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Ianthus Capital responds to Sessions

How Ridiculous Are These Valuations?

How retarded are the valuations in this industry right now? MedReleaf fell 9% today. Why is that relevant? MedReleaf does 0, and hasn't planned on doing any business in the US. AND has publicly stated as much for months now. Given the 9% selloff today, or 269 Million market cap loss, how educated do you think the average investor is in these companies? How much of this market cap is pure, uneducated and uninformed FOMO MOMO? Edit: FOMO MOMO = Fear of missing out momentum. submitted by /u/xGlor [link] [comments]Read more

Canadian Exchange

Looking for a good canadian exchange, interested in investing in TSE and the only one I’ve seen so far is QuestTrade. submitted by /u/bri_guy13 [link] [comments]Read more

GLH CEO William Simpson quoted "We are pushing full force forward,"

Video: What’s driving the madness in the marijuana stocks Publisher James West from Midas Letter has details on the surge in marijuana stocks.

Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 1/4/2018 by

Rate My Weed Portfolio

Just started building a portfolio for weed. I'm a small investor so have some gambly positions in here as well. Would you guys shift any of the %? What positions would you add to as I have more $ to invest? I'm considering adding iAnthus as my next addition. WEED @ 27% APH @ 24% ACB @ 18% MARI @ 18% MPX @ 12% submitted by /u/Muthafuckaaaaa [link] [comments]Read more

Terra Tech Corp reminder could flip this for a profit

MedReleaf: Declaring intention to be qualified under National Instrument 44-101 short form prospectus distributions

submitted by /u/skyfallboom [link] [comments]Read more

My weed stocks rate of return. Missed out on Cronos over a year ago, still not bad. submitted by /u/TallVanGuy [link] [comments]Read more