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10/10 9:17am
Canntrust™ Reports Receiving its Health Canada Cultivation Licence for its Niagara Greenhouse Facility
submitted by /u/sanghs [link] [comments]
10/10 9:17am
Canntrust™ Reports Receiving its Health Canada Cultivation Licence for its Niagara Greenhouse Facility
submitted by /u/sanghs [link] [comments]
10/10 9:00am
Investment, Investment Firm, Cultivation, Funding
GrowLife, Inc. Secures Funding to Support Continued Expansion Efforts Through 5 Pillar Business Strategy
GrowLife, Inc. , one of the nation’s most recognized indoor cultivation service providers, today announced that it has secured additional funding from private investment firm Chicago Venture Partners , a leading provider of capital to emerging and growth-stage small cap companies.
10/10 8:30am
AGTK Branding, Cannabis, Hemp, Cultivation, Real Estate
Agritek Holdings, Inc. Announces First Grow Pod Installation And Initial Build Out Of Pueblo Hemp Cultivation Facility Of 77 Acres Inc.
Agritek Holdings, Inc. , a fully integrated, active real estate investor for the cannabis sector and branding consultant today announced that the Company is in the final stages of ...
10/10 7:00am
EAPH Pharmaceuticals, Cultivation
Easton Pharmaceuticals & JV Partner Alliance Group Announces It Has Cleared Final Hurdles Toward Allowing For The Cultivation of Medical / Recreational Marijuana For National Canadian Market
Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , is pleased to announce, pursuant to its previously announced closed agreement with Canadian based -- 1124123 Ontario Limited -- that its legal team has notified Easton / ...
10/05 10:21am
Cannabis, Media, Cultivation
Video Interview with Cannabis Wheaton (CBW) President Hugo Alves 17 minute CFN Media interview. Discussion includes Hugo's history in the industry, CBW's streaming partnership program, licensing program, medical focus, recreational focus, CBW's team of experts, federal & provincial policy, etc etc. It's a fairly thorough interview touching on many of the main key elements of the developing industry and Wheaton's involvement. submitted by /u/SirEbrally [link] [comments]
10/05 9:00am
Cannabis, Cultivation
BioNeva Receives Conditional Approval for Medical Cannabis Establishment and Cultivation Facility from the City of Henderson, Nevada (MGW)
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8/02 3:39pm
GBLX Cannabis, Enters, Facilities, Cultivation
GB Sciences Joins With Los Coyotes Band Of Cahuilla And Cupeno Indians As It Enters The Gigantic California Cannabis Market
LAS VEGAS, Aug. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- GB Sciences, Inc. (GBLX) is proud to announce an agreement with the Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians (Los Coyotes) for the purposes of establishing cannabis operations on the tribe's lands located near Warner Springs, California. This is the first time a publicly traded US cannabis cultivation company and a federally recognized Native American tribe have announced a commercial cannabis venture in California. GB Sciences will construct facilities on designated areas of tribal land for the business of cultivation, manufacturing and other commercial cannabis activities.
6/30 5:46pm
How much lower can Beleave go?
Beleave just got its cultivation license, and is at half the value it was a month ago. It hasn't been this low since December, when it wasn't even allowed to grow anything. How much lower can it go? Should I buy in on monday? submitted by /u/gallagher222 [link] [comments]
6/30 2:19pm
CSE:MDM Cultivation
Marapharm Ventures Inc. 'Marapharm' Announces the Approval of a Marijuana Cultivation License for Recreational Use in Nevada
submitted by /u/herb_knight [link] [comments]
6/30 8:25am
Cannabis, Cultivation
Catalonia Spain Legalizes Cannabis Cultivation and Consumption
submitted by /u/DonaldCruz [link] [comments]
6/21 12:06pm
Cultivation -
6/20 8:33pm
Highland officials vote to ban commercial marijuana sales, cultivation
The City Council has adopted an ordinance prohibiting commercial marijuana activity in the city and establishing regulations for indoor cultivation at ...
6/20 2:42pm
Cannabis, Compliance, Manufacturer, Production, Cultivation
Keep following in mind about California market hype Licenses will not be available until 2018. You can begin preparing for licensure now by ensuring you are in compliance with all existing regulations. ... Regulations limiting or authorizing vertical integration are an important feature of any regulated cannabis marketplace. In California, the Blue Ribbon Commission "and many of the individuals it consulted had significant reservations about the other end of the continuum, namely a market dominated by large corporations that could exert increasing influence on the commercial and political process.” ... The Commission determined that "it is appropriate and probably wise for the state of California to adopt a path that limits the size and power—both economic and political—of any one entity in the marijuana industry.” Further, the report went on to say that “In addition to limiting the scale of operations, it may be appropriate for the state to set limits on vertical integration." ... The...
6/20 8:30am
CNAB Cannabis, Extraction, Processing, Products, Cultivation
United Cannabis Corporation Signs Letter of Intent with Louisiana Company to Assist Efforts to Secure License for Therapeutic Marijuana Operation
Company to Provide Its Expertise with Regard to Cultivation, Processing, Extraction, and Manufacturing of Medical Cannabis Products DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / June 20, 2017 / United Cannabis Corporation ...
6/19 5:22pm
Facilities, Medical Marijuana, Dispensaries, Cultivation
Want to own a medical marijuana dispensary in Arkansas? See the application here
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Those planning to apply for licenses to operate medical marijuana cultivation facilities and dispensaries can access ...
6/19 5:12pm
Growers, Medical Marijuana, Dispensaries, Cultivation
Applications now available for medical marijuana dispensaries & cultivation sites
The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission has finalized the process for accepting applications for medical marijuana sellers and growers.
6/19 12:31pm
Cannabis, Cultivation
Canadian Cannabis Cultivation License Awards Surge
submitted by /u/Derderpington [link] [comments]
6/18 9:07pm
Hemp, Industrial Hemp, Cultivation
Bill would allow domestic cultivation of industrial hemp
A bill that would allow industrial hemp to be adapted to the state's climate and be used as a crop seed was introduced in the State Assembly Saturday.
6/16 2:09pm
rTrees Cultivation License (WEED)
submitted by /u/insidercannabis [link] [comments]
6/16 1:42pm
Medical Marijuana, Production, Research, Cultivation
GB Sciences Announced As LSU Bid Winner
SFO 0000000165 for the cultivation, production and use of medical marijuana. Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College (hereinafter referred as the "University" or "LSU") is the state's comprehensive research university. The University is classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a Doctorate-granting university with very high research activity – one of the only 27 public and 23 private universities in the nation. The University's instructional programs include 194 undergraduate and graduate/professional degrees.
6/16 12:07am
Growers, Organic, Cultivation
Organic Weed? Marijuana Growers Go Green
In the U.S., one square foot of indoor marijuana cultivation uses four times more energy than the same space in a hospital, eight times more energy ...
6/15 4:26pm
Medical Marijuana, Cultivation
Eastlake gives medical marijuana final green light, now it's up to the state
EASTLAKE, Ohio - Eastlake is moving forward with plans to put a medical marijuana cultivation plant where the old community center used to be.
6/12 7:30am
EAPH Medical Marijuana, Pharmaceuticals, Cultivation
Easton Pharmaceuticals Announces It Has Finalized Agreement Terms With Alliance Group For Ownership Stake in Several Businesses On 45 Acres Of Agricultural Land, Which Includes The Cultivation of Medical Marijuana For National Canadian Market
Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , is pleased to announce, pursuant to its previously announced Letter of Intent with Canadian based -- Alliance Group -- final Terms have been mutually agreed to on a final ...
6/10 8:00pm
Production, Cultivation
Could marijuana cultivation become a source of revenue for Redlands?
Utopia Farms cultivation production manager Sean Ashman inspects maturing marijuana plants in this Dec. 2, 2016 file photo in Santa Cruz County.