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Industry News

10/06 1:11am


10/05 9:40pm

More details on co op for Alberta retail

ttp:// GoBlue submitted by /u/GoBlueCdn [link] [comments]
10/05 8:26pm

Canada's Licenced Producers of Medical Cannabis Form Retail Cooperative

10/05 8:13pm

Canopy Growth Corp. Diversifies its Product Offering to Boost Future Revenue

10/05 6:34pm
Financing, Organic

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. Increases Financing to $30,000,000 Due to Demand

10/05 6:15pm

Cmm receives 310k grant

10/05 5:29pm

Discussion about FIRE convertible debenture and potential takeover

i everyone. First of all, congrats to long on this green day ; feels good! Disclosure : holding 20 000 shares. I think this is a great compagny, i like the management view and the business plan. This being said, I'm a little concerned about the actual market cap and would like to discuss with people over here. Actual market cap is 300 millions$ (not really sure why people state in here that it is 400$m and more?, are you counting the cd?). I could see this going to 600 millions, even more, in the next year. My question is, what do you think about the 55$m in convertible debenture that is convertible at the end of january 2019 ($1.30 per share which may prove quite dilutive). Do you think this may have an impact from us getting in a take over deal or going up over 3$? SL seems to produce great quality buds for a low price. Seems logical for a compagny like ACB to acquire such compagny like CGC did with Mettrum. Thanks for your opinion. submitted by /u/BigBuck172 [link] [comments]
10/05 4:42pm

Valens GroWorks Signs CraftGrow Deal With Canopy Growth

10/05 4:37pm
APH.V Cannabis

Aphria Improves Cannabis Oil Lineup

10/05 4:37pm

Total hypothetical here, what would happen to the shareholders of each company if Aurora and Canopy merged, or if Canopy bought out Aurora?

ust curious. submitted by /u/blabla1608 [link] [comments]
10/05 3:10pm

Naturally Splendid Reports Second Quarter Sales for 2017

10/05 2:31pm

Hempco Grant of Options

10/05 1:49pm
APH.V, TWMJF Cannabis, CBD, Investors, Production, Topicals

My argument for MedReLeaf being undervalued.

t first I was skeptical about the company, but after hearing an inteview from Bruce Campbell, I read some facts about them and was kind of impressed actually. It's certainly a company that's flown under the radar for a lot of you, so lets go through the bullish case for them: Bullish Case Pretty good earnings. For their fiscal 2017, they had about 40 million total in revenue. They have about 70 million in the bank as Cash. They're actually profitable. Only other company with comparable profit is phria, which is valued higher in terms of market cap. They're thinly traded so far. I think this is a positive, because it's showing how under the radar it is. I believe over time, investors will warm up to them once they know all about them and wish they'd gotten in earlier Great reviews for quality of weed! phria tends to get lukewarm reviews, however MedReleaf gets great reviews when it comes to potency, strain, choice. They've already come out with Topicals They're going to be releasing cbd pills in November. These pills have higher margin, and should significantly boost earnings. lower market cap than the big guys. Less than a billion and only 400k in volume today, they're still significantly undervalued compared to its peers. Now with inclusion into the Canadian Cannabis Retail Cooperative, it might start getting more coverage and reviews, especially with it's very solid earnings propelling it. 40 million in revenue seems relatively cheap with a market cap less than a billion in a soon to be booming industry. they have 3700 facebook followers, Tweed has like 4k on Tweed Mainstreet, 2000 on CGC, phria has 4800. But certainly better reviews than phria. It's not falling under the radar for customers, but certainly for investors finally, they're coming out with inhalors and topical creams that also bring a lot of added value and margins to the company Pharma division PE of like 100 when it's not even legal yet? Here's weak spots to my argument: Not sure how much planned production capacity they have down the line. However they do have a lot of cash to build more, and a seemingly loyal customer base. I'm probably missing some facts about the company in general. What do you guys think? lso feel free to argue against this, I'm posting this so you guys can fill in the weak spots for understanding this company submitted by /u/thethiefstheme [link] [comments]
10/05 12:36pm
BNRDF Facilities, News, Production

Canopy Growth Corp - Capacity and Expansion?

esterday I set out to compare the production capacity expansion timeline for all the LPs that interested me, because I believe quick ramp up to high production lev. Finding this info was relatively easy for 10+ LPs (most provid, but when I came to WEED I found that the information was not readily available as it was for others. I can't help but see this is a red flag. Why did they stop publishing production capacity for their facilities after 2016? Why do they make press releases about "X% increase in production capacity" without giving the actual number? Why don't they tell us dates when they expect expansions to be completed? Are they trying to hide something? I attempted to piece together the scraps of information I could find and here's what I came up with. I welcome feedback or corrections. Smiths Falls 168,000 sqft; additional 300,000 sqft under construction. Not sure when it will be done, but went from 12 to 24 grow rooms with total of 39 planned. 8,800 kg/year current capacity. (Based on estimates from 2016 loosely extrapolated to 24 grow rooms.) 14,300 kg/year future capacity. (Based on estimates from 2016 loosely extrapolated to 39 grow rooms.) Niagara-on-the-Lake 350,000 sqft greenhouse; additional 212,000 sqft under construction targetting April 2018; additional 458,000 sqft being purchased (not sure when it will be in use). 15,000 kg/year current capacity. (High estimate from 2016.) 45,000 kg/year future capacity. (Extrapolated from 2016 estimate.) Toronto (Bedrocan) 52,000 sqft indoor. 4,000 kg current production capacity. (From older Bedrocan & 2016 estimates.) No expansion underway. Creemore (Mettrum) 20,000 sqft. 2,000 kg/year production capacity. (Guessed based on old Mettrum estimates.) No expansion underway. Bowmanville (Mettrum) 120,000 sqft (I think?); started at 60,000 but Mettrum planned to double it by Q2 2017. 12,000 kg/year current production capacity. (Taken from old Mettrum estimate). No additional expansion underway. orkton (rTrees) 90,000 sqft under construction targetting summer 2018. 3,500 kg future production capacity. (From news article.) Fredericton 100,000 sqft planned, not sure when it comes online. 4,000 kg future production capacity. (From press release.) Saint-Lucien 7,000 sqft, not sure when it comes online. Not sure what future production capacity is (likely quite small!). Edmonton 160,000 sqft, not sure when it comes online (previous tenant just left). 10,000 kg future production capacity. (From news article.) Adding it all up... Current production capacity: 41,000 kg/year. Future production capacity: 96,000 kg/year. Note that my current production capacity number above is much higher (at least 2X higher) than what they're actually harvesting. They seem to be currently harvesting ~15,000 kg/year. (5,200 kg, 2,000 kg and 5,500 kg in the past 3 quarters.) They could be limited by their licensed capacity. It's unclear when their increased future capacity will be realized. My goal in figuring this out was obviously to compare them to other LPs. Both ACB and APH are aiming to have 100,000 kg/year capacity by mid-2018. If my data above is accurate, I have a hard time seeing how WEED is going to complete with that. submitted by /u/zoo55 [link] [comments]
10/05 10:57am

Baloney Meter: Horgan wrong to say pot tax revenue sharing a new idea

10/05 10:55am

Marijuana Sector Excitement Should Continue into November: Bruce Campbell

10/05 10:54am

Calgary cannabis community gives government resounding thumbs up on tough pot rules

10/05 10:21am
Cannabis, Media, Cultivation

Video Interview with Cannabis Wheaton (CBW) President Hugo Alves

ttp:// 17 minute CFN Media interview. Discussion includes Hugo's istory in te industry, CBW's streaming partnersip program, licensing program, medical focus, recreational focus, CBW's team of experts, federal & provincial policy, etc etc. It's a fairly toroug interview toucing on many of te main key elements of te developing industry and Weaton's involvement. submitted by /u/SirEbrally [link] [comments]
10/05 9:55am

Bank of Montreal and Toronto-Dominion Lead Peers in Pot Accounts

10/05 9:34am
Cannabis, Investment

Canada's Licenced Producers of Medical Cannabis Form Retail Cooperative: Canadian Cannabis Co-op will provide investment, jobs and safe, regulated cannabis to Alberta and beyond

10/05 9:00am
Cannabis, Cultivation

BioNeva Receives Conditional Approval for Medical Cannabis Establishment and Cultivation Facility from the City of Henderson, Nevada (MGW)

10/05 8:59am

Event: High Stakes: Legalizing Cannabis in Canada Roundtable Luncheon with The Hon. Anne McLellan, John Fowler and Russell Stanley Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 12:00 to 13:30 Toronto ON, C.D. Howe Institute, 67 Yonge Street, Suite 300

10/05 1:37am

BNN-Canopy CEO Bruce Linton on proposed marijuana tax plan

10/05 1:32am
Cannabis, Growing, Medical Marijuana, Research

TXTM action

nyone been watching this? Protext pharma could be receiving a cultivating license in South frica and would be one of the few US based companies to do medical research with cannabis. Voting Oct. 13th for medical marijuana in South frica. If that passes then they will begin handing out growing licenses. Hoping to get in at 0.0004 and hop out around 0.01. Fairly new to trading stocks as well so try not be negative, positive criticism! submitted by /u/GoPoe [link] [comments]
10/05 1:25am
Cannabis, Financing

Cannabis Wheaton and Beleave Sign Definitive Agreement for up to $10,000,000 in Debt Financing

10/04 9:51pm

Scam Ticker

an the mods post a scam alert ticker across the top in order to warn investors of potential fraud that we uncover as a community? I hope there's no legal implications (liable etc) to doing something like that... I think it would be a great service to the community. With that, here are stocks that I have put in my scam bucket: AERO AGSTF AGTK ATTBF AXIM AZFL BLPG BUDZ BDS BIS GRW VSI XBS EDX ERBB GRNH GRSO GRW GTSO HEMP HERB INQD MOA MJNA MNTR MYMMF OWP RSSFF SGBY UBQU VAPE VPOR VPRB If you think one of these is worth investing in please tell me why would love to hear! submitted by /u/Svyable [link] [comments]
10/04 9:39pm

Will Canaopy find a new high before legalization date?

houghts? submitted by /u/defectivetrekkie [link] [comments]
10/04 9:10pm


10/04 9:10pm


10/04 9:04pm

Aurora Cannabis (Cam Battley) on Alberta's plan for legalized cannabis

10/04 7:50pm

Daily Marijuana Stock News Briefing

10/04 7:50pm

Daily Marijuana Stock News Briefing - 10/04/17

10/04 7:39pm

Tetra Bio-Pharma Selected to Present at Prestigious BIO Investor Forum In San Francisco October 17-18

10/04 7:28pm

Detailed technical analysis of IMH reveals breakout imminent

RIKEY! submitted by /u/-weightyghost- [link] [comments]
10/04 7:00pm
Pot Stocks

Article: Why pot stocks in Canada are suddenly hot again

10/04 6:48pm

Article: Legalized pot – get in now, or wait?

10/04 6:47pm

Medicinal marijuana company acquires 11 acres in Kentville Business Park

10/04 6:32pm

ABcann's outgoing CEO speaks on transition, research, quality and Future.