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5/07 8:18am
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Aptus Tent Set Basic + Pro, Vídeo tutorial -
El Kit de abonos Aptus Pro Tent es ideal para aquellos cultivadores que quieran probar los abonos, aditivos y potenciadores aptus sin tener que recurrir a los envases mas grandes, pudiendio contrastar los excelentes resultados obtenidos. --- Le Kit d'engrais Aptus Pro Tent est ideal pour les cultivateurs de cannabis souhaitant tester les engrais, stimulateurs et additifs Aptus sans devoir investir dans les formats plus grands, afin de se faire une idee du grand potentiel de cette gamme. --- Aptus Basic Set fertiliser kit is ideal for those growers who want to try fertilisers, additives and enhancers Aptus without resorting to larger containers, being able to contrast the excellent results obtained.
6/17 8:59am
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Thoughts on $QCC (Quadron Cannatech)?
Originally posted this in the daily thread but it got a bit long: $QCC (Quadron Cannatech; CO2 extraction tech for individuals/businesses for MJ/hemp/etc, and vape pens; really looking to capitalize on the popularity of oils): Diamond in the rough (at its present price), or just another penny stock? Over the last couple months they closed two orders for $500,000 of pens and their CEO Rosy Mondin is very clearly a heavy 'dealmaker'/networking type who apparently gets invited to give Bill Blair advice - she's a lawyer, and so participated in the regulatory framework recommendations - which is good for the niche they're looking to carve out servicing businesses and selling to individual growers (and good if they ever need to lobby for anything[1]). Their market cap is presently ~9.5m. From what I know, they are already profitable [2], and chose to go the pick-and-shovel route because they saw the road to positive ROI as an LP was long , and preferred being able to sell worldwide without...
4/26 7:15pm
Cannabis, Containers
No Child's Play For Cannabis Containers
All cannabis enthusiasts know that if you keep marijuana around the house, it's your job to ensure it never reaches the hands of children or the paws of ...
7/21 11:39am
Cannabis, Containers, Products
NoGoo Non-Stick Products – Taking the Icky out of Sticky
Cashinbis NoGoo Non-Stick Products – Taking the Icky out of Sticky - Cashinbis Cashinbis NoGoo Non-Stick products have revolutionized the way in which cannabis concentrates are carried and stored. Their product line, created by Jon 'Jonny B' Braveman, consists of platinum cured medical grade silicone containers that truly take the icky out ...
7/12 12:05am
Cannabis, Containers, Development, Medical Marijuana
'collective' collaboration in development of medical cannabis project
'collective' collaboration in development of medical cannabis project Ukiah Daily Journal John Hardin, foreman for the Pinoleville Medical Cannabis Project, continues with the transplanting of young plants into larger containers. The project managers expect they will need additional cannabis from local collectives to accumulate enough ...