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Literally up 311 % on aurora and 105% on canopy, should I keep holding on these two industry leaders? When does everyone think that these will correct themselves if at all, just trying to get other opinions submitted by /u/DonPurchenzo [link] [comments]Read more

Medical Marijuana might get legalized in Utah.

Medical Marijuana
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U.S. prosecutor in Dallas to be top Nevada federal prosecutor

Sessions announced on Wednesday a new top federal prosecutor for Nevada. One day before rescinding the Cole memo. The top federal prosecutor for Northern California just resigned as well and Sessions will get to appoint a temporary replacement for that position- IDK what this means, but I don't like it. I still think there will be too much political backlash for going after state recreational marijuana, but I feel the community should be aware of this. submitted by /u/Ibetfatmanbet [link] [comments]Read more

As we march into 2018, here's a look at the most popular marijuana strains on the market

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Q&A: What does Sessions' policy mean for the future of weed?

Sessions-Proof Cannabis Investment Strategy

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Revive Therapeutics Announces Update on its Collaboration Agreement with Health Canada Licensed Dealer for Medical Cannabis...

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Cannabis investors enemy #2 happy about Sessions decision..

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Cannaroyalty responds to Sessions

Thought's on a n00bs MJ Portfolio

Haven't been in this for long, but after a lot of DD and waiting around for the dips and what not, these are my current holdings. I'm curious to know what you guys think, if you think I should add something or increase my holdings for something, etc. I'd really appreciate it as I'm still in Uni and learning the ropes still. Thanks. MARI - 16.10% QCC - 13.80% MPX - 12.90% OGI - 8.70% THCX - 7.20% LHS - 6.30% HIP - 6.00% GLH - 2.90% Others - 26% submitted by /u/RDewani [link] [comments]Read more