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Industry News

12/09 6:12am
Cannabis, Growers, Cultivation

Police look to smoke out drug growers on Twitter
12/09 5:04am

Green Party: Cannabis Business Awards Rewards High Achievement
12/09 4:01am
Cannabis, Development, Science

Constituency for Africa (CFA) to Focus on Improving Healthcare Infrastructure in ...
12/09 3:53am

I've never taken drugs but I have read about them, says Ed Miliband
12/09 2:05am
Cannabis, Hemp

Feds have mixed message on marijuana
12/09 12:33am
Cannabis, Growing

The arrest of four men in the NT over a botched attempt to steal an ATM has led ...
12/09 12:24am
Cannabis, Medical Marijuana

Letter: Medical marijuana could help many
12/09 12:03am

Weeding out the different effects of cannabis oil and marijuana
12/08 11:11pm
Cannabis, Interviews

400 Colorado movie fans get sneak peek of “The Interview”
12/08 9:54pm

See Ethan Nadelmann At The International Cannabis Business Conference
12/08 9:40pm

Kwaw Kese denied bail again
12/08 9:40pm

Judge sums up raft of charges against accused
12/08 8:58pm

Power pole in train's path
12/08 8:57pm

Joan and the Giant Joint not on Burton’s mind for a spliff second
12/08 8:17pm

Joan and the Giant Joint not on Burton's mind for a spliff second
12/08 8:16pm
Cannabis, Medical Marijuana

Outer Mission neighborhood becoming a legal pot hotbed
12/08 8:13pm

House Democrats ax three committees, add one for marijuana
12/08 7:42pm

I don't take drugs, I read about them, says Ed Miliband
12/08 6:21pm

Update: Marijuana-Hating Town Officials to Vote on Plan to Block Pot Shop
12/08 5:50pm

Tonight in Denver: Seth Rogen wants to smoke weed in theater, but where?
12/08 5:30pm

Trichome Serves Cannabis-Infused Coffee --and Now Hot (Pot) Cocoa in ...
12/08 5:30pm

Mixed Results for Pot
12/08 4:57pm

Customs finds €300000 of cannabis in Portlaoise mail centre
12/08 3:48pm

Police keep an eye on stealing shoppers ahead of Christmas
12/08 3:16pm

Ed Miliband: I haven't taken drugs but have 'read about it'
12/08 3:10pm

Labour Promises To Give 16 And 17-Year-Olds The Vote From 2016
12/08 2:40pm

Miliband vows to lower voting age
12/08 2:24pm
Cannabis, CBD

Patient Use of Cannabis in Epilepsy Featured in Three New Studies
12/08 2:24pm
Cannabis, Development, Exploring

New Reports of Epidiolex(R) Efficacy and Safety Presented at the American Epilepsy Society's Annual Meeting
12/08 2:19pm

CNBC Doesn't Plan on Letting CNN, MSNBC Take Over Marijuana Programming
12/08 2:01pm

2014 HIGH TIMES Amsterdam Cannabis Cup: Award Winners
12/08 1:48pm

Revenue seizes 15kg of cannabis at postal depot
12/08 1:46pm

Revenue dog sniffs out drugs at Portlaoise mail centre
12/08 1:15pm
Cannabis, Medical Marijuana

California docs: 'Stop denying organs to marijuana patients'
12/08 12:56pm

"I really need to try this drug" says MS sufferer
12/08 12:50pm
Cannabis, Medical Marijuana

Tacoma close to shutting down medical marijuana collectives
12/08 12:01pm

Granby board may annex property to block recreational pot shop
12/08 12:00pm
Cannabis, Recreational Cannabis, Pharmaceuticals

Why GW Pharmaceuticals Is Currently The Only Game In Town For A Cannabis ...
12/08 6:12am
Cannabis, Shareholder Updates

12/08 6:10am
Cannabis, Management, Shareholder Updates

USEI Announces a 20% Stock Dividend for Shareholders of Record on the Record Date
12/08 6:07am

Liberals ramp up for state-by-state push in '16
12/08 6:07am
Cannabis, Shareholder Updates

USEI Announces a 20% Stock Dividend for Shareholders of Record on the ...
12/08 5:36am

Landlord gets tough on anti-social tenants, throwing out two a month
12/08 5:21am

Up in smoke: WA pot firms say their profits are getting burned down by tax bills
12/08 3:57am

Lancashire news in brief
12/08 3:15am

Aiko croons on a wave of fan love
12/07 10:55pm

Weapons seized in 'drug cafe' raids