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Growing Facilities

5/14 2:12pm
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Aurora + Medreleaf conference call highlights
So going through the conference call + slide presentation right now, going to list all of the info I can. These aren't my words, just parsing information into what seemed relevant, and also adding things paraphrased that I hear being said during the presentation. Total combined production, 570,000kg/year combined 17 Lift canadian cannabis awards 56% of medreleaf shareholder locked into vote for support of transaction Aurora shareholder approval required to approve deal ( Majority of votes cast at a special meeting ) special meeting materials to be mailed during month of june 2018 for voting. Special meetings vote expected to occur during july, and closing of transaction expected thereafter. 2 board members from medreleaf to be added to aurora board for a total of 8. presence in ontario allows distribution in ontario. Medreleaf has a presence in 6 countries currently. Aurora is EU GMP certified, which will allow medreleaf to distribute on a much wider scale to europe. Goal according to...
6/20 8:32am
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MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE:MYM) to Build One of World's Largest Greenhouse (1.5 Million Square Feet) Cannabis Growing Facilities in Weedon, Quebec
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9/30 8:39am
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Quick Wins for Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Indoor Cannabis Cultivation ...
Quick Wins for Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Indoor Cannabis Cultivation ... Press Release Rocket A new E Source report, “Harvesting Energy Savings in Cannabis Cultivation Facilities: Quick Wins for Cultivators and Utilities,” outlines the quickest, most cost-effective measures for improving the energy efficiency of indoor growing facilities, which ...