comments]
7/24 6:08pm

Top Research Reports for Microsoft, Philip Morris & Morgan Stanley

op Research Reports for Microsoft, Philip Morris & Morgan Stanley
7/24 6:07pm

Brothers charged in federal marijuana case

judge on Monday ruled that two brothers accused of conspiring to distribute high-grade marijuana in the Quad-Cities will remain in federal custody ...
7/24 5:54pm

The K2 Principal Fund L.P. Announces Updated Position in Invictus MD Strategies Corp

7/24 5:36pm
Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana in the workplace

hould an employee get in trouble with their employer for using marijuana if it is deemed medically necessary? MORE:
7/24 5:33pm

Gang who siphoned off electricity to run one of Britain's biggest cannabis farming operations facing ...

GNG who siphoned off electricity to run one of Britain's biggest cannabis farming operations face jail tomorrow. Ringleader Michael Corcoran, 50, ...
7/24 5:22pm
Medical Marijuana, Tracking

Ohio to buy $6 million seed-to-sale marijuana tracking system

egulators of Ohio's nascent medical marijuana industry got approval Monday to spend an additional $6 million over the next two years to set up a ...
7/24 5:20pm

ETFs with exposure to Altria Group, Inc. : July 24, 2017

ategories: ETFs Yahoo Financelick here to see latest analysis ETFs with exposure to Altria Group, Inc. Here are 5 ETFs with the largest exposure to MO-US. omparing the performance and risk of Altria Group, Inc. with the ETFs that have exposure to it gives us some ETF choices that could give us similar returns with lower volatility. Ticker ... Read more (Read more...)
7/24 5:10pm

Gala Feast Promotes 'Cannabis Cuisine' For The Curious

e's known as “JeffThe420Chef,” a Ganja Gourmet who has been described as “The Julia Child of Weed.” On this night, he cooked a huge feast with ...
7/24 4:48pm
Cannabis, Deals

Cannabis Product Deals for Summer 2017: Beach Towels, Tank Tops, and Ice Cube Trays

ummer is finally here and it's hotter than ever! What better way to cool off than with these chill new cannabis leaf ice cube trays from Fairly Odd ...
7/24 4:43pm

U.S. jury finds AbbVie liable for misrepresentation in AndroGel verdict

federal jury in Chicago on Monday found bbVie Inc fraudulently misrepresented the risks of its testosterone replacement drug ndroGel and ordered the drugmaker to pay $150 million in punitive damages. The verdict, which came in response to a lawsuit Jesse Mitchell and his wife filed in 2014, is the first in response to over 6,000 pending lawsuits that have been consolidated in federal court in Chicago. The decision in the Mitchell case is the first in a series of test trials aimed at helping plaintiffs and manufacturers of ndroGel gauge the range of damages and define a legal strategy and settlement options.
7/24 4:42pm

Why Reata Pharmaceuticals Is Rallying 17.5% Today

rial results showing mid-stage success for a drug targeting a rare form of chronic kidney disease are sparking interest in the clinical-stage biotech stock.
7/24 4:35pm
Media, Holding Company

Player's Network, Inc. Announces MJ Accelerator Program and Appoints Jeffrey Robinson Managing Director

layer's Network, Inc. , a diversified holding company operating in media and marijuana, today announces the MJ Accelerator rogram and appoints Jeff Robinson as Managing Director.
7/24 4:29pm

Could This Small Biotech Break Out On A Tie-Up With Eli Lilly?

ektar neared a breakout on a deal with Lilly for a drug designed to fight autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.
7/24 4:26pm
Hemp, Industrial Hemp

Gillibrand to USDA: Give NY hemp farmers crop insurance coverage

n Sept. 25, 2016, Mark Justh, left, and Dan Dolgin, right, stand beside a field of industrial hemp on their JD Farms in Eaton, N.Y. JD Farms in central ...
7/24 4:14pm

Chase Lenfest-backed marijuana facility 'blindsided' it, town says

small community on the outskirts of Reading says it was “blindsided” when a Chicago-based cannabis company, backed by Philadelphia ...
7/24 4:08pm

10 Stocks to Give as Gifts

tocks can be a good gifts for individuals since they can be instrumental in wealth creation and demonstrate the power of compounding.
7/24 3:38pm

Cannabis executive says producers unlikely to meet demands of consumer market

7/24 3:30pm
Medical Marijuana

Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program Will Likely Expand to $11 Million

he Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program was allotted $5 million last month in the state budget, and today the Ohio Department of Commerce and ...
7/24 3:25pm
ABT Growing, Products

Abbott deal will cost Alere three business units — and untold employees

hen it completes its $5.3 billion acquisition of altham-based Alere later this year, Abbott Laboratories will be getting one of the world’s largest makers of point-of-care diagnostic tests, a fast-growing sector. Thanks to antitrust rules, though, Abbott (ABT) will be taking on a slimmed-down version of Alere (ALR) by the end of September. Back in January, Illinois-based Abbott agreed to divest three Alere business units that make competing products in order to secure the approval of European Union antitrust regulators.
7/24 3:00pm

GW Pharmaceuticals to Report Q3 Financial Results and Host Conference Call on 7 August, 2017

ONDON, July 24, 2017-- GW Pharmaceuticals plc,, a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapeutics from its proprietary cannabinoid product platform, ...
7/24 2:38pm

ETFs with exposure to CARA Therapeutics, Inc. : July 24, 2017

ategories: ETFs Yahoo Financelick here to see latest analysis ETFs with exposure to ARA Therapeutics, Inc. Here are 5 ETFs with the largest exposure to ARA-US. omparing the performance and risk of ARA Therapeutics, Inc. with the ETFs that have exposure to it gives us some ETF choices that could give us similar returns with lower volatility. Ticker ... Read more (Read more...)
7/24 2:21pm

Please help me understand how this how HVST's price

was checking HVST's historical prices and being new to investing, find the prices are confusing. For example, from Dec 09, 2014 to Nov 03, 2015, the price was 0.15 and there was only 300 in volume in total. Then on Nov 04, the volume was 2,750, and the price jumped up to .30 which was 50% up. Nov 05 the price was .55 and 2000 in volume. On Nov 06, 2015, it jumped to 2.00 per share with just 5 in volume. Then on Sep 26, 2016 it dropped to zero and came back alive at $4 per share on Nov 08, 2016, during which there was no volume traded. checked the data from Yahoo Finance. submitted by /u/weblist [link] [comments]
7/24 1:56pm

AbbVie Ordered to Pay $150 Million Damages in ‘Low-T’ Trial

bbVie Inc. was ordered to pay $150 million to an Oregon man who accused the drugmaker of hiding the heart-attack risks of its ndroGel testosterone booster, but the company’s first trial loss probably ...
7/24 1:00pm

Northsight Capital, Inc. and Tumbleweed Holdings Settle Previous Dispute and Form New Working Relationship

COTTDALE, AZ / ACCEWIRE / July 24, 2017 / Northsight Capital, Inc. (OTC PINK: NCAP) and Tumbleweed Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: DCDC) announced today that the companies have reached a settlement for their ...
7/24 12:47pm

The Trump Administration Is Shaping Up to Go After Marijuana Users

7/24 12:43pm

Aurora Cannabis Begins Trading on TSX (BNN Interview with Terry Booth)

7/24 12:39pm

Signal Bay/Evio Labs(OTC: SGBY) Possible Florida location

7/24 12:29pm
News, Tobacco

The Latest Thing Philip Morris International Shareholders Should Worry About

ad news from the other side of the world could bode poorly for the tobacco giant's future.
7/24 11:50am

Nevada’s weed shortage emergency is freaking out Canada

7/24 11:49am
DEWM Intellectual Property

Dewmar International BMC, Inc. (DEWM) Files Paperwork with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to Secure Intellectual Property Related to Cannabinoids and Parkinson's Disease

ewmar International BMC, Inc. today announced that it has filed documents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the treatment of Parkinson's disease with cannabinoids.
7/24 11:34am

Here's What to Expect From Altria Group on Thursday

he tobacco giant's second-quarter earnings will tell a lot about its future direction.
7/24 11:33am

Eli Lilly will co-develop autoimmune disease therapy under $150 million deal with Nektar

he therapy could treat an underlying disease but is very early in development.
7/24 11:10am

Consumer Staples Stock Earnings This Week: MO, KMB, SVU, PF

mproved economic conditions and rising consumer confidence favor the consumer staples sector. However, competitive pressure weigh down on some of the stocks.
7/24 11:09am

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. Names Industry Veteran George Scorsis CEO and Director (Aphria USA)