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Morningstars analysis on Canopy Growth Corporation along with an updated "Fair Value" of 20.44 CAD

Choose your own custom flair to celebrate r/weedstocks 20,000 subscribers!

Hi r/weedstocks , We'll be taking custom flair requests this weekend in celebration of reaching 20,000 users. Please post your requested flair in the comments below and the moderator team will update them as soon as possible. Your custom flair will appear to the right of your username whenever you make a post or comment in r/weedstocks . We've also added a new standard flair " r/weedstocks 20,000", which you can find on the sidebar. Stay tuned for more to come on our celebration of 20,000 subscribers! Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already! submitted by /u/nopolarbears [link] [...Read more

My Take: My estimated Stock Price for July 2019

Sock price for WEED in July 2019: What do you guys think? submitted by /u/Oshcat [link] [comments]Read more

Maine's governor vetoes marijuana bill

Ready or Not, Recreational Marijuana Use Is Coming to Canada

7acres / FIRE product sold out @ Aurora

Looks like Aurora is now sold out of all FIRE product. Their second product (Whitecap /white widow) sold out much faster than their Wappa strain. That shipment in late September was worth 1.5mil submitted by /u/the_badgers_of_death [link] [comments]Read more

Aphria Inc. CEO Vic Neufeld on Financial Results, US Cannabis Assets and TSX Pressure

submitted by /u/YenEuroDollarSign [link] [comments]Read more

Analysis: How Manitoba's hazy plans for weed cloud Winnipeg's legalization preparations

Audio: CBC On The Coast Former Vancouver Mayor and federal Senator Larry Campbell on Marijuana Legalization says the senate should have no trouble meeting the July 1 deadline for marijuana legalization.

Senator and Former Vancouver Mayor says Senate will meet deadline for pot legalization