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Aromatic prenyltransferase from cannabis

Nucleic acid molecules from Cannabis sativa (cannabis, hemp, marijuana) have been isolated and characterized, and encode polypeptides having aromatic prenyltransferase activity. Specifically, the enzyme, CsPT1, is a geranylpyrophosphate olivetolate geranyltransferase, active in the cannabinoid biosynthesis step of prenylation of olivetolic acid to form cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). Expression or over-expression of the...Read more

Dual-chamber packaging systems for cannabis-infused products systems

Medical Marijuana,
A dual-chamber packaging for medical marijuana-infused products and edibles providing individuals who are suffering from various health problems and diseases with an effective method for ingesting and/or topically applying medical marijuana. The invention may comprise a dual-compartmental containment device made from high-density polyethylene. The two chambers may be separate but are...Read more

Standardization and reconstitution of phytochemicals for medical dispensation

A method to produce compositions with a standardized phytochemical content comprises growing marijuana in a controlled environment, harvesting live green leaves from the marijuana, processing the green leaves to produce a phytochemically standardized slurry, heating the slurry to produce a thin film, and cutting a film into pieces each sized to...Read more

Thoughts on the day (Jan4th)

The more I think about it, the more I think the US news (Sessions and then responses in media) is a coincidental blessing in disguise. Smart US $$, of which there must be lots with people seeing what kinds of gains are possible in this Can weedstock market, will shift even more so to Can stocks. I would guess that those with OTC listings will do particularly well. We all recognized that a correction was due and I believe it came, irrespective of the US news but then was initially bolstered by it. Thing is, I think it's going to help temper the correction amd fuel further growth (and thus...Read more

Out of loop here. What is happening to TD? I can't buy stocks but I can buy ETFs.

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Double down on $MPX or nah?

Maricann (MARI) napkin math

Investors This is a link from a previous Reddit thread to get a little bit of info for new or interested MARI investors. I’m seeing a lot of people talking about MARI lately. Here’s what I know about them, anyone who knows more please correct any of my mistakes. But it’s some real quick napkin math. Planned expansion of 90,000kg for rec. 160,000,000 total share count. So as of close today 160million x $2.88 = $460,800,000 market cap. 1kg=1000g Say a profit of even $0.50 per...Read more

GLTA Longs

Daily Discussion, [January 05, 2018]

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Feds will or will not have negative effect on u.s. marijuana in near future?

Medical Marijuana,
No Change in Federal Cannabis Enforcement Expected by iAnthus Capital: I realize the state's have been allowed to control under their own terms but is it possible attorney general will go the extra mile to make medical marijuana distribution/production more of a hassle? submitted by /u/-walkingonair- [link] [comments]Read more