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Cannabis Patents News

1/05 2:34am
Investing, Media, News

Thoughts on the day (Jan4th)

he more I think about it, the more I think the US news (Sessions and then responses in media) is a coincidental blessing in disguise. Smart US $$, of which there must be lots with people seeing what kinds of gains are possible in this Can weedstock market, will shift even more so to Can stocks. I would guess that those with OC listings will do particularly well. We all recognized that a correction was due and I believe it came, irrespective of the US news but then was initially bolstered by it. hing is, I think it's going to help temper the correction amd fuel further growth (and thus trading/investing opportunity). All in all, after going through the last 1.5y of volatility, I'm finally finding it easier to sit back, buy more in dips (even if I don't catch the bottom) and realize that when these crazy days happen, in most cases nothing of any significance has really changed. I've trusted my dd and instincts on this sector so far and it has paid off in spades. Added MJN today and will be adding more with any further dip. he number of times I fretted over pennies these last 1.5y and as a result missed out on literally thousands of dollars is depressing in retrospect. MJN will go up. And way up. For that matter I think most of the sector will continue to go up. Cronos just happens to be the company I'm most comfortable with and the returns have strengthened my opinion. I could very easily be wrong and we could be facing a weeks-long correction/burst. I can't see it but it's definitely possible. Going out on a limb with some honest thoughts and very curious how tomorrow and following days will play out. Obviously just some of my thoughts and would love to hear other reasoned takes after this most interesting day. submitted by /u/comoxlandia [link] [comments]
1/05 1:19am

Maricann (MARI) napkin math

ttps:// Tis is a link from a previous Reddit tread to get a little bit of info for new or interested MARI investors. I’m seeing a lot of people talking about MARI lately. Here’s wat I know about tem, anyone wo knows more please correct any of my mistakes. But it’s some real quick napkin mat. Planned expansion of 90,000kg for rec. 160,000,000 total sare count. So as of close today 160million x $2.88 = $460,800,000 market cap. 1kg=1000g Say a profit of even $0.50 per gram (I tink around $1.00 per gram will be wat tese companies make.) 90,000kg x 1000g x $0.50 = $45,000,000 profit $45,000,000 profit x P/E ratio of 20 = $900,000,000 market cap. $900,000,000/160,000,000= $5.625 per sare Now let’s say we ave a P/E ratio of 25 for a growt industry and use a profit margin increase to $0.85/gram. 90,000kg x 1000g x $0.85 = $76,500,000 profit $76,500,000 x P/E ratio of 25 = $1,912,500,000 market cap $1,912,500,000/160,000,000 sares = $11.95/sare Always remember tere is most likely going to be dilution added to tis and tese numbers can be dynamic. I definitely would like anyone wo knows more to comment so. Tis is a community were we can build off eac oter’s DD and it would be wonderful to be corrected on any mistakes. submitted by /u/unkerinatrenc [link] [comments]
1/04 11:54pm
Cannabis, Distribution, Medical Marijuana, Production

Feds will or will not have negative effect on u.s. marijuana in near future?

o Change in Federal Cannabis Enforcement Expected by iAnthus Capital: I realize the state's have been allowed to control under their own terms but is it possible attorney general will go the extra mile to make medical marijuana distribution/production more of a hassle? submitted by /u/-walkingonair- [link] [comments]
1/04 11:27pm
Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana might get legalized in Utah.

1/04 11:01pm

U.S. prosecutor in Dallas to be top Nevada federal prosecutor

essions announced on Wednesday a new top federal prosecutor for Nevada. One day before rescinding the Cole memo. The top federal prosecutor for Northern California just resigned as well and essions will get to appoint a temporary replacement for that position- IDK what this means, but I don't like it. I still think there will be too much political backlash for going after state recreational marijuana, but I feel the community should be aware of this. submitted by /u/Ibetfatmanbet [link] [comments]
1/04 10:52pm

As we march into 2018, here's a look at the most popular marijuana strains on the market

1/04 10:33pm
Cannabis, Investment

Sessions-Proof Cannabis Investment Strategy

1/04 10:30pm

Revive Therapeutics Announces Update on its Collaboration Agreement with Health Canada Licensed Dealer for Medical Cannabis...

1/04 10:18pm
Cannabis, Investors

Cannabis investors enemy #2 happy about Sessions decision..

1/04 9:25pm

Canadian Exchange

ooking for a good canadian exchange, interested in investing in TSE and the only one I’ve seen so far is QuestTrade. submitted by /u/bri_guy13 [link] [comments]
11/04 9:35pm

MedReleaf: Declaring intention to be qualified under National Instrument 44-101 short form prospectus distributions

11/04 1:09pm
APH.V Cannabis

Aphria Inc. CEO Vic Neufeld on Financial Results, US Cannabis Assets and TSX Pressure

10/11 2:44am

Kalytera Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Robert Farrell, J.D. as CEO; Additional Board and Management Changes

10/11 1:36am
Cannabis, Research

Sterling Crockett Interview, CEO of Agrimed - breaking ground on new medical cannabis research facility in Pennsylvania tomorrow, to be followed by Ohio and Florida.

10/10 9:35pm
Edibles, Products

Do you Require a license to sell edibles?

as looking into Nutritional High International Inc, they mainly sell edibles and smaller niche products for the weed lifestyle. At the bottom of their web page it says "The Company works exclusively in U.S. states where such activity is permitted and regulated by state law, through entities which hold a valid license to produce marijuana-infused edible products and to distribute and dispense marijuana products." Does this mean every company needs to have a license to distribute edibles? Does "Nutritional High" have the monopoly? submitted by /u/diazhd [link] [comments]
10/10 9:24pm

Casey research weed stocks October 31

nybody familiar with this firm? They keep sending daily newsletters stating that weed stocks will moon after October 31 if a “bill is approved” What is happening in the 31 of October? nd What stocks should I look about for?(u.s resident) submitted by /u/edmocha93 [link] [comments]
10/10 9:18pm

FROM UP HIGH: Scottsdale company sends marijuana into space

he online cannabis eco-system company Herban Planet sent one lbs (454 grams) of the weed, 22 miles up into the atmosphere, two weeks ago.
10/10 8:56pm
Medical Marijuana

Montana's medical marijuana industry expected to hit $18.7 million this year

PAX-TVMontana's medical marijuana industry expected to hit $18.7 million this yearPAX-TVThe department expects the state will collect $750,000 in tax revenue in the first year of SB 333, the legislation that authorized medical marijuana in Montana. Due to administrative and startup costs to the new bill, the general fund will see only a ...and more »
10/10 8:22pm
Cannabis, CBD

Five Things You Didn't Think CBD Could Replace

e've barely begun to tap the potential health benefits of CBD in cannabis. The non-intoxicating substance has already shown remarkable potential ...
10/10 7:03pm
Cannabis, Facilities, Production

Canadian Firm Invests in Massive Australian Cannabis Venture

he economic promise of medical cannabis in Australia has taken some time to realize. So far, the few legal cannabis production facilities in the ...
10/10 6:52pm
Medical Marijuana

Boca Raton takes steps to ban medical marijuana shops

arijuana plants sit in a grow house and marijuana dispensary in Quincy, ass., arch 29, 2017. (File photo by Adam Glanzman/The New York ...
10/10 6:52pm

The rolling paper

annabis, pot, weed, reefer, marijuana -- whatever you call it, if it's mentioned in the pages of the Los Angeles Times and its sister papers, we've ...
10/10 6:52pm
Medical Marijuana

Delaware Officials Get Update on Medical Marijuana Program

elaware opened its first medical marijuana dispensary, the First State Compassion Center, in Wilmington in 2015. First State also won the contract for ...
10/10 6:52pm

Ron Fink: Lompoc Cannabis Policy; Not Yet

or the second time the Lompoc City Council discussed the implementation of the city's cannabis policy to try and beat the Jan. 1, 2018, deadline.
10/10 6:20pm
Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Research

Parents argue for medical marijuana access

here was an opportunity this summer for people to request new conditions be added to the Minnesota Medical Cannabis program. Research was ...
10/10 6:06pm
Medical Marijuana

Business Guarantees Medical Marijuana License 'Or Your Money Back'

n empty marijuana jar at the Canna Care Docs clinic in Burlington. The company opened its first location in Vermont last month, and offers patients a ...