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Cannabis Patents News

3/10 10:29pm

Not high on inspiration: Ontario Cannabis Store logo derided as boring

3/10 10:26pm
Cannabis, Dispensaries

Iowa gets 21 applications for medical cannabis dispensaries

3/10 10:25pm
Cannabis, Manufacture

MMJ BioScience Partner Receives Health Canada License to Manufacture Cannabis Medicine for FDA Study

3/10 9:56pm
News, Research

CBC News article: 'Into the Dark': With just months to go before legalization, the federal government funds marijuana research

3/10 8:53pm

5 Canadian Cannabis Updates That Impacted Shares (MPX, MARI, HIKU, OGi, IMH)

3/10 8:04pm
ASX:CMY Branding, Financing, Insurance Companies, Management, Marketing Clinical Trials

Sleeper picks/undervalued ones

hat are your personal sleeper/unloved picks? Looking around I see APH, TBP, TGIF (to name my personal favs)not getting the recognition they deserve. APH is already profitable, not overly diluted and has so much grow space but just aren't as "sexy" with the marketing as ACB and EED. Acquired NUU and broken coast which gives them a huge global footprint in markets the other big 2 aren't even into yet. In terms of grow space they are right up there with 320,000kgs lined up eventually. TBP has a 41% stake in an ACMPR producer in Quebec along with the multiple clinical trials they have going on for them (with insurance companies covering the cost of the medicine now). Not to mention they just finished financing at 1$ for 11 million. TGIF well their in the city of sin which runs 45 million visitors a year looking to party and they have solid branding and good management. Mind you, I feel like they are a little short on the grow space if they really wanted to take over the market. Personally, I'm waiting for them to dip a bit more before taking up a position. I feel like there's a lot of good plays out there and this subreddit has been great for finding them and trading info so what do you guys/ gals think about it and what are yours? You can never really have too much information Disclaimer: I hold TBP submitted by /u/DiagonalGalvanizer [link] [comments]
3/10 5:41pm
TWMJF Fabric

My experience at Tweed: Fabric of Creativity

3/10 3:37pm

Canadians report paying less than $7 for cannabis gram

3/10 2:37pm

Bruce Linton on the cannabis industry

3/10 2:09pm

Cannabis expert Cheryl Shuman is excited by Canadian cannabis industry

3/10 8:19am
Cannabis, Growing, Production

How Data Drives Indoor Cannabis Growing: A Conversation with Organigram on High Quality Production

3/10 6:53am
Investment, Investors

Article: Questions help investors still the slippery siren's call of investment bubbles

3/10 6:30am
Cannabis, Investment

/r/weedstocks Weekend Post - Saturday, [March 10, 2018]

elcome to /r/weedstocks eekend Lounge! New to Reddit? Read This. New to r/weedstocks? Read This. ant to start trading? Read This. Use the search bar before asking any question. All questions that can be answered by these resources may be removed. Much like our After Hours Discussion this is a laid back discussion forum for what happened in the last week and your plans for the near or far future. Newbies to the sub are allowed to ask their “simple questions” such as how to get your feet wet in the stock market or what companies are a good investment. Not Allowed: Discussion unrelated to weed stocks or sectors/companies related to cannabis. Uncivil behavior. Please read the rules in the sidebar. “all Street bets” will be removed. Please remember proper reddiquitte when participating. Rule #1 will be strictly enforced here to prevent any uncivil discussion and personal attacks. submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]
1/26 8:16am
Cannabis, Cultivation

Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. Announces New Streaming Partner and Plans to Convert Former Nestle Facility for Cannabis Cultivation

1/26 8:06am
Cannabis, Investment

Corporate Cannabis added to Stash!

hey added a new Corporate Cannabis investment in the Stash App. I think that's great it contains ten different stocks and it's ticker is MJX. submitted by /u/capzoots [link] [comments]
1/26 8:00am
Research, Tobacco

Today’s Research Reports on Stocks to Watch: Altria Group and Philip Morris International

EW YORK, Y / ACCESSWIRE / January 26, 2018 / It was a grim day for shares of Philip Morris and its parent company Altria Group after FDA advisors remarked that Philip Morris' iQOS electronic tobacco ...
1/26 7:48am
Cannabis, Management

Emerald Health Therapeutics and DMG Blockchain Solutions Establish LOI to Create Cannabis Supply Chain Management System and E-Commerce Platform

1/26 7:33am

How Altria’s Valuation Multiple Compares with Its Peers

an Altria Outperform Analyst Estimates in 4Q17? Valuation multiples help investors assess comparable companies. A forward PE multiple is computed by dividing a company’s stock price from analysts’ earnings estimates for the next four quarters.
1/26 7:32am
Cannabis, Security

Statement from Health Canada: Physical Security Requirements for Producers of Cannabis for Medical Purposes -

1/26 6:36am

2018-0126 – New Listing – Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corporation (CGOC & CGOC.WT) | CSE

1/26 5:00am
Bitcoin, Cannabis, Greenhouses, Investing

MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon, 1/26

OS ANGEES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 26, 2018 / Sustainable greenhouses, cryptocurrency and bitcoin, startup investing, solar energy, cannabis business, government shutdown blues; this week on MoneyTV ...
1/26 4:11am

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1/26 2:06am

P.E.I government to buy 3 million grams of pot a year.

ttp:// submitted by /u/itsiignoon [link] [comments]
1/26 1:42am
Cannabis, Cultivation

CBW: Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. Announces New Streaming Partner and Plans to Convert Former Nestle Facility for Cannabis Cultivation

1/26 1:14am

[$$] IQOS Cigarette Alternative Suffers a Blow at FDA Panel

cientists advising U.. regulators dealt a setback to the tobacco industry’s multibillion-dollar quest to bring a cigarette alternative to market.
1/26 1:00am