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TDEY 3D Eye Solutions, Inc.
ECigs, ERP Software Jazz Candles, which is currently working on developing their signature scents into food grade flavor vapors for our E-Cigs. ERP Software MaryGen deal with Luxuriant Holdings. read more | Related: PRPM ProTek Capital, Inc., PBHG PBS Holding, Inc
XXII 22nd Century Group
Biotechnology, Patents, Tobacco Plant biotechnology company whose proprietary technology allows for the levels of nicotine and other nicotinic alkaloids (e.g., nornicotine, anatabine and anabasine) in the tobacco plant to be decreased or increased through genetic engineering or plant... read more
ETHG 800 Commerce Inc.
AGTK spinoff read more | Related: AGTK Agritek Holdings, Inc.
ATTBF Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.
CBD, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Extracts, Food And Drinks, Pharmaceuticals Marketing the highest level CBD infused quality products with food safety certification starting operations in Colorado and distributing to all US states as the market permits and helping to establish industry standards. read more
ABT Abbott Laboratories
Pharmaceuticals, Synthetic Cannabinoids UR-144, a drug that acts as a selective full agonist of the peripheral cannabinoid receptor CB2, but with much lower affinity for the psychoactive CB1 receptor. read more
ABBV AbbVie Inc.
Pharmaceuticals, Synthetic Cannabinoids Marinol (dronabinol), a synthetic THC cannabinoid launched in 1985 (& exclusively protected by patents through 2007) for the treatment of loss of appetite and nausea in patients with AIDS or those receiving cancer chemotherapy. read more
CANN Advanced Cannabis Solutions Inc.
Grow Facility Leases, Real Estate Development Provides services to the regulated cannabis industry throughout the United States. We lease growing space and related facilities (commercial real estate and equipment) to licensed marijuana business operators for their production needs. We are pursuing... read more | Related: FULL Full Circle Capital Corporation
ADCS Advanced Content Services, Inc.
Payment Processing Finalization of discussions with a merger candidate with a holding company focused in the multi-billion dollar payment solutions and merchant services markets. Products intended to benefit business owners in the ever growing Cannabis / Medical Marijuana... read more
AERO AeroGrow International, Inc.
Growing Equipment, Self-Contained Growing Systems Revolutionary indoor garden appliance, self-contained, automatic and 100% success guaranteed. read more
RSSFF Affinor Growers, Inc.
Dispensaries, Financing, Growers, Legal Compliance And Protection, TBD Plans to partner with and provide financing for Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp companies will provide Affinor with an equity share in each business and/or royalty on sales. Intends to consolidate fragmented growers and work with dispensaries to... read more
AGDY Agri-Dynamics, Inc.
Dispensaries In advanced negotiations with a medicinal marijuana and hemp-based business and investment group. Advanced merger negotiations with Hip Hemp Group LLC, a diversified hemp and medicinal marijuana company with widespread operations including 12... read more
AGTK Agritek Holdings, Inc.
Business Guidance, Information Systems, Payment Processing, Seed To Sale Tracking Provides innovative patient solutions for electronically processing transactions within the healthcare and medicinal marijuana industry.Leveraging its network of dispensaries and clients, MediSwipe has recently created a new distribution division for its... read more | Related: ETHG 800 Commerce Inc.
AJAC Aja Cannafacturing, Inc.
diversified holding company with internal operations that is focused on creating superior long-term returns for shareholders through a unique structure of diversified public and non-public holdings. Aja Cannafacturing is developing the holistic healing... read more
AMS.V Alchemist Mining Inc.
As announced in the Company's news release dated June 24, 2014, Far Resources Ltd. has entered into an option agreement with Alchemist Mining Inc. (TSX-V: AMS) ("Alchemist"), whereby Alchemist may acquire up to an 80% undivided interest in... read more
ALGA Algae International Group, Inc.
First became interested in the cannabis opportunity last year while attempting to build a business to produce bio diesel from cold pressed algae oil. While the 'promise'of the cannabis market is great, the path to achieving the 'promise... read more
ACGX Alliance Creative Group, Inc.
Packaging, Product Development Packaging and product development. Looking to Become a Packaging Supplier for the Industry While Looking to Build Relationships for All Other Opportunities. Core competency of printing, packaging and product development, with a primary focus in the food... read more
AEGY Alternative Energy Partners
Distribution And Transaction Processing, Food And Drinks, Information Systems, Legal Compliance And Protection Allows individuals to purchase Medical Marijuana through a website and smart phone application, giving patients a simple ordering platform, while allowing local collectives to service the orders in compliance with state and local laws and ordinances. read more | Related: SKTO Medical Greens
AFAI Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc.
Obtaining licenses for the cultivation and/or retail of marijuana for medical and/or recreational use (according to law). Planning to engage in ancillary and support activities such as ownership of plant warehouses and commercial retail property... read more
ANAS Alternaturals, Inc.
THC Extracts Will be releasing a product line consisting of products containing hemp, medical marijuana, and many natural substances as alternatives to prescription drugs. 2oz liquid THC shot called 5 Hour High™. Formulated to enter the body though the cells and... read more
ASIUQ Alterrus Systems
Growing Equipment High density vertical growth system read more
MO Altria Group Inc
"We're not in the trade of selling marijuana, nor will we ever be."... read more
AFPW AlumiFuel Power Corporation
Growing Equipment, Power Systems To Analyze Requirements for Development of Optimized Renewable Energy System to Support Cannabis Cultivation. ...believe they have all requisite technologies in-house to field a system responsive to the needs of cannabis growers, while solving resultant... read more
ERBB American Green, Inc.
Dispensaries, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Information Systems One of the first publicly-traded medical marijuana dispensary brands in the world. Developed retailing, branding, and commercial cultivating strategies in conjunction with its licensed medical marijuana retail dispensaries operating under the Altitude... read more | Related: FWDG FutureWorld Corp
AHII American Heritage International Inc.
ECigs Manufactures, distributes and sells the American Heritage™ brand of disposable premium electronic cigarettes.All of American Heritage's ingredients are food grade quality and 100% produced in America... read more
ACAN Americann, Inc.
Dispensaries, Growing Attempting to enter the medical marijuana business in Massachusetts. Coastal Compassion has the combined experience and network to submit a qualified application for participation in Massachusetts’s Medical Marijuana (MMJ) program. The Coastal Compassion... read more
AMFE Amfil Technologies, Inc.
Growing Equipment Entered into a letter agreement to enter into a Joint Venture Agreement to acquire a 50% shared ownership with Antibacterial Cleaning Treatment Services Inc. (A.C.T.S. Inc.) of the mPact -GROzone Antimicrobial Systems and the exclusive right of... read more
AXO Anexco Resources Ltd.
Dispensaries, Distribution, Exploring, Production Exploring medical Cannabis opportunities in production and distribution in Canada, USA, and South America. BC Chronic is pleased to inform the public that we are analyzing multiple flagship production locations and are in discussions with several... read more
EXMT Anything Technologies Media, Inc.
Growing Equipment Self-Contained Aquaponic Hydro Garden for Medical Marijuana Cultivation read more | Related: ICBU IMD Companies, Inc.
ANYI AnythingIT, Inc.
Exploring, Websites The company is currently exploring several opportunities including potential mergers, acquisitions, as well introductions of its own product line or services directly related to the legal cannabis industry. is to be an online portal and... read more
APRU Apple Rush Company Inc.
CBD "LiveWire and its partners offer a complete manufacturing solution for chews, powders, bars and drinks. We sell our chews through a strong network of distributors and retailers. This transaction adds to our family of brands and expands our product... read more
AQNM Aquentium, Inc.
Growing Equipment Manufacturing ozone air and water purification equipment designed for use by legal growers of medical marijuana in the United States and internationally. read more
ARNA Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Pharmaceuticals Devloped APD371, an orally available agonist of the cannabinoid 2 (CB2) receptor, is an internally discovered investigational drug candidate intended for the treatment of pain. They have identified several novel, potent, CB2-selective, lead compounds... read more
ALIF Artificial Life, Inc
MYRY partnership to deploy mobile medical applications to be used in the Medical Marijuana industry. "Our first quarter trip to Germany allowed the company the opportunity to connect with Artificial Life and identify this tremendous opportunity... read more
ASKH Astika Holdings, Inc.
Industrial Hemp Focusing upon acquisitions and partners in the high-profile Industrial Hemp sector in China, New Zealand and the world markets. Partnered with current leaseholders with the goal of acquiring operating facilities to begin its own facilities in Asia and... read more
AVNE Aventura Equities, Inc.
Holds cannabis-related intellectual property and licensing rights to a number of products currently sold by third parties in the California medical marijuana market. The licenses that Aventura Laboratories currently holds include; Dharmanol, Yak Capsules... read more
Vending Machines Exclusive producer of MedBox vending machines read more | Related: MDBX Medbox Inc
SPLI AvWorks Aviation Corp
Designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality, E-Cigarette brands which use state-of-the-art electronic technology and specially formulated, "Made in the USA" e-liquids, which may or may not contain nicotine... read more
AXQ.V AXE Exploration Inc.
Dispensaries, Exploring, Growing, Joint Ventures Intention to evaluate new business opportunities and eventually redirect its business to the medical marijuana or industrial hemp industries. Axe would like to consolidate fragmented growers and work with dispensaries to obtain a license under the new... read more
AXXU Axxess Unlimited, Inc.
Medical Tests Marijuana Breathalyzer - Patent covers reporting of marijuana and other controlled substances. U.S. Patent No. 8,059,003 B2 for Methods for Providing Secure and Transparent Cached Ignition Interlock Data was issued to Michael Roth, Chairman and Chief... read more
SUMM AyreTrade, Inc.
Holding company increasing its asset and revenue base through acquisition of fast-growing medicinal, manufacturing and retail businesses available in the marijuana industry. Signed a LOI to purchase a marijuana accessories company. This company is... read more
KXPLF Bayhorse Silver Inc.
Exploring, Growing Formalized two consulting agreements with specialists who are active in the medical marijuana industry to advise the company with investment opportunities. The first is the owner of Blueroots Cannabis, which is preparing to operate a 16,000 square foot... read more
BAYP Bayport International Holdings Inc
Bayport Medicinal Research, Inc. was recently incorporated in Colorado with the sole intention of acquiring a business or businesses specifically in the Medicinal and Legalized Marijuana sector. To date we have identified several businesses currently for... read more
Developer, manufacturer and marketer of relaxation and energy products. Partially owned subsidiary Relaxation Solutions Inc.’s recent announcement of the first mass produced Cheech and Chong Nice Dreams Relaxation Ice Cream & now Cheech and Chong... read more
BNRDF Bedrocan Cannabis Corp.
Bedrocan strives to develop and deliver the full medical potential of the cannabis plant to those in need worldwide.<br><br> Our Mission: To be a bridge between patients’ needs for cannabis and the quality standards of modern medicine.<br... read more
BNRJF Benton Capital Corp.
Shareholders also approved the Company's acquisition of Folium Life Science Inc., a private BC company carrying on business exclusively in the medical marijuana sector. Folium Life Science Inc. is a private company incorporated under the Business... read more
BISU Bio-Solutions Corporation
Pharmaceuticals May be a scam, if not, they are developing cannabis-based diabetes treatments read more
BDPT BioAdaptives, Inc.
Dispersed to shareholders of HEMP, Inc. (Pink Sheets: HEMP) in a stock distribution. Bringing high quality nutraceuticals to market for health and wellness conscious consumers. Engaged in research, development, and educational activities. Focus is... read more
BTCC Bitcoin Collect, Inc.
Payment Processing Entering virtual currency industry by using bitcoin to become the premier anonymous billing platform for the Medical Marijuana industry. read more
BLPG Blue Line Protection Group Inc
Cash Transport, Financial Services, Security Providing protection, compliance and financial services to the lawful cannabis industry, Specializes in Grow Operation and Transportation Security. We also do Executive Protection work, investigations etc. read more
BIMI Brazil Interactive Media, Inc.
Distribution, Growing, Products, Vertically Integrated Owns and operates three vertically integrated businesses, American Cannabis Consulting, Cube Root Inc. and The Trade Winds Inc., which deliver a fully integrated offering of services and products for their customers and clients seeking to start or expand... read more
BRDT BreedIT Corp.
Information Systems, Intellectual Property, Intelligent Grow Systems Exclusive worldwide license holder and distributor of highly sophisticated agro-breeding solutions software for plant breeders and researchers, focusing certain business development efforts on emerging medical Cannabis markets worldwide starting with an... read more
BMIN Britannia Mining, Inc.
Palm kernal, industrial hemp and other raw materials are finding their way into Britannia's development and distribution network. Ms. Newmarch pointed out however, "While there are many opportunities in agriculture, the primary intent of our... read more
VRBRF Buccaneer Gold Corp.
July 21, 2014) - Buccaneer Gold Corp. ("Buccaneer") (TSX VENTURE:BGG) announced today that it has entered into a binding letter of intent (the "LOI") with 8437726 Canada Inc. doing business as MedCannAccess ("MedCannAccess... read more
RIGH Bud Genius Inc.
Information Systems, an Internet portal and research laboratory that serves the medical cannabis industry. By 2013, we’ll be working with special diagnostic tools in our labs to monitor and administer new types of treatments. Next, new herbs will added to our... read more
BABL Buildablock Corp.
Crowd-Buying, Information Systems, Online Store Added a "virtual boutique" dedicated to Medical and Adult Use Marijuana products and services to its innovative, proprietary "Crowd-Buying / Crowd-Selling" platform (group discounts, wish lists, online negotiations), http://www... read more
BZTG Buzz Technologies, Inc.
BZTG has been active in the financing of Marijuana stock for almost a year and has built a solid position in public and privately held Marijuana businesses in the “legal” states. Equity Line Financing – is a type of funding that has been used... read more
CLYXF Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc.
Exploring, Intellectual Property, MMPR Developing early stage agriculture ventures. Calyx brings its depth of experience, capital and other capacity including its proprietary intellectual property to enhance plant yields. Pursuing agri-pharmaceutical opportunities in the MMPR (Marijuana for... read more
CNBX Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Cannabics Pharmaceuticals develops advanced sophisticated cannabinoid based medicines. read more
GSML Cannabis Holdings, Inc.
Acquisitions Will target small and medium sized business opportunities that have the ability to grow but only with the right management and capital structure that GSML can bring to the Company. Also with the right capital structure through funds raised from the... read more
LGSRD Cannabis Kinetics Corp.
Dispensaries, Distribution, Drinks, Grow Facilities, Production Management of recreational and medical marijuana dispensary facilities, the management of grow facilities and the management of the wholesaling for the latter as well as the production and distribution of hemp and marijuana infused beverages and... read more
CBDS Cannabis Sativa, Inc.
Cannabis, Intellectual Property Positioned well to be a part of that expanding market with potentially the most prominent and seasoned industry insider for CEO in Steve Kubby, and quality entry products like Wild Earth Naturals skin care and pain management line, and now possibly the... read more | Related: MDCN Medican Enterprises Inc.
CBIS Cannabis Science Inc
CBD, Extracts, Pharmaceuticals, Science Works with world authorities on phytocannabinoid science targeting critical illnesses, and adheres to scientific methodologies to develop, produce, and commercialize phytocannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products. The Company is dedicated to the creation... read more | Related: MDBX Medbox Inc, NEWC New Colombia Resources, Inc., SFIO Smokefree Innotec Inc, CBCA Crown Baus Capital Corp., ENDO OmniCanna Health Solutions, Inc.
CANLF Cannabis Technologies Inc.
Intellectual Property, Pharmaceuticals Biopharmaceutical drug discovery and development company uniquely focused on the pharmacology and therapeutic potential of cannabinoids. Utilizing its proprietary "Cannabinoid Drug Design Platform" to identify new bioactive compounds within the... read more
CTCO Cannabis Therapy Corp.
Extracts, Lab Testing, Natural Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical grade products containing phytocannabinoids for the development of therapeutic treatments targeting a variety of conditions and diseases and to provide consistent high quality laboratory based purification and... read more
CANA Cannabis-Rx Inc
US real estate development company looking to grow our portfolio with long-term strategic investments within the regulated cannabis industry.. Recently completed a $12,000,000 USD financing and intend to deploy capital in light industrial and commercial... read more
BLOZF Cannabix Technologies Inc.
developer of the patent pending Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer for law enforcement. The Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer drug-impairment recognition system is based on breath testing technology that has been developed in Sweden and has been clinically... read more
LGBI Cannabiz Mobile Inc.
Mobile media and marketing solutions company specializing in the medical marijuana industry partner up with Code2Action Inc. and license proprietary mobile technologies to streamline MMJ Industry. Cannabiz Mobile, Inc. is a mobile media and marketing... read more
CBGI Cannabusiness Group, Inc.
Strategic cannabis real estate acquisition, leasing, and management firm whose primary focus is on zoning issues. Acquisition plan to acquire companies that sell products and services to include Security Services, E-Commerce Store Fronts for both Grow... read more
CANV CannaVest
CBD, Extracts Builds and develops growing, packaging and extraction technologies and deploys them in self-contained, highly efficient state of the art facilities as well as traditional hemp agricultural facilities, for the pharmaceutical and neutraceutical raw... read more | Related: MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc
Pre-IPO CanniMed Ltd.
“He’s (CEO – Zetti) even considering an initial public offering.” CanniMed® Ltd. was established in 2013 to provide Canadian patients with access to a standardized and trusted supply of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis as well as new products grown under... read more
CANL CannLabs, Inc.
Partnership with MJNA & MERR. Leader in cannabis innovation, science and technology, is a trusted testing service for an ever-expanding base of clients. In addition to testing, the company offers real-time data analytics, product benchmarking... read more
CGCC Canyon Gold Corp.
Growing A British Columbia corporation entering the cannabis industry as a producer of cannabis products for distribution to the medical community. Marshall Thomsen applied to Health Canada for a license as a commercial grower of cannabis under the new... read more
CARA Cara Therapeutics, Inc.
Developing pharmaceutical lead molecules that selectively modulate peripheral CB receptors without targeting CNS cannabinoid receptors. Peripheral CB receptor modulators will be initially developed as a novel therapeutic approach for neuropathic pain, a... read more
CVN.V Cavan Ventures Inc.
Exploring Intends to aggressively pursue, source and evaluate new potential projects in the medical marihuana sector, including, but not limited to, agriculture, medical, technology, and real estate sectors. read more
CIIX ChineseInvestors.COM
Information Systems Developing a licensing program for deployment of highly innovative process technology related to cannabis (marijuana) production facilities and related management systems read more
CMT.V Chlormet Technologies Inc.
Exploring “If we do complete the current transaction,” he said of his MMJ option,” which we fully anticipate doing if/when AAA Heidelberg receives its license, we will be looking to option out our Chuchi mining property. The 5-percent NPI in the Newton project may... read more
CHUM Chuma Holdings, Inc.
Turnkey support services for the legal cannabis industry and secured loans to select industry participants seeking to acquire agricultural, industrial, and retail real estate. "seed to sale" key business services include: Loans to duly licensed... read more
CPQ-H.V Cinaport Acquisition Corp.
Mettrum, another licensed producer, is now in the process of becoming pubic by way of a reverse takeover into Capital Pool Company Cinaport Acquisition Corp. (TSXV: CPQ.H), concurrently with a $35 million financing. Entered into a binding letter of... read more
CDFT Citadel EFT, Inc.
Banking, Payment Processing "Plan(s) to offer solutions that are bank independent which don't require the use of credit/debit cards or ACH transfers.... joining this market with a real solution for the burgeoning legal marijuana industry... that offers trusted commerce... read more
CETC Clean Enviro Tech
NO LONGER CANNABIS / HEMP RELATED! "Due to Non-Payment of Service fees due to RAPCO (Red Apple Pharm Corp.) on July 15th, 2014 , the RAPCO JV agreement with CETC has been terminated as of July 31st, 2014."... read more
CPOW Clean Power Concepts, Inc
Has begun development of a slate of health and beauty products featuring Hemp oil for both commercial and personal usage through its Spirit of Health division, a wholesale and consumer-facing brand founded in 2010. Spirit of Health is further developing... read more
CLNP CleanPath Resources Corp
Nutraceuticals And Supplements Exclusive rights to the new NutraLOAD™ stem enhancement product produced by the BioSwan™ division of Hemp, Inc. read more
NSCT Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corp
Inventory Management, Security With the help of Hemp, Inc.'s IHMMCC, Cloud-MD expects to bring a new level of professional encryption security and inventory management solutions to the Hemp and Medical Marijuana Industries. Leading provider of “Cloud Based” Medical Software... read more | Related: HEMP Hemp, Inc.
COSR Co-Signer, Inc.
Real Estate, Websites Signed a sales and marketing deal with, the unique online marketplace specializing in Cannabis, Hemp and the booming Vape (Smokeless) market. is destined to be both the B2B and B2C online supplier for everything in these... read more
COWI CoroWare, Inc.
CoroBIDA Technologies will develop business intelligence and data analytics software and solutions for the regulated cannabis industry. Availability of CoroBIDA Technologies' business intelligence and data analytics solutions will be announced later... read more
CORX Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Biopharmaceutical company currently engaged in the development of drugs for respiratory disorders. A new license agreement with the University of Illinois that provides Cortex with exclusive rights to patents claiming the use of cannabinoids for the... read more
CRLRF Crailar Technologies Inc.
Clothing, Hemp Consumer Goods, Industrial Hemp Providing textile, composite and pulping solutions, through the processing of industrial hemp, and other bast fibers. CRAiLAR Technologies is now developing and commercializing its proprietary CRAILAR fiber processing technology in partnership with the... read more
FITX Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc
, Dispensaries, Food And Drinks, Legal Compliance And Protection Building Medicinal Marijuana facilities adhering to all local legal requirements & distributing infused medical marijuana products produced in a GMP Certified and FDA Compliant factory with a focus upon developing partnerships. read more | Related: EDXC Endexx Corporation
CBCA Crown Baus Capital Corp.
Facilitates investment into the medical cannabis industry. Actively pursuing investment opportunities in several traditional emerging markets while infusing them with the rapidly growing global medical cannabis industry. CBCA invests in companies... read more | Related: CBIS Cannabis Science Inc
CRWE Crown Equity Holdings Inc.
Websites Building an online medical marijuana informational and directory search platform. ( The purpose of the site is to connect people with information in reference to the industry and patients to a network of physicians,... read more
CWNM Crown Marketing
Patents, Pharmaceuticals Ancillary services such as financing and other "back room" support to companies in the field of medical marijuana. intends to employ most or all of the free cash flow generated from support services to research the benefits of Crown's... read more
CYBK Cyber Kiosk Solutions, Inc.
Information Systems, Vending Machines Tranzbyte Closes Critical Loop in Medical Dispensing, Inks Deal With Cyber Kiosk Solutions, Inc. to Provide Proprietary Age/ID/Fraud Validation for Its ZaZZZ(TM) Machine. | In addition to the dispensaries agreeing to test and use the Company's... read more | Related: TGGI Trans Global Group Inc
CYNAF Cynapsus Therapeutic
HRDN Dc Brands International, Inc.
Funding, Management, Supplements Manufacturing, marketing, and distributing health related products that utilize natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and supplements primarily in the Colorado area. Intending to become a service provider to fully licensed Colorado medical and... read more
DENG Delta Entertainment Group, Inc
Distribution, Equipment Leases, Management Intends to lease equipment, distribute products and provide management services for grow operators in the Marijuana industry. There can be no assurance DENG will be successful in closing the transaction with Grow. read more
DEWM Dewmar International Inc.
Hemp Plans to introduce products infused with hemp into the marketplace. "We believe that the ultimate economic opportunity that is being created by the new legislation regarding hemp farming is incalculable. Hemp oil, seeds and fiber can be used in many... read more | Related: HEMP Hemp, Inc.
DHSM DHS Holding Co
No longer involved in the cannabis industry. read more
DIGX Dig-It Underground, Inc.
Entered into a letter of intent to acquire Cannabeez Media, LLC., marking the entrance of Dig-It Underground, Inc. into the Medical Marijuana industry read more
DIGP DigiPath Inc
Nutraceuticals Life sciences company focused on nutra-pharmaceuticals and pathology solutions. aims to become a leader in botanical nutraceutical research and testing by ensuring product safety, as well as providing trademarking and licensing services to protect... read more | Related: PHOT Growlife Inc
DIDG The Digital Development Group
Videos, Websites internet network to cover all aspects of the cannabis/marijuana industry. The lion's share of content will be engaging and original programming not available elsewhere. "MJ360.TV will be hard-hitting and cutting-edge, presenting a variety of... read more
DIRV DirectView Holdings, Inc.
Partnering with businesses in the marijuana sector. Providing security for existing & future marijuana facilities in Colorado. read more
DSCR Discovery Minerals Ltd.
Vigorously looking to secure low cost agricultural land for the production and cultivation and processing of Industrial Hemp and also Cannabis that can be used for medicinal purposes. read more
DNAD DNA Dynamics, Inc.
MedicalMarijuana-X will serve as DNA Dynamics, Inc.'s new platform for the company's expansion into the Medical Marijuana industry. The webpage will host a geolocation and maps interface for locating medical marijuana dispensaries. This... read more
DDEJF Dundee Corporation
Dundee Agricultural Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dundee Corporation, holds a 38.97% interest in Urban Barns. Through its operating subsidiaries, Dundee Corporation is engaged in diverse business activities in the areas of its core... read more
DGRI Dutch Gold Resources, Inc.
Delivering business and financial services to the Medical Marijuana Industry, while facilitating compliance with state regulations. Three primary service offerings: Merchant Services, Business Services and Capital Formation services through crowd funding. read more
BIMI Dutchess Capital
A micro-cap focused hedge fund with more than $2 billion in transactional value over a decade of investing. Now a member of the investment committee at ArcView Group, and an active investor and board member for several marijuana-related companies. read more
ETX.L e-Therapeutics PLC
Pharmaceuticals read more
ETST Earth Science Tech, Inc.
Bioceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Supplements, Websites Biotechnology company focused on nutraceuticals and bioceuticals. The company provides seamless science-based solutions designed to excel in industries such as health, wellness, nutrition, supplement, cosmetic and alternative medicine to improve the... read more
EAPH Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Pharmaceuticals A specialty pharmaceutical company that designs, develops, and markets a premium array of topically-delivered therapeutic healthcare products. Entering into agreements with private companies in Canada to grow marijuana. In addition to its Canadian... read more
EFFI EffTec International, Inc.
Focused upon the acquisition of profitable, revenue-producing companies with proven business models., In negotiation with multiple parties for acquisitions in the medicinal and legalized marijuana sectors. read more
EMLL El Maniel International, Inc.
Crowdfunding, Exploring Developing and expanding into current and new ventures in the international business domain with an immediate focus in the medical marijuana sector and crowdlending domain. read more
EMBR Embarr Downs, Inc.
Fertilizers Hemp Fish Water will sell the waste water from the aquaculture ponds as organic and natural liquid fertilizer. The initial target market will be small medical marijuana farms and will be expanded to small and home based gardens. The Company expects to... read more
BITCF Embassy Oil Development Corporation
Secured rights with InterWallet (manufacturer & franchisor) to exclusively purchase, place and service Bitcoin ATMs in medical marijuana dispensaries, read more
EDXC Endexx Corporation
Information Systems, Patient Recommendations To bring pharmacy grade compliance and standardized technology solutions to the Medical Marijuana Industry. read more | Related: FITX Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc
ENLB Enerlabs, Inc.
Testing Plans to add laboratory facilities to test marijuana strains for mold, mildew, pesticides and potency in medical marijuana legal states. These labs will be able to tell how much of each type of cannabinoid is in the strain to help determine which... read more
ENRT Enertopia Corp.
Signed a definitive joint venture agreement with a private company (World of Marihuana Productions Ltd.) that presently produces, cultivates, and sells medical marijuana in Canada under the Health Canada Medical Marijuana Access Program (“MMAP”). “It is... read more | Related: LXRP Lexaria Corp.
ENPRF Enpar Technologies Inc.
Enhancing opportunities for recycling and reusing leach water in many greenhouse medicinal marijuana grow operations. . A "Technology Company" applying its patented and proprietary "Electrochemical Technologies" to the treatment of... read more
Pre-IPO Envoy Agricultural Incorporated
Envoy Agricultural Incorporated's state-of-the-art technological facility sits inside the University of Mississippi's Innovation Hub; built by pharma industry leader Pfizer Pharmaceutical. Their 'Outdoor Growing Facility' is the only... read more
EXCC Excel Corporation
Wholly-owned subsidiary called 420 Solutions, Corp. will enable customers of medical marijuana dispensaries to use their debit cards. The primary focus of the new company is to develop and deploy advanced ways of providing payment processing services and... read more
XTRM Extreme Biodiesel, Inc.
Raw Land for Cannabis Agriculture Development to Retail Store Front Acquisition to Financing. Hemp to Biodiesel As a wholly owned subsidiary of Extreme Biodiesel we have the experience and are developing equipment to produce Biofuel from Hemp for... read more
FAT Far Resources Ltd.
As reported in its news release dated May 15, 2014, management is exploring the requirements for commercially producing medical marihuana in Canada. The Company is in discussions with a group experienced in this area and, if discussions prove successful... read more
FFFC FastFunds Financial Corp.
Investment Firms Providing financing alternatives, corporate finance and general management consulting services to early-stage cannabis companies and projects. Cannabis Angel has entered into an agreement with a Minneapolis, MN based private equity fund to provide... read more
FBCD FBC Holding, Inc.
Hemp Consumer Goods, TBD Management indicated that the focus of its agricultural division will be on those products and services that can effectively leverage the emerging multi-billion dollar hemp and cannabis marketplace, by having a wide enough versatility to be sold and... read more
FNJN Finjan Holdings, Inc.
Fertilizers, Soil To promote, develop and operate profitable innovative clean technologies that contribute to the improvement of our environment by use of sustainable business practices and the judicious use of natural resources. read more
FCUUF Fission Uranium
Dispensaries | Related: PAUFF Papuan Precious Metals Corp.
FLRE Flameret, Inc.
Launched Cannadol™, a hemp oil rich in CBD (cannabidiol) which will be sold in 1 ounce bottles through its wholly-owned subsidiary Royal Hemp Corporation. The product is available immediately online on Royal Hemp’s website (http://www... read more
FOFU Force Fuels Inc.
A builder of upscale turnkey franchises to the Recreational and Medical Marijuana industry. The company plans to market a unique product line of Accessories, Apparel, Coffee and Teas, Bakery and other Edibles, Lotions, Marijuana and Oils through a coast... read more
FVRG ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation
Hemp Food Versativa line of hemp-based whole-food products. Develops, manufactures and distributes an expansive line of all natural whole foods and products to North America, Australia, Europe, Asia and South America read more
FRTD Fortitude Group, Inc.
In negotiations with several Marijuana companies currently to supply the materials needed to initially take very unique products to market. Pharmaceutical grade products derived from a hybrid cannabis sativa & indica plant, high in CBD and low in THC... read more
FDMF Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc.
Legal Compliance, Security Holding company that specializes in the identification and development of technologies with commercial applications. The company's primary focus is the commercial development of its proprietary, breakthrough technology; (SR-139) proven to be... read more
FULL Full Circle Capital Corporation
Advanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. (“ACS”) provides services to the regulated cannabis industry throughout the United States, primarily leasing growing space and related facilities to licensed marijuana business owners. The company is based in Colorado... read more | Related: CANN Advanced Cannabis Solutions Inc.
FSPM Fusion Pharm Inc
Growing Equipment Cultivation Containers - Portable & Stackable read more
FWDG FutureWorld Corp
Growing Equipment, Industrial Hemp, Intelligent Grow Systems, Joint Ventures, Vending Machines Signed a preliminary agreement with American Green in the distribution of its ZaZZZ robotic dispensaries nationwide under the brand name CaNNaBoX™. CaNNaBoX™ robotic dispensaries are secure delivery and control systems for use in licensed cannabis... read more | Related: ERBB American Green, Inc.
CWIR Fuzznbuzz Brands, Inc.
Manufacturer, packager, and dispenser of medical marijuana in those states where the manufacture and sale of marijuana is permitted under those state's laws... read more
FVPI FV Pharma International Corp.
FV Pharma has applied to become a licensed commercial producer of marijuana under the new Canadian medical marijuana legislation. The company was established in Ontario to supply an unmatched selection of premium medical marijuana to eligible persons in... read more
GARB Garb Oil & Power Corporation
Legal Compliance And Protection Taking an active role in the development of human resource guidelines if the State of Florida voters in November pass a proposed constitutional amendment for the use of Medical Marijuana, especially in the manufacturing industry. Tammy Taylor, company... read more
GSAC GelStat Corporation
Engaged in the research, development, marketing, licensing and branding of innovative Over-the-Counter consumer healthcare products. GelStat Corporation acquired 100% of the membership equity in Mastix Medica, LLC. Mastix Medica specializes in the... read more
Pre-IPO Genius Biotech Corporation
The Board of Directors of Rightsmile Inc., which is soon to be called Bud Genius Inc. (RIGH), yesterday declared that it is in talks regarding a buyback of its common stock. The decision was influenced by company expansion by its new subsidiary, Genius... read more
GMINF GeoNovus Minerals Corp
signed a letter agreement with a Uruguay "SA" company actively working in multiple areas of the medical marijuana, industrial hemp and cannabinoid science industries. Pursuant to the letter agreement, the Uruguay "SA" company, an arm... read more
GBHPF Global Hemp Group Inc.
Industrial Hemp Suppliers of high quality sustainable raw materials derived from the hemp plant. With products that will be recognized as leading global brands, it will operate in the automotive, building materials, biocomposites, energy-related markets, food,... read more
GLCO Global Links Corp.
Information Systems is dedicated to the pursuit of awareness, expansion, and the sale of hemp and medical marijuana products and services, and we strive everyday to serve the public and our shareholders. read more | Related: HEMP Hemp, Inc.
GDSM Gold Coast Mining Corp.
Acquisitions, Payment Processing, Websites Developing services/products to meet some of the industry’s needs. With the successful launch of MJ-Xchange, followed by MJ-Merchant, the Company is now in a position benefit financially. Additionally, GDSM has other products that are near completion and... read more
GRCU Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc.
Exploring additional opportunities to expand its services and operations within the hemp and cannabis industry, particularly, in the field of agriculture. "We are exploring the possibility of being able to supply raw materials for our current and... read more
GHIL Green and Hill Industries, Inc.
Cannabis, Intellectual Property Ross' Gold has effected a reverse take-over of Green and Hill Industries. The Company decided to enter the medical marijuana industry in January 2013 under the name Ross' Gold™ using the celebrity of Olympic Gold winner Ross Rebagliati as a... read more
GSW.V Green Swan Capital Corp.
Fertilizers, Funding, Hemp Plastic, Security, Software, Strains, Training Focus on Hemp and Marijuana worldwide. Invest in infrastructure, not growers. Invest in revenue-producing public companies. Diversify by country, industry, segment. Trying to become the leading investment vehicle for the average investor to reach the... read more
GTSO Green Technology Solutions, Inc.
Will explore the creation of a cannabis subsidiary to develop new business plans to capitalize on the cannabis boom. read more
GRNBF GreenBank Capital Inc.
Growing Corporate finance investment business focusing on investing in Canadian small cap publicly listed companies. GreenBank's subsidiary Canada Marijuana Agricorp intends to be a commercial producer of medical marijuana, and GreenBank's subsidiary... read more
LKEN Greene Concepts, Inc.
Business Guidance, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Hemp Consumer Goods, Industrial Hemp, Information Systems The Hemp Exchange is designed to operate as an online destination for hemp-related products and services, as well as a "meeting" point for participants throughout the hemp industry. The Hemp Exchange will facilitate connections among hemp... read more | Related: HEMP Hemp, Inc.
GRNH GreenGro Technologies, Inc.
Business Guidance, Dispensaries Provides design, construction and maintenance services to large grow and cultivation operations and collectives in the medical and recreational marijuana sectors. Designs, manufactures, and markets green eco-friendly vertical cultivation systems in the... read more
GRSU Greenhouse Solutions Inc.
Innovating cannabis supply chain technology. Greenhouse Solutions is an all-inclusive solution to the expansion and efficiency of hydroponic and agricultural businesses nationwide. The industrial farming industry has reached a new era where the... read more
BUCS GreenLeaf 101, Inc.
Websites Creating a professional mobile-platform of information through education and technical tactics as an extension for regulatory bodies to provide assistance in shaping controls in the emerging Medical Marijuana sector. read more
GRPX GreenPlex Services Inc
Financing, Gowing Facilities Build-to-suit cannabis growing facilities. Our experienced team of design engineers, actual growers, affiliated licensed construction companies, specialty licensed subcontractors and outsides consultants can design and manage, on a competitively-priced... read more
MJLB Greenscape Laboratories Inc
Testing Family of labs provides fast, accurate and dependable testing for a variety of substances with industry leading testing equipment and practices. We are constantly expanding our network of labs and infrastructure while simultaneously investing in... read more
GERS GreenShift Corporation
GreenShift Corporation develops and commercializes clean technologies designed to address the financial and environmental needs of GreenShift's clients by decreasing raw material needs, facilitating co-product reuse, and reducing the generation of... read more
GBLX GrowBlox Sciences, Inc.
Dispensaries, Growing, Growing Equipment, Proprietary Strains Research and biotechnical development company setting the gold standard for manufacturing medical cannabis producing technology, as well as discovering, developing, and commercializing proprietary strains of cannabis to treat a broad range of serious... read more | Related: STBV Strategic Global Investments, DCDC Tumbleweed Holdings Inc, PHOT Growlife Inc
Pre-IPO GrowCo, Inc.
GrowCo, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Two Rivers Water & Farming (TURV) that provides greenhouses and processing facilities for licensed marijuana growers in Colorado. Two Rivers is building a new water paradigm for the arid regions of the... read more | Related: TURV Two Rivers Water & Farming Company
PHOT Growlife Inc
Growing Equipment, Industry Media Makes and markets high end, progressive horticulture and lifestyle products for the blossoming marijuana industry read more | Related: STBV Strategic Global Investments, DIGP DigiPath Inc, GBLX GrowBlox Sciences, Inc., DCDC Tumbleweed Holdings Inc
GTLA GT Legend Automotive Holdings, Inc.
Not Cannabis or Hemp Related - No Longer partners with read more
GWPH GW Pharmaceuticals PLC
CBD, Pharmaceuticals, Scientific Research Occupies a world leading position in cannabinoid science (Sativex) and has developed an extensive international network of the most prominent scientists in the field read more | Related: IPSEY Ipsen S.A.
HFBG Hall Of Fame Beverages, Inc.
Beverages In negotiations with several suppliers to manufacture and distribute a new THC-based beverage in those states where the sale of such products is permitted. Over the course of the next three months, Hall of Fame will be positioning itself to reenter its... read more
HESG Health Sciences Group Inc
Information Systems In talks to acquire a California-based cannabis dispensary to further expand its products and services and utilizing this facility as a stepping stone to develop its first medical marijuana healthcare mobile apps. read more
HNSS Healthnostics, Inc.
Information Systems Medical marijuana and recreational cannabis consumer website focused on product information, dispensary locator and resources. read more
HEMP Hemp, Inc.
Business Guidance, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Industrial Hemp, Information Systems Focuses on supplying services, products, and information related to the medical marijuana industry or to those who have an affinity for the medical marijuana industry. The company is designing a Website to offer news, issues, entertainment, and education... read more | Related: HERB YaSheng Group, LKEN Greene Concepts, Inc., VSYM View Systems, Inc., DEWM Dewmar International Inc., REVI Resource Ventures, Inc., LIBE Liberated Energy, Inc., STBV Strategic Global Investments, NSCT Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corp, PPJE PPJ Enterprise, HIMR Hollund Industrial Marine, Inc., WBXU Webxu Inc, GLCO Global Links Corp.
IFN.V Herbal Clone Bank Canada Inc.
The Herbal Clone Bank Inc. (THC Bank), will provide a full range of services to Licensed Producers (LPs) in the Medical Marihuana sector, with the goal of enhancing profit margins and the LP’s bottom line. Specific services provided include propagation,... read more
HMKTF Highmark Marketing Inc.
Has entered into a share exchange agreement under which it will acquire 100 percent of BCBUD Producers Inc.’s authorized share capital. It has also entered into a consulting agreement with Bill Marshall, president of BCBUD. BCBUD has prepared an... read more
HIRU Hiru Corporation
Exploring Only Evidence Is Website Logo read more
HIMR Hollund Industrial Marine, Inc.
Industrial Hemp, Organic Growers Cultivating organic hemp in aquaponic systems applying new aquaculture and biodynamic farming practices. read more | Related: HEMP Hemp, Inc.
HMTF Home Treasure Finders, Inc.
Real Estate Real estate acquisition, rehabilitation, and leasing firm that provides services to an expanding segment of the Colorado commercial real estate market. Our primary focus is acquiring large free standing buildings, land parcels, and greenhouses. We also... read more | Related: RSWN Rosewind Corp
HSCC Homeland Security Corporation
Legal Compliance And Protection, Security, Seed To Sale Tracking Planning a complete Seed-2-Sale MJ solutions with its Alliance members. "Designing and providing complete compliance and security solutions for... marijuana retail stores." "Currently working with several MMJ/MJ facilities in CO, CA and WA... read more
HPNN Hop-on, Inc.
CBD, ECigs USAcig, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hop-on, is shipping market ready hardware for its industrial hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) oil for distribution in the State of Colorado. USAcig has completed development and testing, and entered mass production of... read more | Related: CNAB United Cannabis Corporation
ICNM Icon Media Holdings, Inc.
Company Strives to Become Most Powerful Online Retailer in Medical/Adult Space -- View Portfolio at - ICNM's portfolio of websites will be employed by ICNM and others to sell marijuana-related equipment and services, as well as... read more
ICNV Icon Vapor, Inc.
Icon Vapor engages in the manufacture and distribution of electronic cigarettes. The company offers disposable and starter kits e-cigarettes as well as cartomizers in tobacco and menthol flavors branded under the ICON Vapor Products line - previously... read more
ICNB Iconic Brands Inc.
Brand Development, Education Develops, markets, and distributes high-quality branded alcoholic beverages. Acquisition Candidate The Marijuana Business Academy. The MMJ Business Academy helps start-ups, investors and current owners navigate the legal web of regulations and take... read more
IDGC ID Global Corporation
First, through an exclusive licensing agreement, IDGC has aligned, with a US based company that is building a brand of products to include, but are not limited to, coffee, CBD based energy drinks, CBD based chewing gum and other products. We are the... read more
ICBU IMD Companies, Inc.
Information Systems Creating a trusted resource for the Marijuana consumer. Incorporating an instant deal component for marijuana product consumers and a peer-to-peer rating system to evaluate products and vendors featured on our platform.. They want to do for the marijuana... read more | Related: EXMT Anything Technologies Media, Inc.
IMT Imperial Tobacco Group PLC
mperial will also acquire the e-cigarette business currently owned by Lorillard, which consists of blu, the number one brand of e-cigarette in the US market in measured retail distribution with a reported 45%5 value share of the market at retail. In the... read more
IGC India Globalization Capital, Inc.
Intellectual Property, Partnerships Variety of strategies including building a portfolio of intellectual property that could eventually be applied to what could become a large viable market. The initial strategy includes developing partnerships with companies in Canada and India in an... read more
UPOT Indie Growers Association Inc.
Greenhouses, Inventory Tracking, Legal Compliance, Security, Strains, Training State Licensing*Green House Construction *Clandestine Farming * Grower Training * Inventory Tracking Software *Armed Security *Multiple Strain Bank * CAD read more
NRTI Inergetics, Inc.
Nutraceuticals And Supplements Proprietary line of cannabidiol (CBD)-based nutritional supplements under development in partnership with Terra Tech Corp (TRTC). Expected to be distributed via medicinal marijuana dispensaries read more | Related: TRTC Terra Tech Corp
INFX Infinex Venutres, Inc.
Specializes in the funding of companies in the burgeoning Medical and Recreational Marijuana Industries. The company works with both conventional and non-traditional loans as well as private equity and possible public offerings. "...we can provide... read more
IFN.V Infinity Minerals Corp.
Greenhouses, Growing, MMPR, Strains
EVPH Innovative Holdings, Inc
Growing Equipment
INSY Insys Therapeutics, Inc.
Dronabinol synthetic cannabinoid. Specialty pharmaceutical company that is developing and commercializing innovative drugs and novel drug delivery systems. Committed to Cannabinoid research and has an advanced manufacturing facility approved by FDA and... read more
IGPK Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc.
Legal Compliance Providing regulatory assistance to new and existing legal cannabis businesses that are trying to navigate their way through this heavily regulated industry. Offers services geared toward reducing the risk, cost and complexity for responsible cannabis... read more
IGXT IntelGenx Technologies Corp.
Patent: US Provisional Appl. Attorney Docket INT34 P-310 - Cannabinoid Complexes: Formulation And Method of Preparation of gamma- cyclodextrin complexes containing CBD – July 2007. IntelGenx, through its cutting edge formulation platforms, has developed... read more
IHSI Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc.
Successful test of its 100 Watt cannabis lighting solution. The light operated with an approximate 80% reduction in energy consumption while running at a temperature of approximately 80 degrees (benefits are less operating cost and acceptable temperature... read more
ILIV Intelligent Living Inc.
CBD-based consumer products and business-to-business ("B2B") solutions for the cannabis industry. Intelligent Living Inc.'s Health and Beyond nutraceutical division has developed and began selling a cannabinoid-based pain relief topical... read more
IGRW Interactive Health Network
Acquisitions, Cosmetics, ECigs, Edibles, Exploring, Nutraceuticals, Software, Vaporizers, Websites Holdings company that manufactures, markets and sells high quality lifestyle products and nutraceuticals; including its wholly owned subsidiary, Cannabis Health Group, which focuses on the medical marijuana and hemp market space. We plan on extending and... read more
INAR InternetArray Inc.
Information Systems Joint venture with Health Sciences Group (OTCPink: HESG) to develop Social Media/Mobile Apps for the Medical Marijuana industry. read more
IPSEY Ipsen S.A.
Pharmaceuticals Distributing Sativex(R) in Latin America read more | Related: GWPH GW Pharmaceuticals PLC
TNK.V Iron Tank Resources Corp.
Continues to evaluate business opportunities, including the potential application for a medical marijuana license and facility. Formerly Mountain Gold Resources Ltd. read more
ITNS Itonis, Inc.
Payment Processing Entered into a Letter of Intent with MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC) to acquire a software license for MyECheck's patented mobile payment app that will facilitate point of purchase transactions for medical marijuana, gambling, and general retail sales... read more | Related: MYEC MyECheck, Inc.
JAMN Jammin Java Corp
Focuses on providing premium roasted coffee on a wholesale level to the service, hospitality, office coffee service, and big box store market in the United States. It intends to produce coffee on the leased farmland in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. read more
JAMN Jammin Java Corp
Focuses on providing premium roasted coffee on a wholesale level to the service, hospitality, office coffee service, and big box store market in the United States. It intends to produce coffee on the leased farmland in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. read more
JSDA Jones Soda Co.
Beverages Small beverage company that makes several lines of soda. The company creates beverages that are considered more healthy and they use natural ingredients like pure cane sugar. Hemp Beverages & possibly more (due to prior CFO now being a part of... read more
JOR.V Jourdan Resources Inc.
Fertilizer Exploration program related to the sampling, exploitation, and exploration of phosphate rock, and transportation of mineral product from same, to testing labs for evaluation and suitability for fertilizer, particularly as it relates to growing marijuana... read more
KNSC Kenergy Scientific Inc.
Management, Websites Marijuana portal StonedPilots.Com. Stoned Pilots is being built as a portal for the marijuana industry that will offer vertical growth and chain management supply methodology through technology primarily via smart phone, tablets and other mobile devices... read more
KGET Kleangas Energy Technologies, Inc.
Hemp Biofuel, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, marketing and distribution of our exclusive new Pelletbrand HEMP-PEL(TM). "Hemp exceeded all of them (paper, cardboard, corn), even wood, in BTU value. Additionally hemp was the only base substrate that did not receive aBTU 'kick... read more
SGTB Kuboo, Inc.
Domain Names Planned acquisition of approximately 7,000 marijuana/cannabis/hemp domains. read more | Related: NCAP Northsight Capital, Inc.
LATF Latteno Food Corp.
Food And Drinks Selling cannabis-laced edibles and cannabis butter to dispensaries. Operating a CA dispensary (Green Cannabis Collective Inc.) to facilitate medical marijuana cultivation and transactions. read more
LWSP Legacy Platinum Group Inc
ECigs, Vaporizers Licensing rights to manufacture and market the entire Wee-Cig e-cigarette and vaporizer product line read more
LGBS Legends Business Group, Inc.
In open discussions with Cannabis Companies that are in the Medical Marijuana field. read more
LXRP Lexaria Corp.
Intending to become vertically integrated international marijuana company & North American producer of legal marijuana. Joint Venture with Enertopia Corp. to close on larger marijuana projects. Trying to acquire more than one license to produce... read more | Related: ENRT Enertopia Corp.
LIBE Liberated Energy, Inc.
Security Alternative energy products including the Guard Lite™ Security Lighting System for the medical marijuana sector being marketed and distributed with the help of Hemp, Inc. read more | Related: HEMP Hemp, Inc.
LCTC Lifeloc Technologies, Inc.
Drug Tests Drunk Busters Cannabis Goggles simulate heavy impairment from being under the influence of THC. Marijuana Goggles™,THC Goggles™, Marijuana Discover™ rapid detection dip cards provide affordable, reliable drug screening of urine. manufacturer of... read more
LVGI Limitless Venture Group Inc.
Hemp Supplements Hemp based health products called The HempCore™ Health Series. This will be a series of four products all based around the health benefits derived from the use of HEMP as the main ingredient. One product will be aimed as heart health and cholesterol... read more
LVVV Livewire Ergogenics Inc
The first company to market a full-flavored, soft ‘energy boost’ chew packed with both B vitamins and up to 120 mg of time-released caffeine. Designed for consumers with an action-packed lifestyle, LiveWire Energy chews are not gum, but pocket-sized,... read more
LO Lorillard Inc
E-cigarettes + more read more
MDEX Madison Explorations Inc.
Smokeless Cannabinoids Cannabinoid Smokeless Technology "CannaStrips" The results of those efforts encompass four smokeless cannabinoid delivery technologies, oral strips, vapor oils, mist spray and droplets. The Company intends to license the technology to companies... read more
MPEFF Maple Leaf Green World Inc.
Growers, MMPR, Pharmaceuticals The various greenhouses have a number of features which lend themselves naturally to maximizing cultivation of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) rich strains, from per-greenhouse environmental computer controls and an entire acre of... read more
AVOP Marijuana Incubator Group, Inc.
Exploring Established to identify, secure, and monetize emerging cannabis related businesses positioned for exponential growth. We are purposed to discover inspired entrepreneurs with revolutionary concepts which can make a substantial footprint in this market... read more
MJMJ The MaryJane Group, Inc.
Advertising, Funding, Media Provides Colorado-based businesses with marketing, advertising and entertainment services geared toward the recreational marijuana user. The MaryJane Group, Inc. operates through its seven wholly-owned subsidiaries; namely, Capital Growth Corporation -... read more
MACR Mascota Resources Corp
Medical Marijuana Signed a letter of intent to acquire Canada Cannabis Corp (CCC), a privately owned Canadian company. The merged entity will focus on entering the Canadian medical marijuana market in the immediate future. read more
39N.F Matica Enterprises Inc.
Exploring a move into medical marijuana with an experienced team of high quality growers and CBD specialists. Entered into a letter of intent with ChroniCare Canada Inc. with the intention of applying for and becoming a licenced producer ("LP... read more
MZRRF Mazorro Resources Inc.
Has already signed a non-binding letter of intent to acquire GrowPros MMP, a medical marijuana consultation and acquisition firm that is pursuing a license as a producer of medical marijuana in Canada under the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations... read more
MCIG mCig Inc.
Paraphenalia Taking the first-mover advantage in affordable stainless steel multi-voltage herb vaporizers. Recently acquired Vapolution which will benefit their platform and technological expertise as well as our relationships in China which have allowed us to bring... read more
MCPI Med-Cannabis Pharma, Inc.
Specializes in creating efficient distribution of medicinal marijuana though vertical integration of production and supply chain components. Specializing in Medical cannabis dispensary management and payment systems, provides shareholder updates... read more
MDBX Medbox Inc
Business Guidance, Dispensaries, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Legal Compliance And Protection, Security Patented systems that dispense medication based on biometric identification (fingerprint sample. Recently acquired patents on pharmaceutical glass-on-glass vaporization technology and touch-screen temperature control for vaporizers. Medbox, through its... read more | Related: MJNE MJ Holdings, Inc., AVTC AVT Inc., CBIS Cannabis Science Inc
MEDT MediaTechnics Corporation
Growing Equipment executed a letter of intent to sell more than $500,000 of LED based grow lights to Evergreen Systems Incorporated ("ESI") and as much as another $500,000, or more, in solar power products over the next twelve months. The parties are currently... read more
INCC Medical Cannabis Holdings, Inc.
Acquisitions, Exploring Focused on acquiring and growing businesses that provide services or technologies that assist the growers and patients in addition to the production and marketing of marijuana for medical use. Emerging technology aggregator focused on new and proprietary... read more
SKTO Medical Greens
Business Guidance, Information Systems, Investment Firms, Payment Processing Licensing, management, and logistic services for Medical Marijuana collectives throughout California. read more | Related: AEGY Alternative Energy Partners
MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc
CBD, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Extracts, Food And Drinks Mission is to be the premier cannabis and hemp industry innovators, leveraging our team of professionals to source, evaluate and purchase value-added companies and products, while allowing them to keep their integrity and entrepreneurial spirit. We... read more | Related: CANV CannaVest
MDCN Medican Enterprises Inc.
Acquisitions, Funding, Growers, Joint Ventures, MMPR, Pharmaceuticals, Science, Strains Bio-pharmaceutical company focused on developing, distributing and marketing pharmaceutical grade cannabis to the emerging global medical marijuana market. It’s wholly owned subsidiary Medican Systems Inc. is an industry leader in the design,... read more | Related: CBDS Cannabis Sativa, Inc.
MFST Medifirst Solutions Inc.
Advisory Boards, Edibles, Magazines, Websites Agreement with “The Original Ganja Gourmet” to offer its award winning brand and edible recipes and non-marijuana products from Colorado to the Florida marketplace as marijuana is legalized. The strategy here, would be to create both a viable non-... read more
MJMD MediJane Holdings Inc.
Intellectual Property, Medical Marijuana, Natural Pharmaceuticals "Focused on building a portfolio of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis products and delivery systems." Obtaining unique, innovative, and efficient delivery of medicinal marijuana to the target treatment area of the patient. Exclusive North... read more
8242.HK Megalogic Technology
Lee Gwai Chung (李桂聰), chief executive officer of Megalogic Technology <08242.HK>, said that the company has obtained a patent for an atomizer used for e-cigarette and there are still two patents under examinations, which he was confident they will... read more
MGON Megola, Inc.
Funding, Growing Equipment Expertise and technologies in air and water filtration. Green Relief has entered into a Letter of Intent with Health Canada to launch a massive Canadian operation based on Megola's cutting edge technologies that will significantly reduce operating... read more
MNTR Mentor Capital, Inc.
Industry Media, Information Systems, Investment Firms Media products, marijuana investment publications, cannabis industry financial research studies, publishing an online business magazine, and releasing its searchable national directory of all private and public cannabis and marijuana – related companies... read more
MRK Merck & Co., Inc.
Cannabinoid receptor agonists - United States Patent 5605906 - Disclosed are novel cannabinoid (CB2) receptor agonists, their compositions, and the methods of their preparation. The compounds are useful for lowering ocular intra ocular pressure, treating... read more
MERR Merriman Holdings, Inc.
CannLabs, Inc. (CANL) Selects Merriman Capital as Capital Markets Advisor. Merriman will provide CannLabs` management team with advice on strategies to grow the Company`s long term institutional shareholder base. Merriman Capital Markets Advisory Group... read more
Pre-IPO Mettrum Ltd.
Toronto-based Mettrum, is expected to be valued at about $80-million when it lists in about a month, according to two sources familiar with the matter. read more
MJNE MJ Holdings, Inc.
Real Estate Acquisition, Real Estate Development, Turn-Key Operations Acquires and leases real estate to licensed marijuana operators, including but not limited to providing complete turnkey growing space and related facilities to licensed marijuana growers and dispensary owners. Additionally, MJ Holdings plans to explore... read more | Related: MDBX Medbox Inc
MLCG ML Capital Group, Inc.
Information Systems, Patient Recommendations Developing Social Media/Mobile Apps for the Medical Marijuana industry to enable prescribed patients much needed information to make a better decision on whether or not cannabis is an appropriate treatment option, and access to local resources. read more
MMRF MMR Global, Inc.
Medical Records Provides secure, easy-to-use multilingual Personal Health Records (PHRs) and electronic safe deposit box storage solutions, serving consumers, healthcare professionals, employers, insurance companies, financial institutions, professional organizations... read more
MDRM Modern Mobility Aids, Inc.
Will strive to be a premier company in the cannabis domain, under the principle that "the most effective and beneficial way of using medical marijuana is by consumption in its natural plant form."... read more
MON Monsanto Company
TQLA Montalvo Spirits, Inc.
Acquisitions, Beverages Acquisition Stage. Cannabis Beverage Group, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Montalvo Spirits, Inc., is a newly-formed Colorado corporation which is exploring entry into the cannabis-based beverage industry. CBG will pursue the development, marketing,... read more
MYHI Mountain High Acquisitions Corp.
Focusing upon the acquisition and development of commercial properties to be leased and utilized by the marijuana industry. Mountain High's current portfolio includes three Colorado properties zoned for commercial marijuana cultivation: Isabelle,... read more
“rollout of new e-cigarette and vapor products more than offset the decline in cigarettes," Clyde said.”... read more
MYEC MyECheck, Inc.
Banking Electronic payment and banking solution for the legal marijuana industry that is safe, legal and fully compliant with Federal and State laws. read more | Related: ITNS Itonis, Inc.
MYRY Myriad Interactive Media, Inc
Apps, Digital Currencies, Exploring Global interactive media and development company. Myriad designs and develops customized marketing plans, social media marketing campaigns, pay per click, and search engine marketing. Our company also develops in house web & mobile applications. read more
ENTI National Properties Trust
National is a unit of First Hudson Trust of New York ("First Hudson") and Electronic Merchant Systems Rochester, Inc. ("EMSR"). National is a company affiliated with other companies in the Hudson and Grande fund complex and is not a... read more
NSP.V Naturally Splendid Enterprises
Food And Drinks, Hemp Hemp-based superfood products carried nationwide by Canada's leading health food distributors, major retail stores and specialty stores across Canada... read more
NKTR Nektar Therapeutics
Pharmaceuticals Dronabinol which is the active ingredient used in Marinol read more
NSAV Net Savings Link, Inc.
Has completed the acquisition of Global Distribution, Inc. Global Distribution is a distribution company that specializes in the distribution of health products to retail stores. Some of the types of products that the company distributes are supplements... read more
NTRR Neutra Corporation
Distribution And Transaction Processing, Extracts, Pharmaceuticals, Scientific Research Seeking partnerships to spearhead new cannabis remedy innovations & bringing these remedies to the global market read more
OCEE Nevis Capital Corp
Exploring Looking to expand into other fields including the cannabis and liquor industries. Nevis Capital Corporation expects to meet with numerous cannabis companies to finish a screening process for prospective investments which began last week. The decision to... read more
NEWC New Colombia Resources, Inc.
Pharmaceuticals In discussions with their pharmaceutical partner in Colombia to enter to an innovation program offered by the City of Medellín. New Colombia Resources' Medellin based pharmaceutical partner, Farmatech S.A., is meeting with Ruta N to establish the... read more | Related: CBIS Cannabis Science Inc
NXTTF Next Gen Metals Inc.
Investment Firms Researching investment opportunities in the following industries within the Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp space: health, agri-business, food, legal grow-ops, technology, client generation, education, public awareness, specialty medical devices... read more
NGMC Next Generation Management Corp.
Dispensaries, Funding "...Dispensary Manage System (DMS), which we have spent a great deal of time and effort planning. This includes a full suite of cannabis management software that provides seed to sale inventory control, point of sale and financial reporting. Our... read more
NHLE Nhale Inc.
Emerging provider of e-cig and vaporizer technology, announces its president and CEO Lance Williams is attending the First Annual Cannabis Investor Conference in Denver, Colorado. The company’s soon to be announced product launch is part of its plan to... read more
NLPXF Noble Mineral Exploration Inc
Deals, Websites Signed a non-binding Letter of Intent whereby its wholly owned subsidiary ("Noble Subsidiary"), would acquire a 50% interest in Canna-Saver.LLC ("Canna-Saver"), with a right to acquire the remaining 50% interest upon completion of... read more
NCAP Northsight Capital, Inc.
Domain Names Planned acquisition of approximately 7,000 marijuana/cannabis/hemp domains. read more | Related: SGTB Kuboo, Inc.
MDIN NorthStar Global Business Services, Inc.
Producing a spray containing THC using its patented oral spray delivery system, and existing proprietary formulas. Working with several firms already in the business, in order to manufacture and deliver the product in several legal jurisdictions. read more
NVGT Novagant Corp.
Novagant prides itself as an innovative, diverse company in the development and sale of equipment to enhance and benefit the growing medical cannabis. The Alkanna light highlights the Company’s innovation by using LED lights in an indoor grow light (that... read more
NDEV Novus Acquisition & Development Corp.
Grow Facility Leases, Intellectual Property, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate Acquisitions, Real Estate Development, Seed To Sale Tracking Providing turnkey operations through methods of acquiring real property, equipment, Healthcare market positioning, Research and Development in Pharma (cannabis compounding) and Intellectual Property then lease back to the cultivators, dispensaries along... read more
NRBT Novus Robotics Inc
Fertilizers Engaged in the business of developing Dry-bar cave bat guano from deposits in Angola/Mozambique as an organic fertilizer for use in organic farming. read more
NWPN Now Corporation
Joint Ventures, Power Systems Plans to commercialize its unique wind technology by providing power to the rapidly growing cannabis industry, which is facing a growing demand for increasingly more expensive power (especially in urban centers) that can cut into profit margins... read more
NVLX Nuvilex Inc.
Pharmaceuticals Medical Marijuana Sciences (MMS) (wholly-owned subsidiary) seeks to develop novel, sustainable, and uniquely safe treatments (ex. live-cell encapsulation) for serious and deadly diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and others. read more
OCFN Omega Commercial Finance Corp.
Websites Plans to launch an alternative finance division solely focused on the international and domestic legalized cannabis medical marijuana market through a separate web portal called Cannabis MatchPoint ( The financial web portal... read more
OME.BR Omega Pharmaceuitcals
Exclusively distributor of Medicinal Cannabis in all pharmacies in the Netherlands as from September 1, 2003 onwards. read more
ENDO OmniCanna Health Solutions, Inc.
Cannabis And Hemp, Cosmeceuticals, Extracts, Food And Drinks Cannabinoid-based cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals to help patients with minor to life threatening ailments. Plans for full global expansion and franchising opportunities. read more | Related: CBIS Cannabis Science Inc
OSUR OraSure Technologies
OGRMF OrganiGram Inc
Set to go public on Monday. Received its license in March, began production later in the month and will start shipping the product next week. It has more than 1,000 patients on the waiting list to receive the drug. Aside from its advantageous location... read more
ORGT Organitech Usa
Growing Equipment Delisted read more
OSLH OSL Holdings Inc.
, Dispensaries Contracted with one of the oldest legal medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Forming a subsidiary to create production facilities in states that presently have legal medical marijuana dispensaries and also position itself to accommodate the... read more
GFRCF Pan American Fertilizer Corp.
Fertilizer "...opportunity to be the preferred supplier of specialty fertilizers specifically tailored for various cultivars of medical marijuana" Randy Wright explained. We will work with the best scientists in Canada and Uruguay together with marijuana... read more
PAUFF Papuan Precious Metals Corp.
Dispensaries Signed a binding Letter Agreement to finance the acquisition of a Medical Marijuana dispensary (the "Dispensary") in the state of Colorado. The acquisition is an arm's length transaction and the consideration for the acquisition is all... read more | Related: FCUUF Fission Uranium
PZOO Pazoo, Inc.
Lab Testing Medical Marijuana Testing Laboratory in the State of Nevada read more
PBHG PBS Holding, Inc
Marijuana enhanced products focused on medicinal and lifestyles’ products. read more | Related: TDEY 3D Eye Solutions, Inc.
PTOG Petrotech Oil & Gas Inc
Specialized in managing the growers of legalized Marijuana and Hemp. "This management group is the first of its kind, we have three growers in Colorado and Two in Washington, that will be our first clients, We at have a pot management... read more
Pre-IPO PharmaCan Capital
Was most recently valued at about $50-million and is also likely to go public soon. read more
PARS Pharmos Corporation
Pharmaceuticals Dexanabinol, a non-psychotropic synthetic analog of marijuana, in the treatment of severe head trauma patients. read more
PM Phillip Morris International Incorporation
Have a practice of not commenting or speculating on future business. read more
PLPL Plandai Biotechnology, Inc.
CBD, Extracts, THC Developing and testing a new phyto cannabinoid extract for for industries including health, wellness, nutriceutical, and pharmaceutical. read more
PNTV Players Network
Websites Players Network Acquires Premium Domain for New Marijuana Lifestyle Channel. The goal of Weed TV is to be the go to source for reliable information, entertainment, products and services for people who relate to the marijuana lifestyle and... read more
PMXO PMX Communities, Inc.
Helping to implement a strategic plan for the deployment of LXIV Marijuana terminals into Colorado, read more
PIHN Polaris International Holdings, Inc.
Medical Marijuana, Natural Pharmaceuticals, THC High quality pharmaceutical grade THC oils. The ProCannas® line is unique due to the blend of cannabinoids, vitamins, antioxidants, and other proven ingredients to be used for medicinal purposes. The full ProCannas® Line will include liquid drops for... read more
PPJE PPJ Enterprise
Hemp, Inc. Partner. The goal of PPJ Enterprise is “To enable busy physicians to streamline their insurance billing process so that they can focus more of their energy into enhanced patient care." Strategic Consulting Agreement with The Industrial... read more | Related: HEMP Hemp, Inc.
BRND Premier Brands Inc.
Beverages, Cosmeceuticals, Joint Ventures, Nutraceuticals Creating, acquiring and marketing consumer packaged goods and new product development. Medical Marijuana consumer packaged goods and services include nutraceuticals, beverages and personal care. Joint ventures include partnering with other companies to... read more
PMRS Premier Mortgage Resources, Inc.
CBD, Hemp, Medical Marijuana, Natural Pharmaceuticals, THC Releasing a product line consisting of products containing hemp, medical marijuana, and many natural substances as alternatives to prescription drugs. Plans to release these products both online, and through brick and mortar retail distribution and... read more
PMRS Premier Mortgage Resources, Inc.
CBD, Hemp, Medical Marijuana, Natural Pharmaceuticals, THC Releasing a product line consisting of products containing hemp, medical marijuana, and many natural substances as alternatives to prescription drugs. Plans to release these products both online, and through brick and mortar retail distribution and... read more
PSNTF Prescient Mining Corp.
Signed an exclusive agreement to acquire an unnamed target company in the final stages of securing a license to produce marijuana for medical purposes under the new MMPR regulations. “One of our key differentiators for PMC is that the target company has... read more
PMCM Primco Management Inc.
Acquiring properties which will be leased to manufacturers and retailers of medical marijuana. read more
PRDL Profitable Developments, Inc., will serve as our new platform for the company's expansion into the Medical Marijuana industry. The ultimate purpose of the website is to link the MMJ industry with suitable real estate deals, offering the industry a place to seek out... read more
PXRFF Prominex Resource Corp.
Exploring Intends to evaluate opportunities and new projects in the Hemp and Medical Marijuana industries within Canada. The company intends to pursue all opportunities that may increase shareholder value in the new and exciting field of medical marijuana use and... read more
PRPM ProTek Capital, Inc.
Growing Equipment, Information Systems, Investment Firms, Legal Compliance And Protection "One Stop Solution" for Cannabis Growers. Designing a "prefabricated" grow room concept that will fit various size growing operations. This concept will cover the construction of the Grow facility, tracking of plants, and training of... read more | Related: TDEY 3D Eye Solutions, Inc.
PRTL.TA Proteologics Ltd.
Invested $125,000 in BreedIT Corporation (BRDT) at $0.06 per share. The share price of BreedIT, founded by chairman Itschak Shrem, has since risen 900%. Earlier this week, it signed a strategic partnership with an experienced Israeli medicinal cannabis... read more
PUGE Puget Technologies Inc
Extracts, Pharmaceuticals Creating a cannabis (marijuana) derived medicinal product line read more
PMBS PuraMed BioScience, Inc.
CBD, Medical Marijuana, Natural Pharmaceuticals, Scientific Research Exploring the development of cannabinoid and hemp-based formulations to expand its natural and homeopathic product line. Intends to develop and manufacture hemp and THC-free formulations. PuraMed BioScience has been investigating this market for nearly... read more
QEDN QED Connect, Inc.
Growers Wholly owned subsidiary Emerald Med Farms LLC is committed to be a leading provider of top quality cannabis plants and will be investing in the development of new and improved strains. read more
QASP Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc.
Exploring, Grow Equipment Plans on being a service provider in the Legal and Medical Marijuana Industry. Completed a deal with a Colorado hydroponic and scientific grow supply store. read more
RNBI Rainbow International Corp.
Purpose is to capitalize on the re-emergence of the commercial production of hemp, by growing hemp in greenhouses and on acreage, then formulate, package and distribute its own unique line of hemp-based products. The Company employs a ‘seed to shelf’ set... read more
RAMO Ramoil Management, Ltd
Online wholesaler of E-cigarettes containing nutraceutical vapor oils, E-cigarette delivery systems and hydroponic lighting and nutrients. RAMO Bio-Med, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ramoil Management, Ltd. (RAMO) and is a development stage... read more
RFMK Rapid Fire Marketing Inc
Business Guidance, Paraphenalia Holding Company for several businesses. The core business in Rapid Fire Marketing is the Vapor Inhaler. The Vapor Inhaler is the base technology for the CANNAcig and follow on products. At this time, follow on products include the Pocket Puffer, and the... read more
Pre-IPO Re-Medical, Inc
Provides a topical patch that uses some aspects related to the regulated cannabis industry. Possible hpnn subsidiary spinoff read more
REFG Refill Energy, Inc.
Payment Processing To provide end-to-end management, across multiple management systems, for medicinal marijuana operations. Many medicinal marijuana companies have experienced such rapid growth that they are finding it difficult to manage all aspects of their operation... read more
SNSFF Remo CannaBrands Inc.
Gold Finder Explorations Ltd. Entered into an interim agreement effective June 20, 2014, to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Remo CannaBrands Inc. (RC), an arm's-length, private, British Columbia organization. RC is engaged in the... read more
REVI Resource Ventures, Inc.
"The Hemp Nation Magazine," which is a joint venture between (PINKSHEETS: REVI) and (PINKSHEETS: HEMP). Resources Printing & Graphics is a "Total Graphics" company with its roots in offset printing & direct mail. Our clients... read more | Related: HEMP Hemp, Inc.
RAI Reynolds American Inc
"No plans to produce or market marijuana products in either of those states"... read more
RSWN Rosewind Corp
Genetics, Strains HMTF Cannabis Holdings has begun negotiations for a strategic alliance with affiliate Rosewind Corporation, OTCQB RSWN. "We envision entering a Joint Venture, funded by Rosewind, to research Cannabis genetics using the tools of synthetic biology... read more | Related: HMTF Home Treasure Finders, Inc.
ROSV Rostock Ventures Corp.
Information Systems Evaluating and contemplating service agreements and other opportunities within this dynamic sector. search engine will be a cannabis information resource that connects consumers with vendors or likeminded individuals. iWeedz will streamline... read more
SAVW Savwatt USA Inc.
Growing Equipment
SRER SearchCore Inc
Sold WeedMaps to an undisclosed buyer. read more
CSE.SOM Seashore Organic Marijuana
Seashore Organic Marijuana is an emerging producer and distributor of medical marijuana that has applied to Health Canada (HC) for a medical marijuana production and distribution license under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (the “MMPR“)... read more
SRS Shamrock Enterprises Inc.
Exploring, Nutraceuticals Dr. Paul Hornby was appointed as an Advisor in order to assist the Company with the evaluation of agricultural, nutraceutical and medical marijuana opportunities. Dr. Hornby is currently researching a line of topically (skin) applied cannabis products,... read more
SING Singlepoint, Inc.
Payment Processing Enhancing existing and design new mobile payment software applications for the rapidly growing legalized cannabis industry and retailers otherwise, nationwide. read more
SIPC Sipp Industries, Inc.
Uknown, but their website has a lot about it read more
SMVR Smart Ventures, Inc.
Business Guidance, Financing, Investment Firms, Joint Ventures, Vending Machines Strategic acquisitions and investments. Marijuana vending dispensaries, kiosk payment solutions and strategic investment partner a diversified range of cannabis related businesses. Joint venture agreement with Mobile Vending, Inc. a California vending... read more
SFIO Smokefree Innotec Inc
Paraphenalia Designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing hi-tech, nicotine and non-nicotine cigarette-like delivery devices which are completely smoke and vapor-free and tobacco-free. read more | Related: CBIS Cannabis Science Inc
SLNX Solanbridge Group, Inc.
Growers Diversified holding company looking to expand into the medical marijuana industry by developing a commercial grower's license in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada and developing CBD-infused products in Nevada, California, and Colorado... read more
SNRY Solar Energy Initiatives
Power Systems Designs, Develops, Installs and Maintains Solar Power Systems at Medical Cannabis Indoor/Outdoor Grow Facilities read more
JOBI Soleil Capital L.P.
ECigs, Patents, Vaporizers Technology holding company, whose assets include issued U.S. and Chinese patents for atomization related products including technology formedical marijuana vaporizers and electronic cigarette products and components. (patent 8,205,622) Electronic... read more
SITS Southern ITS International, Inc.
Security Monitoring 5 Marijuana manufacturing locations in Colorado State through a new partnership with Best Products & Service Company LLC, a Colorado Based security/surveillance provider. SITS expertise in High Definition surveillance systems is allowing... read more
SRJ.V Spearmint Resources Inc.
Payment Processing Signed a letter of intent ("LOI") to acquire a 50-per-cent interest in a payment processing technology for use in the retail marijuana industry. The technology under development includes a multi-user electronic wallet application for mobile... read more
Pre-IPO Stag Vapor
Vaporizers Mission is simple, to provide the highest quality luxury vaporizers and customer service that is second to none. read more
STEV Stevia Corp.
Industrial Hemp Farm management company focused on the economic development of products that support healthy lifestyle. Plans to participate in the successful growth of the hemp industry and particularly hemp seeds, oils and related products which are growing in... read more
STBV Strategic Global Investments
Information Systems Building a comprehensive, multi-channel media network for the marijuana industry in collaboration with Growlife, Inc. - GrowLife Studios read more | Related: PHOT Growlife Inc, GBLX GrowBlox Sciences, Inc., DCDC Tumbleweed Holdings Inc, HEMP Hemp, Inc.
SREH Strategic Rare Earth Metals, Inc.
100% focused on the Medical Marijuana field and has received numerous proposals from parties involved in the Cannabis Industry which are currently being reviewed. read more
SPRWF Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Growers Has the option to purchase its producing medical marijuana business for up to twelve months for the sum of $1,000,000, payable in cash and shares, subject to regulatory approval. President and CEO Mr. David Stadnyk states, "We are excited to be able... read more
SRNA Surna Inc.
Growing Equipment, Intellectual Property, Patents Mission is to acquire intellectual property and scalable operating companies in the nascent, legal marijuana industry with a focus on disruptive technology, equipment and related support services. Commercial line of leading-edge cannabis and indoor... read more
UNGS Sylios Corp
Operations will concentrate on the medical and recreational marijuana market in the southeast. read more
TMT-H.V T.M.T. Resources Inc.
The Indoor Grow Industry encompasses traditional greenhouses (vegetables and floriculture), hydroponics, and the rapidly expanding medical marijuana growing operations, stated TMT CEO Scott Ackerman, "Mr. Gummow's deep relationships within the... read more
TMHO Talisman Holdings
Grow Facilities, Joint Ventures Joint Venture Agreement With Accomplished Agricultural Production Company in the Legal Marijuana Field - Targets improvements in production and cultivation of marijuana as one of its first initiatives. Identify areas of improvement in cultivation and to... read more
TAUG Tauriga Sciences Inc
Unique product line of topical cannabis lotions ("cream" or "lotion" or "topical cannabis products") delivers the pain relieving and healing power of cannabis right where its applied and is quickly absorbed through the... read more
TCPS TechnoConcepts Inc.
Domains, Patents Colorado-based wireless technology company currently holding patents and other intellectual property. Cannabis industry supply business read more
TFR.V Terra Firma Resources Inc.
Distribution, Growing, MMPR "Seed-to-sale" business w/ a signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement This development is in line with the Company’s previous announcement on March 19, 2014, that the Company has decided to analyze the medical marijuana and industrial hemp industries... read more
TRTC Terra Tech Corp
, Growing Equipment The company plans on applying for both retail and cultivation permits to obtain vertical integration within the market. In each region, if successful the company intends on building a food production facilities to produce fresh and locally grown herbs... read more | Related: NRTI Inergetics, Inc.
THVDF Thelon Capital Ltd.
Dispensaries, MMPR Cannabinoid Medical Clinic will be the first in a series of clinics in Ontario to provide services to patients under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). The clinical mission is to facilitate safe access to medical marihuana to patients... read more
THXBY Therapix Biosciences Ltd.
A biopharmaceutical Israeli-based company, identifying and accelerating the development of specialty biopharmaceuticals with attractive risk/return profiles. Invested $1.5 million in medical cannabis company LaraPharm Ltd. LaraPharm is developing a... read more
THCZ Totally Hemp Crazy Inc.
Umbrella of Cannabis based products. In various stages of discussions with reputable hemp and medicinal marijuana operations. Plans to offer an extensive selection of cannabis and hemp related products including hemp oils, hemp energy drinks, hemp... read more
THPAF Totally Hip Technologies Inc.
Growing, MMPR Mandate is to capitalize on the emerging market for large scale commercial medical marijuana production in Canada. Actively investigating business opportunities capitalizing on the commercial production of medical marijuana in Canada and the fast growing... read more
TGGI Trans Global Group Inc
Lights LED Lighting - FEDRALED read more | Related: CYBK Cyber Kiosk Solutions, Inc.
DCDC Tumbleweed Holdings Inc
Acquisitions, Consulting, Dispensaries, Growing, Growing Equipment, Legal Compliance, Management, Partnerships Plans to become the trusted brand that empowers patients, growers, and other cannabis community stakeholders with the ability to grow bountiful quantities of medicinal-grade cannabis, transform it into ingestible and topical products, and distribute it... read more | Related: PHOT Growlife Inc, STBV Strategic Global Investments, GBLX GrowBlox Sciences, Inc.
TWMJF Tweed Marijuana Inc
Dispensaries, Growing, MMPR Transforming the former Hershey chocolate factory in Smiths Falls, Ontario, into a state-of-the-art licensed facility for growing and harvesting medical marijuana. licensed to produce 15,000 kg per year, based on its floor space of 160,000 square feet of... read more
TURV Two Rivers Water & Farming Company
Depositing 10,000,000 shares of common stock of GrowCo, Inc. ("GrowCo") with a trust formed for the benefit of holders of Two Rivers’ common stock. GrowCo was recently formed by Two Rivers to provide greenhouses and processing facilities for... read more | Related: GrowCo, Inc.
USEI U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation Inc.
Industrial Hemp, Industry Data Marketing Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp products and services worldwide. Taking advantages of extensive relationships with legal growers, dispensaries, product developers, marketers, patent holders and other professionals in the cannabis industry... read more
UAMM UA Multimedia, Inc., a directory and rating website devoted to the medical marijuana industry. Offers basic listing of clinics, dispensaries and delivery services at no cost until the end of the year. The website allows owners to list their businesses as well as... read more
UBQU Ubiquitech Software Corporation
Information Systems "Platforms that get the message and branding done, and deliver customers for these companies, while operating well within the current legal framework."... read more
TRJTF Umbral Energy Corp
Exploring, Growing, Joint Ventures Acquisition Stage. Current focus is to diversify into the Medical Marijuana space, both as a developer and producer. "We are planning to apply for a license and are currently having discussions with growers and others to secure land and expertise to... read more
UNQT Union Equity Inc.
Exploring Acquisition Stage. Actively looking to acquire a company in the medical marijuana industry in states such as Colorado and California, and is excited to bring you updates on the findings. Union Equity Investment, Inc. is to provide the best possible risk-... read more
ALNE Unique Growing Solutions, Inc.
Turn-key Solutions for the Organic Food and Cannabis Growing Industries. Our mission is to provide to growers with the same successful model as office buildings provide executive suites to the corporate community. Growers will lease or purchase totally... read more
UPZS Unique Pizza & Subs Corp.
developing a signature Unique Pizza Sauce featuring fresh cannabis extracts for US States that have legalized marijuana edible products for medical or recreational use. The company is currently working with marijuana infusion chefs in Colorado on a... read more
CNAB United Cannabis Corporation
Consulting, Management, Software, Strains, Turnkey Operations Bio cannabinoid technologies company built on scientific research, product development, and implementation of its unique proprietary cannabinoid therapy program. Will enter into agreements with domestic & international partners seeking to benefit... read more | Related: HPNN Hop-on, Inc.
UTRM United Treatment Centers Inc.
Digital Media Company Focusing Exclusively in the Marijuana Industry. Network420 is designed to be the CNN™ of the marijuana industry. Live daily coverage will keep the viewer updated on breaking news. The Internet-based broadcast will quickly establish... read more
URBF Urban Barns Foods Inc.
Collaboration with McGill University researcher Dr. Mark Lefsrud, of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, to further develop an indoor plant growth system aimed at expanding locally grown food. The grant will run for an initial period... read more
Pre-IPO URVape Inc.
Ecigs and Vapes - .FWDG Announces Dividend to Shareholders from Spin-Off of URVape, Inc. as a Public Company. Upon the completion of the transaction, FutureWorld Corp will maintain a 46% ownership position in URVape read more
USTC USA Real Estate Holding Co.
Exploring "We are seriously looking at what will likely be a multi-billon dollar industry in just a few years. Many serious and big players are entering the field. We are consdering how we can participate in the explosive market."... read more
UVFT UV Flu Technologies, Inc.
Growing Equipment FDA Cleared air purifier products. The company is focused on selling its RX-Air Line to growers and dispensaries for in-house use and distribution through the dispensaries to consumers of the companies UV-400 unit. The company hopes this will help... read more
VRCH Valuerich, Inc.
Consulting Services, Distribution, Exploring, Product Development, Scientific Development The Leaf Company is ValueRich's newest endeavor and seeks to provide products and services to the alternative medicine, Cannabis industry. The Leaf Company is focused on product development, consulting services, scientific development, distribution... read more
VAPE Vape Holdings, Inc.
Extracts, Paraphenalia, Pharmaceuticals Cannabis concentrate industry. intends to design, market, and distribute various vaporization products & electronic cigarettes; extract and manufacture cannabis concentrates. Funding w/ PHOT r&d of patentable technology to create pharmaceutical... read more
VPCO Vapor Corp.
Paraphenalia Marketer and distributor of electronic cigarettes, under the Fifty-One, Krave, EZ Smoker and Green Puffer. read more
VPOR Vapor Group, Inc.
ECigs, ELiquids, Vaporizers Designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing vaporizers and e-cigarettes. The company markets its products under the Vapor Group, Total Vapor, Vapor 123, and Vapor Products brands. It sells its products through a network of distributors,... read more
VHUB Vapor Hub International Inc.
ECigs, ELiquids, Vaporizer Lounges, Vaporizers Engaged in the development, production, and sales of electronic cigarette products, including high quality e-liquids, custom vaporizers, and unique personal vaporizer modifications. In addition, the Company operates the Vapor Hub Lounge in Simi Valley,... read more
VAPR VaporBrands International, Inc.
Paraphenalia Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars and related accessories. read more
VAPO Vaporin Inc.
ECigs, ELiquids, Vaporizers, Vending Machines Distributor and marketer of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids and e-hookah products, vending machine (designed by Seaga) the Vapestation. Our strategic plan is to roll out globally through casinos, nightclubs, bars and other highly trafficked... read more
VGPR Vega Biofuels, Inc.
Fertilizers Producing biochar for the marijuana and hemp industries. read more
VMGI Verde Media Group, Inc.
Rapid plans to service the growing legal marijuana market and will be expanding its operations to Denver, Colorado. As a service orientated agency they will focus on serving the well-established Medical Marijuana market and its associated companies,... read more
VRCI Verde Science, Inc.
Production Focused on developing the highest quality, greatest yield medicinal marijuana as well as support leading research and development to continually provide clients with a superior, branded line of medical marijuana products. Has identified, developed... read more
VVN.V Victory Ventures Inc.
Exploring Victory H.E.M.P. Bio-Tech Inc., to actively pursue and conduct due diligence on new opportunities including, but not limited to, the agriculture, legal medical marijuana and bio-tech industries. The subsidiary intends to recruit business and science-... read more
VSYM View Systems, Inc.
Security Designs, manufactures and installs weapons detection systems combined with video management platforms, on-line monitoring and Alarm and Fire communications networks. Per the agreement, IHMMCC will provide product distribution, professional sales and... read more | Related: HEMP Hemp, Inc.
VPER Viper Networks Inc.
Lights Marketing Fast Grow LED technology for faster marijuana plant growth. Developing and manufacturing turn key green house growing systems through a partnership with Apollo Metro Solutions, Inc. read more
Pre-IPO VitaCig Inc.
The Purpose of the Spin-Off is to allow VitaCig Inc. to operate as an independent company operating within the electronic cigarette space by harnessing mobile vaporization for medical delivery. read more
VTMB Vitamin Blue, Inc.
Growing Equipment Grow tents for medical marijuana purposes. Growers will be able to double their yields with the first ever height adjusting grow tent. read more
VP Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Vodis is one of Canada's foremost brand names in the medical marijuana business. Our products have consistently won or placed at each competition we have entered. The company is in the application process to become a Licenced Producer at our 12,000... read more
WTCG W Technologies, Inc.
Dispensaries, Distribution And Transaction Processing, Information Systems "Seeking licenses to become a retail seller of medical marijuana in both Colorado and Washington State and the same time it plans to continue to identify immediate opportunities within the existing market of California." "Through our... read more
WLYW Wally World Media, Inc.
Vaporizers, Websites Focuses on the creation of an Internet crowdsourcing, virtual, and micro-service network. read more
WDRP WanderPort Corp.
Acquiring dynamic cannabis products and services firms with existing foot print in the industry. Wanderport's management has been in discussion with several potential acquisition candidates and will provide additional updates as further progress is... read more
WTII Water Technologies International, Inc.
Growing Equipment, Patents Leader in the technology in atmospheric water production and design. Product line specialized for licensed medical marijuana business operators in the United States. The custom units will be able to generate water as well as clean, dehumidify, cool and... read more | Related: ZDPY Zoned Properties Inc.
WBXU Webxu Inc
Partnered with HEMP, INC to develop web development services and advertising initiatives for businesses in the industrial hemp industry.. read more | Related: HEMP Hemp, Inc.
WCIG Wee-Cig International Corporation
The Company has reached an agreement with TMC (The Marketing Group LLC) based in Colorado, a direct to consumer and business to business wholesaler. TMC is the owner/operator of and which focus on... read more
WPO.V West Point Resources Inc.
Exploring Intends to actively source, evaluate and conduct due diligence on new potential projects, including, but not limited to projects in alternative medicine (medical marijuana), technology, financial and resources sectors. read more
WSSRF Weststar Resources Corp.
Exploring, MMPR, Seed To Sale Has an NDA in place with a private company with a 'seed to sale' business out of "located within a secured, fully serviced, industrial-zoned 18,000-square-foot facility in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia."... read more
CSE.SUN Wildflower Marijuana Inc.
Wildflower is a marijuana company advancing an application to grow and distribute medical marijuana under an MMPR license with Health Canada. Wildflower’s proprietary growing system is designed to maximize crop yields and consistently produce pure clean... read more
WDFC Windfire Capital Corp.
Growers, MMPR Seeking to cultivate business opportunities in the Medical Marijuana Industry. While the company has been in discussions, no agreement in principal has been entered into with any parties and there is no assurance that the company will acquire any... read more
WMHI World Mobile Holdings, Inc.
Batteries, Digital Currencies, ECigs, Growing Equipment, Security The company can supply and partner with other companies, like Greenhouse Lighting, to provide lithium battery / imaging (ITD) technologies for MJ cultivation equipment, surveillance, BITCOIN pay cards, and, other high technology MJ initiatives. Exploring... read more
WNTR Worldwide Internet Inc
Entered into a Letter of Intent with Hemp Market Watch to develop an informational portal for the marijuana industry. Now focused on making acquisitions of business operations and investments to create a diversified holding company.. read more
WWAG WWA Group, Inc.
Media Launching a Cable Television and Internet streaming video channel dedicated solely to the vast topic of the cannabis plant by signing a licensing acquisition agreement with Cannabis Planet Productions. A weekly television program that explores the merits... read more
HERB YaSheng Group
Agreement with Hemp Inc. to contract farm approximately 600 mu of hemp in China for import to the U.S. The two companies are currently negotiating a new contract for the 2014 planting season. Expanding its industrial hemp production in response to... read more | Related: HEMP Hemp, Inc.
ZDPY Zoned Properties Inc.
Grow Facility Leases, Real Estate Acquisitions, Real Estate Development Focused on acquiring hard to find property that can be specially zoned for medical marijuana cultivation facilities and dispensaries. Lessor of land, facilities and equipment to the medical marijuana market in Arizona read more | Related: WTII Water Technologies International, Inc.