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5/22 12:12am
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Invictus MD (TSXV: GENE) - Napkin math and undervalued?
First of all, this company does not have a ridiculous valuation, and is one of three LPs with a sales license in Alberta (the others being Aurora, and Sundial). Alberta is very important as it allows for PRIVATE RETAIL vs. the government owned monopolies of Quebec and Ontario. This allows licensed producers there to get more margin and net profit. Why am I long? January to May 2018 Milestones Completed: Canopy Growth (TSX: WEED) and AB Labs (50% owned by Invictus) partnership secured and product successfully sold. AB Labs Sales license secured, ownership increased to 50%, further expansion in place to 4,600 kg at Hamilton location. Current sales capacity will be $11.5 million at AB Labs. Acreage Pharms Phase 2 Completed (Current production capacity is now 3200 kg of low-cost high quality indoor cannabis). Current sales capacity is thus $16 million at Acreage Pharms. Acreage Pharms sales license also secured, oils application in place. Poda Vape completed development and is valuable...
5/16 8:13am
Marijuana might just revolutionize the cleaning industry
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5/15 9:43am
Invictus Update on PODA - World's First Truly Zero-Cleaning Vaporizer
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12/07 1:09am
Cleaning, Hemp, Synthetic
Detergents capable of cleaning, bleaching, sanitizing and/or disinfecting ...
US Pat. US20120225943A1 - Filed Aug 30, 2011 - Ecolab Usa Inc. ... aramids, polyurethanes, olefins, polyactids, nylons, silk, hemp , rayon, flax, jute, acrylics, polyesters, those made from many other synthetic or natural fibers and ...