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6/30 12:21pm
Cigarettes, Smokeless, Tobacco
Tobacco group Philip Morris sees iQOS as key to smokeless future in UK
Cigarette maker Philip Morris International thinks its iQOS heated tobacco product can make Britain smoke-free in the coming years, an executive said on Friday. Since iQOS was launched in the UK in December, Philip Morris has found that about 70 percent of people that use it are able to give up conventional cigarettes, Peter Nixon, its UK and Ireland managing director, told BBC Radio. "It's unprecedented," Nixon told the Today show.
6/19 9:46am
Will This New Study Kill Philip Morris International's Smokeless Cigarette?
The results look pretty damning until you go a little deeper.
11/28 10:52am
ASX:PLY Cannabis, Delivery Systems, Medical Marijuana, Pot Stocks, Smokeless
Pot stock gets green light to list from ASIC
Pot stock gets green light to list from ASIC The Australian Financial Review Perth-based PhytoTech Medical manufactures vaporisers to provide smokeless delivery systems for medical marijuana. PhytoTech initially plans to export to Israel, Europe, US and Canada but also has plans to grow its own cannabis crops in Uruguay to ... and more »