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Cannabis Patents News

11/04 9:35pm

MedReleaf: Declaring intention to be qualified under National Instrument 44-101 short form prospectus distributions

11/04 1:09pm
APH.V Cannabis

Aphria Inc. CEO Vic Neufeld on Financial Results, US Cannabis Assets and TSX Pressure

10/11 2:44am

Kalytera Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Robert Farrell, J.D. as CEO; Additional Board and Management Changes

10/11 1:36am
Cannabis, Research

Sterling Crockett Interview, CEO of Agrimed - breaking ground on new medical cannabis research facility in Pennsylvania tomorrow, to be followed by Ohio and Florida.

10/10 9:35pm
Edibles, Products

Do you Require a license to sell edibles?

as looking into Nutritional High International Inc, they mainly sell edibles and smaller niche products for the weed lifestyle. At the bottom of their web page it says "The Company works exclusively in U.S. states where such activity is permitted and regulated by state law, through entities which hold a valid license to produce marijuana-infused edible products and to distribute and dispense marijuana products." Does this mean every company needs to have a license to distribute edibles? Does "Nutritional High" have the monopoly? submitted by /u/diazhd [link] [comments]
10/10 9:24pm

Casey research weed stocks October 31

nybody familiar with this firm? They keep sending daily newsletters stating that weed stocks will moon after October 31 if a “bill is approved” What is happening in the 31 of October? nd What stocks should I look about for?(u.s resident) submitted by /u/edmocha93 [link] [comments]
10/10 9:18pm

FROM UP HIGH: Scottsdale company sends marijuana into space

he online cannabis eco-system company Herban Planet sent one lbs (454 grams) of the weed, 22 miles up into the atmosphere, two weeks ago.
10/10 8:56pm
Medical Marijuana

Montana's medical marijuana industry expected to hit $18.7 million this year

PAX-TVMontana's medical marijuana industry expected to hit $18.7 million this yearPAX-TVThe department expects the state will collect $750,000 in tax revenue in the first year of SB 333, the legislation that authorized medical marijuana in Montana. Due to administrative and startup costs to the new bill, the general fund will see only a ...and more »
10/10 8:22pm
Cannabis, CBD

Five Things You Didn't Think CBD Could Replace

e've barely begun to tap the potential health benefits of CBD in cannabis. The non-intoxicating substance has already shown remarkable potential ...
10/10 7:03pm
Cannabis, Facilities, Production

Canadian Firm Invests in Massive Australian Cannabis Venture

he economic promise of medical cannabis in Australia has taken some time to realize. So far, the few legal cannabis production facilities in the ...
10/10 6:52pm
Medical Marijuana

Boca Raton takes steps to ban medical marijuana shops

arijuana plants sit in a grow house and marijuana dispensary in Quincy, ass., arch 29, 2017. (File photo by Adam Glanzman/The New York ...
10/10 6:52pm

The rolling paper

annabis, pot, weed, reefer, marijuana -- whatever you call it, if it's mentioned in the pages of the Los Angeles Times and its sister papers, we've ...
10/10 6:52pm
Medical Marijuana

Delaware Officials Get Update on Medical Marijuana Program

elaware opened its first medical marijuana dispensary, the First State Compassion Center, in Wilmington in 2015. First State also won the contract for ...
10/10 6:52pm

Ron Fink: Lompoc Cannabis Policy; Not Yet

or the second time the Lompoc City Council discussed the implementation of the city's cannabis policy to try and beat the Jan. 1, 2018, deadline.
10/10 6:20pm
Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Research

Parents argue for medical marijuana access

here was an opportunity this summer for people to request new conditions be added to the Minnesota Medical Cannabis program. Research was ...
10/10 6:06pm
Medical Marijuana

Business Guarantees Medical Marijuana License 'Or Your Money Back'

n empty marijuana jar at the Canna Care Docs clinic in Burlington. The company opened its first location in Vermont last month, and offers patients a ...
10/10 4:23pm
Investors, Research, Tobacco

Rockland Tobacco Asset Securitization Corporation, Series 2001 -- Moody's upgrades $356.1 million of Tobacco Asset-Backed Bonds and downgrades an additional $87.2 million

ating Action: Moody's upgrades $356.1 million of Tobacco Asset-Backed Bonds and downgrades an additional $87.2 million. Global Credit esearch- 10 Oct 2017. New York, October 10, 2017-- Moody's Investors ...
10/10 4:22pm

Cannabis: Tide of world opinion is moving to legalisation, Flynn says

10/10 4:06pm

From Philip Morris to Kraft Foods, a Look at Some of Corporate America's Biggest Spinoffs

fter the slowest stretch in more than two decades, corporate spinoffs returned to the spotlight Tuesday after Honeywell International Inc. and Pfizer Inc. both said said they are considering the move....
10/10 4:06pm
Investors, Tobacco

Philip Morris Stock Could Pack On 22%

hares of Philip Morris International (PM) have been rising all year and got an extra boost this week from Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog when she urged investors to buy ahead of the tobacco firm's third quarter report, which is expected on October 19.
10/10 4:04pm
Cannabis, Medical Marijuana

Inaction in Congress threatens Maryland medical marijuana

altimore SunInaction in Congress threatens Maryland medical marijuanaaltimore SunMaryland's medical marijuana program, finally about to launch, could remain grounded if Congress fails to extend limits on federal prosecutions for using and selling the drug. Under pressure ... “It would put the entire cannabis industry at risk for ...and more »
10/10 3:43pm

Cannabis Legalization Sends Sacramento Warehouse Prices Skyrocketing

acramento is one of the few major cities in the state that has adopted cannabis-cultivating ordinances and made it clear that the adult-use cannabis ...
10/10 3:42pm
Cannabis, News

Wildfires are endangering parts of California's $2 billion marijuana industry

usiness InsiderWildfires are endangering parts of California's $2 billion marijuana industryusiness InsiderThe fires not only threaten the state's famous wine grapes in Napa and Sonoma — but also its marijuana crops. California produces over half of the marijuana consumed in the US. The state's legal cannabis sales totaled approximately $2 billion in 2016 ...Deadly wildfires threaten thousands of acres of pot farms in CaliforniaMashableMarijuana harvests threatened by Wine Country firesPittsburgh Post-GazetteWildfires Could Destroy Multi-Million Dollar Marijuana Crops In California's 'Emerald Triangle'Civilizedall 1,835 news articles »
10/10 3:41pm

How a 12-Year-Old Girl Could Help End Weed Prohibition in America

welve-year-old Alexis Bortell uses a cannabis oil called Haleigh's Hope to prevent life-threatening epileptic seizures. She takes the oil orally by ...
10/10 3:41pm
Hemp, Industrial Hemp

Bill would allow Wisconsin farmers to grow industrial hemp

isconsin farmers could grow industrial hemp under new legislation introduced by Republican lawmakers and given a public hearing on Tuesday.