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Aromatic prenyltransferase from cannabis

Nucleic acid molecules from Cannabis sativa (cannabis, hemp, marijuana) have been isolated and characterized, and encode polypeptides having aromatic prenyltransferase activity. Specifically, the enzyme, CsPT1, is a geranylpyrophosphate olivetolate geranyltransferase, active in the cannabinoid biosynthesis step of prenylation of olivetolic acid to form cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). Expression or over-expression of the...Read more

Dual-chamber packaging systems for cannabis-infused products systems

Medical Marijuana,
A dual-chamber packaging for medical marijuana-infused products and edibles providing individuals who are suffering from various health problems and diseases with an effective method for ingesting and/or topically applying medical marijuana. The invention may comprise a dual-compartmental containment device made from high-density polyethylene. The two chambers may be separate but are...Read more

Standardization and reconstitution of phytochemicals for medical dispensation

A method to produce compositions with a standardized phytochemical content comprises growing marijuana in a controlled environment, harvesting live green leaves from the marijuana, processing the green leaves to produce a phytochemically standardized slurry, heating the slurry to produce a thin film, and cutting a film into pieces each sized to...Read more

Terra Tech Corp reminder could flip this for a profit

MedReleaf: Declaring intention to be qualified under National Instrument 44-101 short form prospectus distributions

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My weed stocks rate of return. Missed out on Cronos over a year ago, still not bad. submitted by /u/TallVanGuy [link] [comments]Read more

Morningstars analysis on Canopy Growth Corporation along with an updated "Fair Value" of 20.44 CAD

Choose your own custom flair to celebrate r/weedstocks 20,000 subscribers!

Hi r/weedstocks , We'll be taking custom flair requests this weekend in celebration of reaching 20,000 users. Please post your requested flair in the comments below and the moderator team will update them as soon as possible. Your custom flair will appear to the right of your username whenever you make a post or comment in r/weedstocks . We've also added a new standard flair " r/weedstocks 20,000", which you can find on the sidebar. Stay tuned for more to come on our celebration of 20,000 subscribers! Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already! submitted by /u/nopolarbears [link] [...Read more

My Take: My estimated Stock Price for July 2019

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Maine's governor vetoes marijuana bill