Cannabis Sativa Stock Index

1 8242:HK Megalogic Technology ECigs, Patents
2 ABBV AbbVie Inc. Synthetic Cannabinoids, Pharmaceuticals
3 ABT Abbott Laboratories Pharmaceuticals, Synthetic Cannabinoids
4 ACAN AmeriCann, Inc. Dispensaries, Growing
5 ACDP American Community Development, Inc. Software
6 ACGX Alliance Creative Group, Inc. Packaging, Product Development
7 ACOL Acology, Inc. Containers, Legal Compliance
8 ADCS Advanced Content Services, Inc. Payment Processing
9 AEGY Alternative Energy Partners Distribution And Transaction Processing, Food And Drinks, Legal Compliance And Protection, Information Systems
10 AERO AeroGrow International, Inc. Growing Equipment, Self-Contained Growing Systems
11 AFPW AlumiFuel Power Corporation Growing Equipment, Power Systems
12 AGDY Agri-Dynamics, Inc. Dispensaries, Growing, Beverages
13 AGTK AgriTek Holdings, Inc. Beverages, Edibles, ECigs, Vaporizers, Patient Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Management, Business Guidance, Information Systems, Payment Processing, Seed To Sale Tracking
14 AHII American Heritage International Inc. ECigs
15 AJAC Aja Cannafacturing, Inc. Extracts, Holding Company
16 ALIF Artificial Life, Inc Websites, Apps, Software, Partnerships
17 ALNE Unique Growing Solutions, Inc. Growing Facilities, Growing Equipment
18 AMFE Amfil Technologies, Inc. Growing Equipment
19 AMMJ American Cannabis Company, Inc. Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis, Consulting, Cultivation, Products, Real Estate, Facilities, Partnerships
20 AMS.V Alchemist Mining Inc. MMPR, Cultivation, Cannabis
21 ANAS Alternaturals, Inc. THC, Extracts
22 ANYI AnythingIT, Inc. Exploring, Websites
23 APDN Applied DNA Sciences Security, Partnerships, Tracking
24 APH.V Aphria Inc. Growing, Cannabis, Distribution, Cultivation, Pharmaceuticals
25 APRU Apple Rush Co., Inc. CBD, Food, Drinks, Hemp Products, Trademarks, Exploring, Edibles
26 APRU LiveWire Herbaceuticals, Inc. CBD, Food|Drinks, Hemp Products
27 AQNM Aquentium, Inc. Growing Equipment
28 ARNA Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Pharmaceuticals
29 ASAB Stragenics, Inc Intellectual Property, Acquisitions, Websites, Investment Firm, Consulting
30 ASIUQ Alterrus Systems Growing Equipment
31 ASKH Astika Holdings, Inc. Industrial Hemp
32 ASX:CFE Cape Lambert Resources Limited CBD, Extracts, Growing, Acquisitions, Distributions, Products, Intellectual Property, Strains, Delivery Systems
33 ASX:CMY Capital Mining Limited Cultivation, Distribution, Cannabis, Acquisitions, Partnerships, Medical Marijuana
34 ASX:ERI Erin Resources Limited CBD, Extracts, Strains, Intellectual Property, Growing, Cosmetics, Genetics, Hemp
35 ASX:IGS International Goldfields Ltd CBD, Extracts, Growing, Acquisitions, Distributions, Products, Intellectual Property, Strains, Delivery Systems
36 ASX:PLY Phytotech Medical Limited Intellectual Property, Delivery Systems, Cultivation, Vaporizers, Science, Cultivation
37 ATTBF Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. CBD, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Extracts, Food And Drinks, Pharmaceuticals
38 AVLP Avalanche International Corp. Vaporizers, ECigs, ELiquids
39 AVNE Aventura Equities, Inc.
40 AVOP Marijuana Incubator Group, Inc. Investors, Exploring
41 AVTC AVT Inc. Vending Machines, Distributor
42 AXQ.V AXE Exploration Inc. Exploring, Dispensaries, Growing, Joint Ventures
43 AXXU Axxess Unlimited, Inc. Medical Tests
44 AZFL Amazonas Florestal, Inc. Hemp, Cultivation, Real Estate
45 BABL Buildablock Corp. Information Systems, Online Store, Crowd-Buying
46 BAYP Bayport International Holdings Inc
47 BBDA BeBevCo Nutraceuticals, Edibles
48 BDPT BioAdaptives, Inc. Nutraceuticals
49 BIMI Brazil Interactive Media, Inc. Vertically Integrated, Growing, Distribution, Products
50 BIO Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Drug Tests
51 BISU Bio-Solutions Corporation Pharmaceuticals
52 BITCF Embassy Oil Development Corporation
53 BITCF First Bitcoin Capital Corp. Payment Processing, Bitcoin
54 BLDV Green Growth Holdings, Inc. Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Real Estate, Cleaning, Growing Equipment, Non-GMO, Fertilizers, Growing, Consultations, Alcohol
55 BLOZF Cannabix Technologies Inc. Medical Tests, Intellectual Property
56 BLPG Blue Line Protection Group Inc Security, Cash Transport, Financial Services, Compliance
57 BMIN Britannia Mining, Inc. Industrial Hemp
58 BMY Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Patents, Pharmaceuticals
59 BNRDF Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. Growing, Pharmaceutical Grade, Joint Ventures, Nutraceuticals, Beverages, Cosmeceuticals
60 BNRJF Benton Capital Corp. MMPR, Cultivation, Distribution
61 BRDT BreedIT Corp. Intelligent Grow Systems, Information Systems, Intellectual Property
62 BRIZF Brazil Resources Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property
63 BRK-A Berkshire Hathaway Growing Facilities, Real Estate
64 BRND Premier Brands Inc. Joint Ventures, Nutraceuticals, Beverages, Cosmeceuticals
65 BTCC Bitcoin Collect, Inc. Payment Processing
66 BTFL Monarch America, Inc. Management, Consulting, Real Estate, Dispensaries, Grow Facilities, Drinks, Production, Distribution
67 BUCS GreenLeaf 101, Inc. Websites
68 BVAP Breathe Ecig Corp ECigs, ELiquids, Patents, CBD, Partnerships
69 BZTG Buzz Technologies, Inc. Investment Firms
70 CAFS Cafe Serendipity Holdings Products, Distribution, Intellectual Property, Quality Control, Marketing
71 CANA Cannabis-Rx Inc. Real Estate
72 CANL CannLabs, Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property
73 CANLF Cannabis Technologies Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property
74 CANN Advanced Cannabis Solutions Inc. Grow Facility Leases, Real Estate Development
75 CANN General Cannabis Corporation Grow Facility Leases, Real Estate Development
76 CANV CannaVest CBD, Extracts
77 CARA Cara Therapeutics, Inc.
78 CBCA Cannabis Capital Corp CBD, Food|Drinks, Hemp Products
79 CBDG THC Farmaceuticals, Inc Pharmaceuticals, Extracts, Strains, Products, Development, CBD, THC
80 CBDS Cannabis Sativa, Inc Intellectual Property, Cannabis
81 CBGI Cannabusiness Group, Inc.
82 CBIS Cannabis Science Inc CBD, Extracts, Pharmaceuticals, Science
83 CBMJ Canna Brands, Inc. Beverages, Edibles
84 CBYI Cal-Bay International, Inc. Payment Processing
85 CCAN Canadian Cannabis Corp. MMPR, Cultivation, Cannabis
86 CDFT Citadel EFT, Inc. Banking, Payment Processing
87 CETC Clean Enviro Tech EXITED
88 CF CF Industries Holdings, Inc. Fertilizer
89 CGCC Canyon Gold Corp. Growing
90 CGRA CGrowth Capital, Inc. Joint Ventures, Real Estate, Growing
91 CGRW CannaGrow Holdings, Inc Growing Facilities, Consultants, Real Estate
92 CHUM Chuma Holdings, Inc. Loans, POS, Consulting, Dispensaries, Financing, Real Estate, Banking, Payment Processing, Marketing
93 CIIX ChineseInvestors.COM Information Systems
94 CLNP CleanPath Resources Corp Nutraceuticals And Supplements
95 CLYXF Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc. Exploring, Intellectual Property, MMPR, Software, Automation
96 CMT.V Chlormet Technologies Inc. Exploring
97 CNAB United Cannabis Corporation Strains, Software, Turnkey Operations, Consulting, Management
98 CNBX Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. Pharmaceuticals
99 CNLK Cannalink, Inc. CBD, Products, Consulting, Financing
100 CNNA Canamed4Pets Inc Pets
101 CODI Compass Diversified Holdings Subsidiaries, Hemp Food
102 CORX Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property, Synthetic Cannabinoids
103 COSR Co-Signer, Inc. Websites, Real Estate
104 COWI CoroWare, Inc. Software, Consulting, Industry Data
105 CPMD CannaPharmaRx, Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property, Science
106 CPOW Clean Power Concepts, Inc Industrial Hemp, Processing, Seed Oil
107 CRLRF Crailar Technologies Inc. Industrial Hemp, Hemp Consumer Goods, Clothing, Processing
108 CRWE Crown Equity Holdings Inc. Websites
109 CRWG CrowdGather Inc. Websites, Apps, Crowdfunding
110 CSE:ABA Abba Medix Group Inc. MMPR, Cannabis, Cultivation, Vaporizers
111 CSE:AXO Anexco Resources Ltd. Dispensaries, Exploring, Production, Distribution
112 CSE:FAT Far Resources Ltd. Exploring, MMPR
113 CSE:GAD Grenadier Resource Corp. Hemp, Beverages, Food, Marketing, Distribution
114 CSE:HC High Hampton Holdings Corp. Growing, Strains, Greenhouses, MMPR, Cultivation, Cannabis
115 CSE:KBB Kaneh Bosm BioTechnolgy Inc. Dispensaries, Exploring, Production, Distribution, Vending Machines, Cultivation, Growing Facilities, Greenhouses, MMPR, Partnerships
116 CSE:MDH Medipure Holdings Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Patents, Strains
117 CSE:MDM Marapharm Ventures Investment Firms, MMPR, Cultivation, Cannabis, Acquisitions, Real Estate, Growing Facilities
118 CSE:MJ True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. Pet Foods, MMPR, Grower
119 CSE:MYM My Marijuana Canada Inc MMPR, Cultivation, Cannabis, Partnerships
120 CSE:SOM Seashore Organic Marijuana MMPR, Cultivation, Cannabis
121 CSE:SRS Shamrock Enterprises Inc. Exploring, Nutraceuticals
122 CSE:SUN Wildflower Marijuana Inc. MMPR, Cannabis, Cultivation
123 CSE:THC THC BioMed Intl Ltd. MMPR, Cannabis, Cultivation, Strains, Product Testing, Research & Development, Consulting, Training, Record Keeping
124 CTCO Cannabis Therapy Corp. Natural Pharmaceuticals, Extracts, Lab Testing
125 CVN.V Cavan Ventures Inc. Exploring
126 CWIR Fuzznbuzz Brands, Inc.
127 CWNM Crown Marketing Patents, Pharmaceuticals
128 CYBK Cyber Kiosk Solutions, Inc. Information Systems, Vending Machines
129 CYNAF Cynapsus Therapeutics Inc. Pharmaceuticals
130 DBMM Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc. Marketing, Social Media, Partnerships
131 DCDC Tumbleweed Holdings Inc Growing, Dispensaries, Legal Compliance, Growing Equipment, Management, Consulting, Partnerships, Acquisitions
132 DDEJF Dundee Corporation LEDs
133 DENG Delta Entertainment Group, Inc Management, Equipment Leases, Distribution
134 DEWM Dewmar International Inc. Hemp
135 DGRI Dutch Gold Resources, Inc.
136 DGX Quest Diagnostics Drug Tests
137 DHSM DHS Holding Co EXITED
138 DIDG The Digital Development Group Videos, Websites, Media
139 DIGP DigiPath Inc Nutraceuticals
140 DIGX Dig-It Underground, Inc.
141 DIRV DirectView Holdings, Inc.
142 DNAD DNA Dynamics, Inc. Websites, Apps
143 DPWW Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. Real Estate, Leases, Acquisitions
144 DRNK NOHO, Inc. CBD, Beverages
145 DSCR Discovery Minerals Ltd.
146 EAPH Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Pharmaceuticals
147 ECIG Electronic Cigarettes Intl Group Ltd ECigs, Vaporizers
148 EDXC Endexx Corporation Information Systems, Patient Recommendations
149 EFFI EffTec International, Inc.
150 EGRN Evergreen-Agra Inc. Acquisitions, Exploring, Investment Firm
151 EMBR Embarr Downs, Inc. Fertilizers
152 EMLL El Maniel International, Inc. Exploring, Crowdfunding
153 ENDO OmniCanna Health Solutions, Inc. Cosmeceuticals, Extracts, Food And Drinks, Cannabis And Hemp
154 ENDP Endo International plc Pharmaceuticals
155 ENLB Enerlabs, Inc. Testing
156 ENPRF Enpar Technologies Inc. Water Systems, Intellectual Property
157 ENRT Enertopia Corp.
158 ENTI National Properties Trust Real Estate, Beverages
159 ERBB American Green, Inc. Dispensaries, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Information Systems
160 ETHG 800 Commerce Inc. Payment Processing
161 ETST Earth Science Tech, Inc. CBD, Extracts, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Supplements, Websites
162 ETX.L e-Therapeutics PLC Pharmaceuticals
163 EVPH Innovative Holdings, Inc Growing Equipment, Acquisitions
164 EWRC eWorld Companies, Inc. Events, Partnerships, Patents, Media
165 EXCC Excel Corporation Payment Processing
166 EXMT Anything Technologies Media, Inc. Growing Equipment
167 FBCD FBC Holding, Inc. TBD, Hemp Consumer Goods
168 FBEC FBEC Worldwide, Inc. Beverages, Intellectual Property, Acquisitions, Hemp, Nutraceuticals, Supplements
169 FCUUF Fission Uranium Dispensaries
170 FDMF Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. Security, Legal Compliance
171 FFFC FastFunds Financial Corp. Investment Firms
172 FITX Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc Food And Drinks, Dispensaries, Legal Compliance And Protection
173 FLRE Flameret, Inc. Industrial Hemp, Hemp, CBD, Nutraceuticals, Patents
174 FNJN Finjan Holdings, Inc. Fertilizers, Soil
175 FOFU Force Fuels Inc. Franchises, Apparel, Beverages, Edibles
176 FRA.FAM1 Deutsche Cannabis AG Crowdfunding, Cannabis, Exploring
177 FRLF Freedom Leaf Inc. Magazines, Media
178 FRTD Fortitude Group, Inc.
179 FSPM Fusion Pharm Inc Growing Equipment, Growing Facilities, Distributor
180 FTI.V FTI Foodtech International Inc. Cleaning
181 FULL Full Circle Capital Corporation
182 FVPI FV Pharma International Corp. MMPR, Cannabis, Cultivation
183 FVRG ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation Hemp, Edibles, Manufacturer, Distributor
184 FWDG FutureWorld Energy, Inc. Vending Machines, Intelligent Grow Systems, Growing Equipment, Industrial Hemp, Joint Ventures
185 FWDG FutureWorld Corp Vending Machines, Intelligent Grow Systems, Growing Equipment, Industrial Hemp, Joint Ventures
186 GARB Garb Oil & Power Corporation Legal Compliance And Protection
187 GBHL Global Entertainment Holdings, inc Websites, Intellectual Property
188 GBHPF Global Hemp Group Inc. Industrial Hemp
189 GBLX GrowBlox Sciences, Inc. Proprietary Strains, Growing Equipment, Dispensaries, Growing
190 GCHI Green Company Holdings Inc. Partnerships, Exploring, Acquisitions, Holding Company
191 GDGI Greenway Designs, Inc. Websites, Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Joint Ventures
192 GDSM Green Leaf Innovations Inc. Acquisitions, Payment Processing, Websites
193 GEAR Gear International Inc. Growing, Financing, Real Estate, Funding, Management
194 GERS GreenShift Corporation Processing, Intellectual Property, Hemp, Patents, Hemp Plastic, Biodiesel Processing
195 GFRCF Pan American Fertilizer Corp. Fertilizer
196 GHIL Green and Hill Industries, Inc. Cannabis, Intellectual Property
197 GLAG Gala Global, Inc. CBD, Hemp, Growing, Supplements, Products, Apparel
198 GLCO Global Links Corp. Information Systems
199 GMINF GeoNovus Media Corp. Medical Marijuana, Science, Development, Industrial Hemp, Pharmaceuticals, Cultivation, Hemp, Cannabis
200 GNBT Generex Biotechnology Corporation Research, Development, Drug Delivery
201 GOHE Global Payout, Inc. Payment Processing, Patents
202 GQ.V Great Quest Fertilizer Ltd Fertilizer
203 GRCU Green Cures & Botanical Distribution, Inc. Growing, CBD, Extracts
204 GRLF Green Leaf Innovations Inc. Acquisitions, Payment Processing, Websites
205 GRNBF GreenBank Capital Inc. Investing, Growing
206 GRNH GreenGro Technologies, Inc. Business Guidance, Dispensaries, Partnerships, Management, Science
207 GROG GroGenesis Inc Fertilizer, Natural Fertilizer, Non-Toxic Pesticides
208 GRPOF GrowPros Cannabis Ventures Inc Strains, Intellectual Property, Cultivation, Training, Consulting, Growing Equipment
209 GRPOF Mazorro Resources Inc. MMPR, Cannabis, Cultivation, Joint Ventures, Acquisitions, Intellectual Property
210 GRPX GreenPlex Services Inc Growing Facilities, Financing
211 GRSU Greenhouse Solutions Inc. Partnerships, Subsidiaries, Growing Facilities, Growing Equipment, Fertilizer, Greenhouses
212 GRWC Grow Condos, Inc. Real Estate, Grow Facilities, Leases
213 GSAC GelStat Corporation CBD, Edibles, Development, Products
214 GSML North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. Beverages, Acquisitions
215 GSML Hemp Industries, Inc. Cultivation, Hemp, Processing, Acquisitions, Partnerships, Consulting
216 GSW.V Green Swan Capital Corp. Funding, Strains, Fertilizers, Software, Security, Hemp Plastic, Training
217 GTLA GT Legend Automotive Holdings, Inc. EXITED
218 GTSO Green Technology Solutions, Inc. Exploring, Payment Processing, Delivery Systems, Soil
219 GWPH GW Pharmaceuticals plc CBD, Pharmaceuticals, Science
220 HALB Tykhe Corp Growing, Financing, Real Estate, Investment Firms
221 HDRE Greenscape Laboratories Inc Testing
222 HEMP Hemp, Inc. Distribution, Transaction Processing, Information Systems, Industrial Hemp, Processing, Websites, Consulting, Media, Development, Nutraceuticals, Clothing, Edibles, Hemp, CBD
223 HERB YaSheng Group
224 HESG Health Sciences Group, Inc. Information Systems, Dispensaries
225 HFBG Hall Of Fame Beverages, Inc. Beverages
226 HIMR Hollund Industrial Marine, Inc. Organic Growers, Industrial Hemp
227 HIRU Hiru Corporation Exploring
228 HLSPY Heliospectra AB LEDs, Growing Equipment
229 HMKTF MJ Bioscience Intellectual Property, Products, Cannabis
230 HMKTF Highmark Marketing Inc. Nutraceuticals, Websites, MMPR, Cultivation, Development, Products, Intellectual Property, Cannabis
231 HMPQ HempAmericana, Inc. Industrial Hemp, Products, Lighting, Scientific Research
232 HMTF Home Treasure Finders, Inc. Real Estate, Property Management
233 HNSS Healthnostics, Inc. Information Systems
234 HPNN Re-Medical, Inc Partnerships, Topicals
235 HPNN Hop-on, Inc. CBD, ECigs
236 HRDN Dc Brands International, Inc. Management, Funding, Supplements
237 HSCC Homeland Security Corporation Security, Legal Compliance And Protection, Seed To Sale Tracking
238 ICBU IMD Companies, Inc. Information Systems
239 ICL ICL Fertilizers Fertilizer
240 ICNB Iconic Brands Inc. Education, Brand Development, Training
241 ICNM Icon Media Holdings, Inc. Websites
242 ICNV Icon Vapor, Inc. ECigs, Vaporizers
243 IDGC ID Global Corporation Beverages, Edibles, CBD, Cultivation, Intellectual Property, Consulting
244 IFXY Infrax Systems Inc. Growing Equipment, Power Management, Smart Sensors, Data Analysis, Tracking, Security
245 IGC India Globalization Capital, Inc. Intellectual Property, Extracts, Partnerships, Patents, Products, Financing, Banking
246 IGPK Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. Legal Compliance
247 IGRW Interactive Health Network Exploring, Acquisitions, ECigs, Vaporizers, Edibles, Websites, Cosmetics, Software, Nutraceuticals, Supplements
248 IGXT IntelGenx Technologies Corp. Pharmaceuticals, Patents
249 IHSI Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. Growing Equipment
250 IJJP IJJ Corp. Partnerships, Growing, Real Estate
251 ILIV Intelligent Living Inc. CBD, Patents
252 IMLFF InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property
253 IMT Imperial Tobacco Group PLC ECigs, Cigarettes
254 INAR InternetArray Inc. Information Systems
255 INCC International Consolidated Companies, Inc Exploring, Acquisitions, Real Estate, Joint Ventures, Intellectual Property, Training, Consulting
256 INFX Infinex Venutres, Inc. Investing
257 INQD Indoor Harvest Corp. Growing Equipment, Patents
258 INSY Insys Therapeutics, Inc. Synthetic Cannabinoids, Pharmaceuticals
259 INXMF Worldwide Marijuana Inc. Acquisitions, MMPR, Cultivation
260 IPSEY Ipsen S.A. Pharmaceuticals
261 ISHI Islet Holdings, Inc. CBD, Extracts, Beverages, Foods, Partnerships, Patents, Intellectual Property, Nutraceuticals, Supplements
262 ITNS Itonis, Inc. Payment Processing
263 IVITF Invictus MD Strategies Corp. Media, Magazines, Websites, Acquisitions, Management, Consulting, Investments, Vaporizers, Growing Equipment, Patents
264 JAMN Jammin Java Corp Celebrities
265 JKDG, Inc. Growing Equipment, Online Store
266 JOBI Soleil Capital L.P. ECigs, Vaporizers, Patents
267 JOR.V Jourdan Resources Inc. Fertilizer
268 JSDA Jones Soda Co. Beverages
269 KAYS Kaya Holdings Inc. Dispensaries
270 KGET Kleangas Energy Technologies, Inc. Hemp Biofuel, Industrial Hemp
271 KNSC Kenergy Scientific Inc. Websites, Management
272 KXPLF Bayhorse Silver Inc. Exploring, Growing
273 LATF Latteno Food Corp. Food And Drinks
274 LCTC Lifeloc Technologies, Inc. Drug Tests
275 LDSYF Lifestyle Delivery Systems, Inc. Intellectual Property, Subsidiaries, Delivery Methods, Smokeless, Products
276 LGBI Cannabiz Mobile Inc. Marketing, Apps
277 LGBS Legends Business Group, Inc.
278 LIBE Liberated Energy, Inc. Security
279 LKEN Greene Concepts, Inc. Information Systems, Hemp Consumer Goods, Business Guidance, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Industrial Hemp
280 LTVL Grow Solutions, Inc. Acquisitions, Consulting, Financing, Growing Equipment, Management, Retail Stores, Products, Real Estate, Franchises
281 LVGI Limitless Venture Group Inc. Hemp, Supplements, Beverages, Brand Development
282 LVVV Livewire Ergogenics, Inc. Nutraceuticals, CBD, Extracts, Beverages
283 LWSP Legacy Platinum Group Inc ECigs, Vaporizers
284 LXRP Lexaria Corp.
285 MACR Mascota Resources Corp Medical Marijuana
286 MBCFF MBAC Fertilizer Corp. Fertilizer
287 MCIG mCig Inc. Paraphenalia
288 MCPI Med-Cannabis Pharma, Inc. Management, Joint Ventures, Payment Processing, Dispensaries, Financing, Acquisitions, Distribution, Cannabis
289 MDBX Medbox Inc Dispensing Systems, Business Guidance, Dispensaries, Distribution, Transaction Processing, Legal Compliance, Security, Patents
290 MDCN Medican Enterprises Inc. Funding, Strains, Growers, Science, MMPR, Joint Ventures, Acquisitions, Pharmaceuticals
291 MDEX Madison Explorations Inc. Smokeless Cannabinoids
292 MDIN Medgen, Inc Patents
293 MDIN NorthStar Global Business Services, Inc.
294 MDRM Modern Mobility Aids, Inc.
295 MEDT MediaTechnics Corporation Growing Equipment
296 MERR Merriman Holdings, Inc. Consulting
297 MFST Medifirst Solutions Inc. Edibles, Websites, Advisory Boards, Magazines
298 MGON Megola, Inc. Growing Equipment, Funding
299 MINE Minerco Resources, Inc. Beverages, CBD
300 MJLB Greenscape Laboratories Inc Testing
301 MJMD MediJane Holdings Inc. Medical Marijuana, Natural Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property
302 MJMJ The MaryJane Group, Inc. Funding, Media, Advertising
303 MJN.V PharmaCan Capital Investment Firms, MMPR, Cultivation, Growing Facilities, Cannabis, Financing, Partnerships
304 MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc CBD, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Extracts, Beverages, Foods, Patents
305 MJNE MJ Holdings, Inc. Real Estate Acquisition, Real Estate Development, Turn-Key Operations
306 MJTK CannaSys, Inc. Acquisitions, Software, Partnerships
307 MLCG ML Capital Group, Inc. Information Systems, Patient Recommendations
308 MMRF MMR Global, Inc. Medical Records
309 MNTR Mentor Capital, Inc. Investment Firms, Information Systems, Industry Media
310 MPEFF Maple Leaf Green World Inc. Growers, Pharmaceuticals, MMPR
311 MQPXF Matica Enterprises Inc Exploring, CBD
312 MRK Merck & Co., Inc. Pharmaceuticals
313 MSRT MassRoots Websites, Social Media
314 MT.V Mettrum Ltd. MMPR, Cannabis, Cultivation, Science, Research, Financing
315 MT.V Mettrum Health Corporation MMPR, Cultivation, Cannabis, Distribution, Products
316 MUSA Murphy USA ECigs, Vaporizers
317 MYDX MyDx Inc Drug Testing, Cannabinoid Profiling
318 MYEC MyECheck, Inc. Banking
319 MYHI Mountain High Acquisitions Corp.
320 MYRY Myriad Interactive Media, Inc Exploring, Apps, Digital Currencies
321 MZRRF Mazorro Resources Inc. MMPR, Cannabis, Cultivation, Joint Ventures, Acquisitions, Intellectual Property
322 NCAP Northsight Capital, Inc. Domain Names
323 NDEV Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. Real Estate Acquisitions, Real Estate Development, Grow Facility Leases, Seed To Sale Tracking, Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property
324 NEWC New Colombia Resources, Inc. Pharmaceuticals
325 NGCG New Generation Consumer Group, Inc. Beverages, Marketing
326 NGEY New Global Energy, Inc. Acquisitions, Regulatory Compliance, Software, Patient Management
327 NGMC Next Generation Marijuana Corp. Dispensaries, Growing, Funding
328 NHLE Nhale Inc. ECigs, Vaporizers
329 NKTR Nektar Therapeutics Pharmaceuticals, Websites
330 NLPXF Noble Mineral Exploration Inc Websites, Deals
331 NMUS Nemus Bioscience Inc. Development, Science, CBD
332 NRBT Novus Robotics Inc Fertilizers
333 NRTI Inergetics, Inc. Nutraceuticals And Supplements
334 NSAV Net Savings Link, Inc. Distribution, Supplements, Nutraceuticals
335 NSCT Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corp Security, Inventory Management
336 NSPDF Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. Hemp, Food, Beverages, Extracts, Patents, Product Development, Science
337 NTRI NutriSystem Inc. Hemp Foods
338 NTRR Neutra Corporation Distribution And Transaction Processing, Extracts, Pharmaceuticals, Scientific Research
339 NVGT Novagant Corp. Growing Equipment, LEDs, Vaporizers, CBD, Development
340 NVLX Nuvilex Inc. Pharmaceuticals
341 NWPN Now Corporation Power Systems, Joint Ventures
342 NXTTF Next Gen Metals Inc. Investment Firms
343 OCEE Nevis Capital Corp Exploring
344 OCFN Omega Commercial Finance Corp. Websites, Financing
345 OGRMF OrganiGram Inc Strains, Training, MMPR, Cultivation, Cannabis, Organic
346 OME:BR Omega Pharmaceuticals Distribution
347 ORGT OrganiTECH USA, Inc. Growing Equipment
348 OSLH OSL Holdings Inc. Dispensaries
349 OSUR OraSure Technologies Drug Tests
350 OWCP OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. Pharmaceuticals, Consulting
351 OXIS OXIS International Inc Pharmaceuticals, Development, Patents
352 PARS Pharmos Corporation Pharmaceuticals, Synthetic Cannabinoids
353 PAUFF Papuan Precious Metals Corp. Dispensaries
354 PBHG PBS Holding, Inc
355 PCFTF Pacific Therapeutics Limited Pharmaceuticals
356 PHOT Growlife Inc Growing Equipment, Industry Media
357 PIHN Polaris International Holdings, Inc. THC, Natural Pharmaceuticals, Medical Marijuana
358 PKPH Peak Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, CBD, Pets
359 PLPL Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. Extracts, CBD, THC
360 PM Phillip Morris International Incorporation
361 PMBS PuraMed BioScience, Inc. CBD, Scientific Research, Natural Pharmaceuticals, Medical Marijuana
362 PMCB PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property
363 PMCM Primco Management Inc.
364 PMD Psychemedics Corporation Drug Tests
365 PMRS Premier Mortgage Resources, Inc. Natural Pharmaceuticals, CBD, THC, Medical Marijuana, Hemp
366 PMXO PMX Communities, Inc.
367 PNTV Players Network Websites, Media
368 PPJE PPJ Enterprise Partnerships, Payment Processing, Lab Testing, Software, Patient Management, Financing, Intellectual Property
369 PRDL Profitable Developments, Inc. Websites, Joint Ventures, Real Estate
370 Pre-IPO CanniMed Ltd. MMPR, Cannabis, Cultivation
371 PRPM ProTek Capital, Inc. Investment Firms, Information Systems, Legal Compliance And Protection, Growing Equipment
372 PRTL:TA Proteologics Ltd. Investment Firms, Pharmaceuticals, Strains, Science
373 PRX Par Pharmaceutical Companies Pharmaceuticals
374 PSHR Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. Natural Insecticides
375 PSIQ Profile Solutions, Inc. Security, Patents, Vending Machines, Extracts
376 PSNTF Aurora Cannabis Inc. Growing, Production
377 PTCI Point Capital Inc. Exploring, Acquisitions, Funding, Investment Firm, Management, Consulting
378 PTOG Petrotech Oil & Gas Inc
379 PUGE Puget Technologies Inc Pharmaceuticals, Extracts
380 PVSP Pervasip Corp Growing Equipment, Software, Monitoring
381 PXRFF Prominex Resource Corp. Exploring
382 PZOO Pazoo, Inc. Lab Testing
383 QASP Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. Exploring, Grow Equipment
384 QEDN QED Connect, Inc. Growers, Strains
385 RAI Reynolds American Inc
386 RAMO Ramoil Management, Ltd ECigs, ELiquids
387 REFG Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions Software, Management, Payment Processing
388 REFG Refill Energy, Inc. Payment Processing
389 REVI Resource Ventures, Inc. Magazines, Websites
390 RFMK Rapid Fire Marketing Inc Business Guidance, Paraphenalia, Marketing, Consulting
391 RHI Robert Half International Inc. Consulting, Training, Industry Data
392 RIGH Bud Genius, Inc. Branding, Testing, Vertically Integrated, Information Systems, Websites
393 RIGH Genius Biotech Corporation Products, Partnerships
394 RMTN Rocky Mountain Ayre, Inc. Acquisitions, Products
395 RNBI Rainbow International Corp. Hemp, Cultivation, Processing, Products, Packaging, Distribution, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, CBD
396 ROSV Rostock Ventures Corp. Information Systems
397 RSHN Rushnet Inc Beverages
398 RSSFF Affinor Growers, Inc. Growing, Exploring, Financing, Growers, Legal Compliance And Protection, Dispensaries
399 RSWN Rosewind Corp Genetics, Strains
400 RTXBQ Republic of Texas Brands, Inc. Exploring, Beverages, Oils, Candy, Consumer Goods
401 SAVW Savwatt USA Inc. Grow Lights, LEDs
402 SFIO Smokefree Innotec Inc Paraphenalia, ECigs, Vaporizers
403 SGBY Signal Bay Inc. Research, Management, Consulting
404 SGTB Kuboo, Inc. Domain Names
405 SHE:002036 Hemp Industrial Investment Co Ltd Hemp, Industrial Hemp, Cultivation, Research, Development, Manufacture, Processing
406 SING Singlepoint, Inc. Payment Processing
407 SIPC Sipp Industries, Inc.
408 SITS Southern ITS International, Inc. Security
409 SKTO Medical Greens Business Guidance, Information Systems, Investment Firms, Payment Processing
410 SKTO SK3 Group Inc Business Guidance, Information Systems, Investment Firms, Payment Processing
411 SKYF Sky 440, Inc. Acquisitions, Exploring
412 SLNX Solanbridge Group, Inc. Growers, CBD, Extracts
413 SMFI Smoofi, Inc. Consulting
414 SMVR Smart Ventures, Inc. Joint Ventures, Financing, Investment Firms, Business Guidance, Vending Machines
415 SNRY Solar Energy Initiatives Inc. Power Systems
416 SNSFF Canna Brands, Inc. Beverages, Edibles
417 SNSFF Remo CannaBrands Inc. Edibles, Beverages, Extracts, Fertilizers, Intellectual Property, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Branding
418 SNY Sanofi SA Pharmaceuticals, Cannabinoid Receptor Antagonists, Synthetic
419 SOCR Solpower Corp Bitcoin, Payment Processing
420 SPCL Solaris Power Cells, Inc ECigs, Vaporizers
421 SPLI AvWorks Aviation Corp
422 SPLIF Nutritional High International Inc. Celebrities, THC, CBD, Acquisitions, Extracts, Edibles, Products, Dispensaries
423 SPRWF Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. Growers
424 SREH Strategic Rare Earth Metals, Inc.
425 SRER SearchCore Inc EXITED
426 SRJ.V Spearmint Resources Inc. Payment Processing
427 SRNA Surna Inc. Intellectual Property, Patents, Growing Equipment
428 STBV Strategic Global Investments, Inc. Information Systems
429 STEV Stevia Corp. Industrial Hemp
430 STKL SunOpta, Inc Beverages, Production
431 STRRF Satori Resources, Inc. Greenhouses, Fertilizers, Growing Facilities
432 STVF Stevia First Corp Patents, Partnerships, Supplements
433 SUTI SUTIMCo International, Inc. Consulting, Partnerships, Investment Firms
434 SVYZY Solvay SA Pharmaceuticals, Synthetic
435 SWCI Med-Cannabis Funding, Inc. Dispensaries, Growing, CBD, Extracts
436 TAUG Tauriga Sciences Inc
437 TAYO Taylor Consulting, Inc. Real Estate, Acquisitions
438 TBQBF Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. Pharmaceuticals, MMPR, Growing, Cannabis
439 TCKF Tomichi Creek Outfitters Inc. Training, Websites, Management, Consultations, Staffing
440 TCPS TechnoConcepts Inc. Patents, Domains, Intellectual Property
441 TDEY 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. ECigs, ERP Software, Vaporizers, ELiquids, Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Edibles
442 TFR.V Terra Firma Resources Inc. Growing, Distribution, MMPR, Seed To Sale
443 TGGI Trans Global Group Inc Lights, LEDs
444 THCZ Totally Hemp Crazy Inc.
445 THPAF Totally Hip Technologies Inc. MMPR, Growing
446 THVDF Thelon Capital Ltd. MMPR, Dispensaries
447 THXBY Therapix Biosciences Ltd. Pharmaceuticals, Acquisitions, Synthetic Cannabinoids
448 TMHO Talisman Holdings Grow Facilities, Joint Ventures
449 TMT-H.V T.M.T. Resources Inc. Grow Facilities
450 TNK.V Iron Tank Resources Corp. Exploring
451 TQLA Montalvo Spirits, Inc. Acquisitions, Beverages
452 TRJTF Umbral Energy Corp Exploring, Growing, Joint Ventures, Acquisitions
453 TRTC Terra Tech Corp Growing Equipment
454 TSE:3099 Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. Hemp, Fabric
455 TSE:7860 Avex Group Holdings Inc. Hemp, Fabric
456 TSLA Tesla Motors Batteries, Power Systems
457 TURV Two Rivers Water & Farming Company Greenhouses, Processing, Water Rights
458 TWDL Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. Funding, Cultivation, Acquisitions, Financing, Products, Hemp, Joint Ventures, Exploring
459 TWMJF Tweed Marijuana Inc Growing, Dispensaries, MMPR
460 UAMM UA Multimedia, Inc. Websites
461 UBQU Ubiquitech Software Corporation Information Systems
462 UNGS Sylios Corp
463 UNQT Union Equity Inc. Exploring, Acquisitions
464 UPOT Indie Growers Association Inc. Legal Compliance, Greenhouses, Training, Inventory Tracking, Security, Strains
465 UPOT Viking Minerals Consulting, Software, Real Estate
466 UPZS Unique Pizza & Subs Corp. Edibles, Intellectual Property
467 URBF Urban Barns Foods Inc. Growing Equipment, LEDs
468 USEI U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation Inc. Industrial Hemp, Industry Data
469 USMJ North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. Beverages, Acquisitions
470 USTC USA Real Estate Holding Co. Exploring
471 UTRM United Treatment Centers Inc.
472 UVFT UV Flu Technologies, Inc. Growing Equipment
473 V.BCC The Canadian Bioceutical Corp. Nutraceuticals, Patents, MMPR
474 VAPE Vape Holdings, Inc. Pharmaceuticals, Paraphenalia, Extracts
475 VAPI Vapir Enterprises, Inc. Vaporizers, Partnerships
476 VAPO Vaporin Inc. Vending Machines, Vaporizers, ECigs, ELiquids
477 VAPR VaporBrands International, Inc. Paraphenalia
478 VCOR Vencor International, Inc. Industrial Hemp, Biofuel, Feedstock
479 VDQSF Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc. MMPR, Cultivation, Cannabis
480 VGPR Vega Biofuels, Inc. Fertilizers
481 VHMC Unique Growing Solutions, Inc. Growing Facilities, Growing Equipment
482 VHMC Valley High Mining Company Consulting, Beverages, Turnkey Solutions, Growing Equipment, Food
483 VHUB Vapor Hub International Inc. Vaporizers, ECigs, ELiquids, Vaporizer Lounges
484 VKML Viking Minerals Consulting, Software, Real Estate
485 VMGI Verde Media Group, Inc.
486 VPCO Vapor Corp ECigs, Vaporizers
487 VPER Viper Networks Inc. Lights
488 VPOR Vapor Group, Inc. Vaporizers, ECigs, ELiquids
489 VRBRF Buccaneer Gold Corp. Cannabis, Products, Research
490 VRCH Valuerich, Inc. Exploring, Product Development, Consulting Services, Scientific Development, Distribution, Investment
491 VRCI Verde Science, Inc. Production, Scientific Research
492 VRX Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl. Synthetic Cannabinoids
493 VSYM View Systems, Inc. Security
494 VTCQ VitaCig Inc. ECigs, Partnerships
495 VTMB Vitamin Blue, Inc. Growing Equipment
496 VVN.V Victory Ventures Inc. Exploring
497 VVV.V Venturi Ventures Inc MMPR, Pharmaceuticals, Intellectual Property
498 WBXU Webxu Inc
499 WCIG Wee-Cig International Corporation Websites, ECigs, Vaporizers
500 WCUI Wellness Center USA Nutraceuticals
501 WDFC Windfire Capital Corp. Growers, MMPR
502 WDHR WeedHire International Inc. Websites
503 WDRP WanderPort Corp. Acquisitions
504 WEDG Weed Growth Fund, Inc Acquisitions, Management
505 WLYW Wally World Media, Inc. Vaporizers, Websites, Crowdsourcing
506 WMHI World Mobile Holdings, Inc. Digital Currencies, Security, ECigs, Growing Equipment, Batteries
507 WNTR Worldwide Internet Inc
508 WORX Worlds Online Inc. Dispensaries, Cultivation, Management, Funding, Training, Consulting
509 WPO.V West Point Resources Inc. Exploring
510 WSSRF Weststar Resources Corp. Exploring, MMPR, Seed To Sale
511 WTCG W Technologies, Inc. Dispensaries, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Information Systems
512 WTII Water Technologies International, Inc. Patents, Growing Equipment
513 WWAG WWA Group, Inc. Media
514 XFUL Converde Energy USA Inc. Patents, Joint Ventures, Extraction
515 XTRM Extreme Biodiesel, Inc.
516 XXII 22nd Century Group Patents, Biotechnology, Tobacco
517 ZDPY Zoned Properties Inc. Real Estate Acquisitions, Real Estate Development, Grow Facility Leases
518 ^MMJ Marijuana Index Stock Index, Media, News

Private Companies

13 Private Investment Firms Listed
Investment Firms, Recreational Cannabis Diego Pellicer* is the first retail brand in the United States focused exclusively on legal, premium marijuana for pleasure and creative pursuits. read more...
Investment Firms Ushering in the next generation of cannabis-related businesses. read more...
Investment Firms Strategically investing in the emerging legal cannabis field read more...
Investment Firms, Information Systems, Nutraceuticals And Supplements, Extracts, Food And Drinks In the process of patenting novel extractions, reagents, and scientific process methodologies in addition to the end consumable products. Our strategic partnerships with WeedMaps and allow us easy distribution into 1,900+ dispensaries in seven medical marijuana states and growing. read more...
Investment Firms To position itself as the leader in the emerging legal cannabis sector through investment and continued pioneering of first-to-market legal cannabis companies. read more...
Investment Firms The HTG Fund invests in compelling businesses across all areas of the rapidly growing domestic cannabis market, leveraging the networks and expertise of its team of professionals gained over 40 years of experience at the center of the industry. The HTG Fund investment model anticipates a...
Partnerships, Growing, Real Estate AMGH is developing cannabis and hemp cultivation with the Sovereign Native American Communities based on a December 11, 2014 memo from the US Department of Justice that outlined new policies allowing Sovereign Native American Communities to grow and sell marijuana on reservation lands. Partnership... read more...
Self-Contained Growing Systems, Growing Facilities, Growing Equipment, Intellectual Property U.S. Manufacturer of Self-Contained, Home Grow-Cabinets. Designs, manufacturers, and sells self-contained, automated cabinet-based horticultural systems. The product line includes: MediCab Micro, Yielder Max, and Earth Cab Pro. We custom assemble cabinet-based horticultural systems. The Company... read more...
Cannabis, Cultivation Envoy Agricultural Incorporated's state-of-the-art technological facility sits inside the University of Mississippi's Innovation Hub; built by pharma industry leader Pfizer Pharmaceutical. Their 'Outdoor Growing Facility' is the only legal marijuana farm and production facility... read more...
Dispensaries, Cannabis, Cultivation, Extracts, Distribution Produces and distributes medical cannabis and cannabis extracts within the State of Oregon. GLH is a vertically integrated business that cultivates cannabis plants, extracts oil from the plants, and prepares and packages the oils into various products for medicinal use. GLH sells these cannabis oil... read more...
Greenhouses, Processing Facilities GrowCo, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Two Rivers Water & Farming (TURV) that provides greenhouses and processing facilities for licensed marijuana growers in Colorado. Two Rivers is building a new water paradigm for the arid regions of the southwestern United States. As part of its long-... read more...
Software, Science, Intellectual Property, Strain Recommendations Develops an enterprise technology platform for medical marijuana to help doctors understand the benefits of medical cannabis. It offers PotBot, a unique medical marijuana recommendation engine that uses neural-net algorithms to recommend cannabinoid levels and custom strains to medical marijuana... read more...
ECigs, Vaporizers Ecigs and Vapes - .FWDG Announces Dividend to Shareholders from Spin-Off of URVape, Inc. as a Public Company. Upon the completion of the transaction, FutureWorld Corp will maintain a 46% ownership position in URVape read more...