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1/25 4:00pm
Cannabis, CBD
How Cannabis and CBD Offer Hope in Future Treatments of Autism
However, accumulating evidence suggests that in many cases of autism, there's a reduction in the brain's “inhibitory tone” (see below). This suggests that cannabis-based medications, particularly CBD-rich preparations that enhance the brain's inhibitory signaling, may be a potential autism treatment.
1/25 4:00pm
APH.V Cannabis
The Complete Cannabis Guide #3: Consumption In Canada
We are optimistic on the large cannabis market post legalization but remain on the sidelines over valuation. All amounts in C$ unless ... Recall that in Part I of the series we compared cash cost and all-in cost among the top four largest publicly traded cannabis companies in Canada. We found that Aphria ...
1/25 3:37pm
Developing a roadside test for marijuana intoxication isn't as easy as it sounds
As the movement to legalize marijuana in the United States gains momentum, researchers worry about keeping the public safe, particularly on the roads. Recent studies in which marijuana users took controlled doses of cannabis in the lab have identified new biomarkers that can be used to estimate a ...
1/25 3:26pm
Why No Gadget Can Prove How Stoned You Are
And how you took the cannabis. And the position of the North Star at the moment of ingestion. OK, maybe not that last one. But as medical and recreational marijuana use spreads across the United States, how on Earth can law enforcement tell if someone they've pulled over is too high to be driving, ...
1/25 3:16pm
Cannabis Stocks: Not A Dot-Com Bubble...Yet
Seeking Alpha Cannabis Stocks: Not A Dot-Com Bubble...Yet Seeking Alpha California has gone legal, Canada is about to go legal, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently rescinded the Cole Memorandum, the marijuana stock market is bouncing daily like a monkey on a trampoline, new Exchange Traded Funds are mindlessly pouring ...
1/25 3:15pm
Cannabis, Investors
Cannabis Stocks: Not A Dot-Com Bubble...Yet
The cannabis stocks have been on a tear and people are worried there is too much speculation in the market. Investors are afraid to buy and scared to sell. I have gone back and looked at the Dot-Com Bubble. It was longer and stronger than this cannabis cycle and the end of that cycle featured many ...
1/25 11:35am
Cannabis, Management, Hedge Fund
Hedge fund says cannabis stocks will either collapse or we should all move to Canada and grow pot
CNBC Hedge fund says cannabis stocks will either collapse or we should all move to Canada and grow pot CNBC ... is not high on marijuana stocks. Lakewood Capital Management, led by Anthony Bozza, revealed short positions in Canopy Growth and Aurora Cannabis, according to the firm's fourth-quarter investor letter sent Wednesday and obtained by CNBC. The firm ... and more »
1/25 11:31am
Bitcoin, Cannabis
Cannabis Industry Sees Blockchain as Key to Growth While Complying With Regulations
Entrepreneur Cannabis Industry Sees Blockchain as Key to Growth While Complying With Regulations Entrepreneur The ledger is secure, decentralized and public, with each transaction listed in chronological order. Once entered a transaction cannot be changed. Most associate blockchain with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The technology offers a way for people in a ...
1/25 9:00am
ETST Cannabis, Science
NetworkNewsAudio Announces Audio Press Release (APR) on How Diversity Strengthens Booming Legal Cannabis Industry
New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - January 25, 2018) - NetworkNewsAudio announces an Audio Press Release (APR) titled "Diversity Spells Success in the Cannabis Market," featuring Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTC Pink: ETST). To hear the NetworkNewsAudio version, visit LINKTo read the original editorial, visit LINKETST again extended its reach in June 2017 when it entered into a joint venture to launch its wholly owned KannBidoid, Inc. ("KBD") subsidiary ( ).Positioned to take advantage of ...
1/25 8:34am
The World's First Cannabis Concierge -
1/25 8:20am
CNAB Cannabis
United Cannabis Corporation Signs First Licensing Agreement For Its Patented Technologies With Harborside Health
Agreement Grants Harborside Rights To The Use Of The Company's Patented Technologies DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2018 / United Cannabis Corporation (OTCQB: CNAB) (the "Company" or "United ...
1/25 7:04am
BELGRAVIA CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL and Fanlogic Commence Design of Blockchain Loyalty Program for the Global Cannabis Industry
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1/25 6:55am
Cannabis, Enters, Manufacturer
Lexaria Enters Licensing Agreement with Canadian Cannabis Chocolate Manufacturer
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1/25 2:07am
Cannabis, Growers, News
Cannabis growers in marijuana mega-merger
BBC News Cannabis growers in marijuana mega-merger - BBC News BBC News The deal creates the world's most valuable pot producer, as Canada prepares to legalise the drug. 'Nobody got any sleep': Aurora Cannabis lands CanniMed after marathon talks Financial Post Canada's Aurora Cannabis to buy rival to create world's most valuable weed firm Reuters Pot Growers Aurora, CanniMed Agree to a $1 Billion Merger Bloomberg - - The Japan Times - BNN all 117 news articles »
1/24 10:37pm
Banking, Cannabis, Food, Production, THC, Dispensaries, Cultivation, Funding
Rights, Opportunities, and Responsibilities of Municipalities Regulating Cannabis -
California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, the Department of Public Health, and the Department of Food and Agriculture recently released over 270 pages of emergency regulations to implement licensing for the Medicinal and Adult-Use Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”). Licensing commenced on January 1, 2018. To receive temporary or annual licenses to operate, cannabis license applicants must demonstrate to the state of California they have “local approval” from the city or county in which they plan to operate. With the state fast-moving towards licensing in January, cities and counties are hard-pressed in deciding whether to regulate or ban MAUCRSA cannabis businesses. On December 14th, Brad Rowe of BOTEC and Hilary Bricken, a cannabis business and regulatory attorney in the Los Angeles office of the Harris Bricken law firm, presented a webinar on the information, data, and legal and policy considerations local governments need regarding MAUCRSA and their ability to regulate or ban...
1/24 9:01pm
Cannabis, News, Retail Sales
Answers about questions on HVST
Earlier in the day, I commented on the daily thread saying HVST had some news coming through early February. A lot of people were awestruck and didn't know about it. I didn't have the time to answer these questions because I was attending an interview at the time. Just to clarify, HVST announced in early January (8th) that it would commence retail sales. '' Retail sales to commence February 2018. -Over 325 kg of dried cannabis currently in stock for immediate sale. -Initial import license for Satipharm’s Microgel Gelpell capsules received. -United Greeneries as mainstage sponsor and exhibitor at Lift Conference Vancouver. '' Let it be known that their subsidiary United Greeneries has already taken the necessary steps in their website for their retailing by the brand names 'Captain's Choice' and 'Royal High'. You can see for yourselves here. Enjoy! submitted by /u/OnnuOnnu [link] [comments]
1/24 8:16pm
National Access Cannabis Announces Grant of Options
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1/24 7:07pm
Cannabis, Management, Extracts
Why is WEEDMD unloved
State of the 217,000 sq ft state of the art facility with 21000kgs capacity with first harvest due in June this year! Yes it will actually be ready come rec date An option to retrofit a further a 400,000 sq foot bring the total to 617,000 sq foot. A strong medical business targeting seniors care! The only LP with a contract with seniors long term care facitly! Assuming plenty more in the pipeline Strong management and recently appointed a Kevin McGovern who’s resume is outstanding a quick google search will tell you what you need to know about the caliber of the guy! They sell dried cannabis and oil extracts aswell as clone plants! Market cap around 260 million but have 60 million in cash! One would speculate that 60 million cash will be used for something! It also has the highest upside according to analyst targets on yahoo finance! submitted by /u/mikegoppo88 [link] [comments]
1/24 6:52pm
My Cannabis Overview for January 24th, featuring: $WEED, $HMMJ, $THCX, $FIRE, $ACB, $CMED, $OGI and $HIP
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1/24 6:50pm
Cannabis, Financial Statements
U.S. Cannabis Companies
I'll begin with disclosure: I have a small position in TRTC. I was studying some of their financial statements the other day and a big question hit me: How is an American-based cannabis company listed on the OTC? It would make more sense if they were like LHSIF, ITHUF, etc. and based in Canada and listed on the CSE with ADR's back in the States. But, to my knowledge TRTC is based in Irvine, California and listed only on the OTC. How did this happen? Cannabis is still a schedule 1 drug in the USA... Any insights on how American cannabis companies actually go public would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance! submitted by /u/azimm29 [link] [comments]
1/24 6:07pm
ASX:ERI Cannabis
MGC Pharma: GMP Certification Granted for Slovenian Medicinal Cannabis Manufacturing Facility
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1/24 6:03pm
Bloomberg - Commentary today on Cannabis Disruption of Healthcare
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1/24 5:39pm
Cannabis, Facilities, Growing, Processing, Production, Products, Research
Aurora Cannabis: Striking oil with CanniMed
After a several months long drama between Aurora Cannabis (ACB) and CanniMed (CMED), the two companies finally agreed to a friendly deal that sees ACB purchasing CMED for $1.1 billion. The companies agreed to a $1.1 billion cash/stock purchase for CMED shareholders. This values CMED shares at $43 a share. The cash for the deal is capped at $140 million. Assuming the maximum amount of cash is elected then CMED shareholders can expect around $5.70 and approximately 3 shares of ACB per share of CMED. This deal is the largest consolidation deal in the industry so far. The sentiment of r/weedstocks is that ACB is making a huge mistake and grossly overpaying for a company with relatively few assets. ACB now has a nearly equal valuation as the industry giant Canopy Growth Corp (WEED). I had a hard time believing that ACB would pay such a massive sum of money for relatively little upside gain so I did some research into CMED in order to understand the valuation and desirability that ACB saw...
1/24 5:15pm
Cannabis, Facilities, Production, Dispensaries
US cannabis companies look to Canada when going public
CNBC US cannabis companies look to Canada when going public CNBC California-based cannabis company MedMen wants to go public — in Canada. MedMen, which operates dispensaries and production facilities in three states and has 700 employees, may be one of the biggest American cannabis companies to look to the north ... and more »
1/24 4:16pm
Wilson Elser Cannabis Practice Group -
Interview with Dean A. Rocco on Wilson Elser Cannabis Practice Group that himself and Ian Stewart started