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10/10 6:03am
Can Altria Actually Win by Attacking Cigarettes?
A lawsuit 20 years ago likely never envisioned the new industry environment.
10/06 5:04pm
Cigarettes, Tobacco
What Impact Will Self-Critical Ads Have on Tobacco Stocks?
Increasing FDA regulation has dented tobacco companies' revenues significantly. The latest move to advertise against cigarettes is expected to raise concerns of accelerated sales declines for traditional cigarettes.
7/24 10:38am
Cigarettes, Tobacco
Will Declining Volumes Hurt Altria's (MO) Earnings in Q2?
Despite strong brand portfolio, we believe declining demand for cigarettes due to the ongoing anti-tobacco campaigns and rising cigarette prices will continue to hurt Altria's (MO) earnings.
7/22 1:16pm
Advertising, Cigarettes, Tobacco
India's Delhi government tells Philip Morris to remove all ads
The state government in India's capital told Philip Morris International Inc and other tobacco companies on Saturday to remove all advertisements from tobacco shops in the city, warning them of legal action if they do not comply. The order, sent by Delhi state's chief tobacco control officer S. K. Arora, comes days after Reuters reported that Philip Morris was promoting Marlboro cigarettes, the world's best-selling brand, by advertising them at tobacco shops and distributing free cigarette samples.
7/21 2:33pm
Cigarettes, Marketing, Products, Tobacco
India to quiz Philip Morris on marketing of Marlboro
India plans to seek an explanation from Philip Morris International Inc about its marketing practices after Reuters reported that the tobacco giant used tactics that government officials say flout the country's law, a health ministry official said on Friday. Philip Morris advertises Marlboro cigarettes, the world’s best-selling brand, at tobacco shops in India and distributes free smokes at nightclubs and bars frequented by young people to promote the brand, Reuters reported earlier this week. Indian government officials previously have said these marketing activities violate the country's Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act and its accompanying rules, but companies get away with it because enforcement is weak.
6/30 12:21pm
Cigarettes, Smokeless, Tobacco
Tobacco group Philip Morris sees iQOS as key to smokeless future in UK
Cigarette maker Philip Morris International thinks its iQOS heated tobacco product can make Britain smoke-free in the coming years, an executive said on Friday. Since iQOS was launched in the UK in December, Philip Morris has found that about 70 percent of people that use it are able to give up conventional cigarettes, Peter Nixon, its UK and Ireland managing director, told BBC Radio. "It's unprecedented," Nixon told the Today show.
6/20 6:20am
Cigarettes, Tobacco
Cigarette Use Among Young Drops, Posing Threat to Tobacco Industry
Teenagers are smoking and using e-cigarettes much less now than a year ago. The trend is a threat to the financial success of the tobacco industry.
6/16 9:25am
Biotechnology, Cigarettes, Products, Science, Tobacco
22nd Century Meets with FDA on Modified Risk Tobacco Product Application for World’s Lowest Nicotine Tobacco Cigarettes
22nd Century Group, Inc. , a plant biotechnology company that is a leader in tobacco harm reduction, announced today that the Company and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Goodrich Tobacco Company, held yesterday a very encouraging and productive meeting with the Office of Science of the Center for Tobacco Products of the U.S.
6/15 9:28am
Biotechnology, Cannabis, Cigarettes, Research, Tobacco
New International Survey Shows Overwhelming Support for Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes
22nd Century Group, Inc. , a plant biotechnology company that is focused on tobacco harm reduction and cannabis research, announced today that the Company commissioned Harris Poll to conduct an international online survey from May 24–28, 2017 among over 6,000 adults ages 18+ in the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
6/13 11:18am
Cannabis, Cigarettes, Products, Tobacco, Extracts
Imperial Brands names cannabis expert to board
Tobacco company Imperial Brands has named an expert in medicinal cannabis to its board of directors, it said on Tuesday, the latest example of tobacco companies moving beyond their traditional products. The maker of Gauloises and Winston cigarettes said it had appointed Simon Langelier, chairman of PharmaCielo Ltd, to its board on June 12. PharmaCielo is a Canadian-based supplier of medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts and related products.
6/13 8:37am
Cannabis, Cigarettes, Manufacturer, Tobacco
U.K. Tobacco Giant Gets Medicinal Cannabis Expertise
Imperial Brands Plc gained the services of a leader in the field of medicinal cannabis as the British tobacco manufacturer seeks to further its push beyond cigarettes.
6/06 11:53am
Cigarettes, Investors, Products
Philip Morris: The Best Is Yet to Come?
Philip Morris International (PM) has climbed 34% this year as investors have come around to the potential of its smoke-free cigarettes, branded iQOS. Wells Fargo's Bonnie Herzog and team contend it is as Phillip Morris International sets the stage for its second wave of smoke-free [products.
6/01 9:45am
Biotechnology, Cannabis, Cigarettes, Research, Tobacco
22nd Century Group Receives Order for 2.4 Million SPECTRUM® U.S. Government Research Cigarettes
22nd Century Group, Inc. , a plant biotechnology company that is focused on tobacco harm reduction and cannabis research, announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Goodrich Tobacco Company, received a new purchase order for agencies of the U.S.
5/31 7:15am
Cigarettes, Clinical Trials, Science, Tobacco
Dramatic Surge in Very Low Nicotine Tobacco Clinical Trials and Science
22nd Century Group, Inc. announced today that there has been a dramatic surge in the number of publications relating to the Company’s proprietary Very Low Nicotine cigarettes.
4/27 6:52pm
Cannabis, Cigarettes
Is Vaping Safe? The Differences Between Vaping vs. Smoking Cannabis
Vaporizing or “vaping” of cannabis has gained in popularity over the last several years, just as e-cigarettes have. But what exactly is vaporizing, and is ...
9/15 12:48pm
Reynolds American (RAI) Stock Falls, FDA Orders Removal of Four Cigarettes
9/15 12:48pm
Reynolds American (RAI) Stock Falls, FDA Orders Removal of Four Cigarettes
8/18 12:23pm
Cannabis, Cigarettes
Quitting Cannabis and Preventing Pulmonary Illness
Quitting Cannabis and Preventing Pulmonary Illness Medscape A prospective, longitudinal study of the effects of long-term smoking of cannabis and cigarettes—and the quitting of either—was done in that country, using accumulated data on respiratory symptoms. A cohort of 1037 persons born in 1972 or 1973 was ...